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  • Rebirth Of The Urban Mad Immortal

  • Genres : Harem -  Cultivation -  Second Chance -  rebirth -  Urban Life -  Age Regression
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • Views : 67.19 K
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Rebirth Of The Urban Mad Immortal summary:

The sword cuts the wind and thunder to cover the sun and the moon, mastering the universe and pounding the nether.There are six billion people in the world, and I am the only one called arrogant.The Celestial Qing Emperor was reborn in a bustling city with feasting, drunken, and ecstatic.Beautiful police flowers, charming stars, glamorous ladies, exotic princesses…From then on, a city loser in a previous life completely turned over and embarked on a peculiar road that shocked the world to panic and provoked all the beauties in the world.“The world laughs at me rampantly, and the world laughs at me madly. Look at the world after eternity. The world has gone through cycles of reincarnation, and I am still there, high above me, looking down on sentient beings.”- Description from MTL

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Rebirth Of The Urban Mad Immortal Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 3895: Sad2 months ago
Chapter 3851: mad2 months ago
Chapter 3628: Man10 months ago
Chapter 3489: Gapone year ago
Chapter 3453: Nowone year ago
Chapter 3237: Byone year ago
Chapter 3010: Dieone year ago
Chapter 2830: Tuone year ago
Chapter 2450: Winone year ago
Chapter 2440: Twoone year ago
Chapter 2345: Dayone year ago
Chapter 2156: Lolone year ago
Chapter 2151: Warone year ago
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