Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2801

Chapter 2801 Combating A Tier 4 Npc

"He killed the NPC?"

"How dare he?!"

Everyone present was taken aback when they saw the head soldier bisected. Even Divine Shadow and Cleansing Flame had their mouths hanging wide open, neither of them having expected Shi Feng to take action. Moreover, not only did Shi Feng take action, but he had even directly killed an NPC soldier. This was simply

"This guy is doomed!"

"Hes definitely dead! He actually killed one of Dragonheart Citys NPC soldiers! This wont end with just a few weeks imprisonment!" Dragonheart City was a neutral city. Hence, its management was much stricter than that of NPC cities in kingdoms and empires.

Before the major system update took place, players who killed another player or NPC within Dragonheart City would not only be killed on the spot but also be prohibited from logging into the game for a month. And when they could log back into the game, they would lose ten levels and have their souls placed into a weakened state for ten days.

This penalty would basically cripple a players account.

Now, not only did Shi Feng commit murder after the system update, but the person he killed was even an NPC soldier. At this point, everyone no longer dared imagine what kind of punishment he would receive should he be killed or caught.

Ink Feather and the other War Blood members standing by the entrance were caught off guard by Shi Fengs actions.

"How much courage does he possess?" Ink Feather couldnt believe her eyes as she took in Shi Fengs casual appearance. "Did he lose his mind?"

She had thought of the possibility of Shi Feng resisting the NPC soldiers and escaping. However, the possibility of him killing an NPC soldier had never occurred to her.

Yet, Shi Feng had executed this feat so decisively.

As for Blood Oath, when he saw this scene, he became ecstatic.

"Good! As expected of the first player to get promoted to Tier 4!" Blood Oath sneered. "Unfortunately, today will be the day you fall!"

However, before everyone could recover from the surprise of seeing Shi Feng kill the head soldier, Shi Feng brandished the Abyssal Blade once more.

The next moment, a galaxy of stars appeared around Shi Feng and enveloped the 11 NPC soldiers remaining of the squad.

Swords Orbit!

Damages exceeding 50 million appeared above the Tier 3 NPCs heads one after another, the 11 NPC soldiers getting killed instantly.

"A bunch of useless fools! Do you think Dragonheart Citys rules have any use against me?" Shi Feng said as he glanced at the fallen NPC soldiers indifferently. He then sheathed the Abyssal Blade casually as if he hadnt done anything to speak of.

If it were before he had entered the ancient Gods Domain, he would still have to be wary of Dragonheart Citys rules. However, he no longer had such worries now.

At Shi Fengs words, a deathly silence momentarily enveloped the surrounding area.

"Hes nuts! Hes definitely nuts!" "Who is this guy? He actually dares slaughter Dragonheart Citys NPC soldiers?"

When the spectators saw Shi Fengs actions, some felt crazed, some felt fearful, some felt excited, and some felt awed. One thing was for certain, though-Shi Fengs feat of killing 11 NPC soldiers in one go would be forever etched in their minds.

Without a doubt, Shi Feng was the most ruthless player in Gods Domain!

The surrounding players became curious about Shi Fengs identity.

Meanwhile, when the silver-armored knight Sabrid saw this scene, his eyes turned bloodshot, and the intensity of his aura skyrocketed. He no longer suppressed his aura, thoroughly displaying the power of a Level 160, Tier 4 NPC. His aura was so overbearing that everyone nearby shuddered involuntarily.

"Outrageous! You dare lay hands on the City Defense Knight Legion?! Dont even think of leaving this place alive today!" Sabrid bellowed as he leaped into the air.

Simultaneously, the other NPC soldiers stationed at the entrance also took action, their numbers exceeding 100.

"Were really doomed this time" Divine Shadow despaired when he saw Sabrid taking action. He couldnt understand why Shi Feng had acted so rashly.

Their group stood no chance against a Level 160, Tier 4 NPC, even though Shi Feng was Tier 4. After all, NPCs possessed not only higher Basic Attributes than players but also superior Mana control. Their weapons and equipment were likewise superior to those of players in general. However, while Divine Shadow and Cleansing Flame were despairing over this matter, two voices of complaint entered their ears.

"Guild Leader, youre too fast!"

"Thats right! You shouldve told us in advance if you were going to attack! At least give us some time to prepare!"

The next moment, both Lifeless Thorn and Solitary Nine took out their weapons in frustration, evidently intending to fight these NPC soldiers.

"Have they lost their minds, too?!"

Divine Shadow and Cleansing Flame were on the brink of mental collapse at this moment.

Shi Feng was famous for being an arrogant Guild Leader, so while his reaction was shocking, it was still within the realm of expectations. However, what was up with the two players following Shi Feng?

Yu Luo, though, did not appear surprised by Lifeless Thorn and Solitary Nines actions. She, too, grabbed her staff and said quietly to Divine Shadow and Cleansing Flame, "Vice Commander, Flame, wait behind us. Ill deal with the NPCs coming at us."


At Yu Luos words, Divine Shadow and Cleansing Flame turned to the Cleric in surprise and confusion.

What had become of this world?

Was this really the same Yu Luo they knew?

Seeing the twos horrified eyes, Yu Luo smiled and consoled, "Dont worry. Nothing will happen. Were just dealing with a bunch of NPC soldiers."

Out of everyone present, she reacted the calmest to Shi Fengs actions.

As she had reached Tier 4 herself, she understood quite well that Tier 4 powerhouses were no pushovers. Even the NPCs in the ancient Gods Domain didnt dare offend Tier 4 players. Yet, these Tier 3 NPCs in the modern Gods Domain actually dared do so. They were simply tired of living.

After all, even the kings of kingdoms dared not casually offend Tier 4 powerhouses!

She had to admit that while some NPCs had grown smarter after gaining conscious thought, some had grown dumber as well!

Either that or pushing around Tier 3 players had become a habit for these Tier 3 NPCs, and they now assumed that the existence known as players were pushovers that didnt know how to retaliate. The fact that players still had the mindset that NPCs shouldnt be provoked had most likely contributed to this misconception as well.

However, after experiencing life in the ancient Gods Domain, Yu Luo understood very clearly that Gods Domain never had any absolute rules. The only absolutes were strength and status.

In the ancient Gods Domain, instances of players killing NPCs occurred frequently. Even killing City Lords wouldnt be a problem so long as one could bear the consequences and had the strength necessary to accomplish the feat.

Hence, she found it laughable that War Blood thought it could rule over Dragonheart City without fear just because it had gained the support of an NPC force. War Blood was utterly ignorant of the fact that after players reached Tier 4, they would be living in a completely different world from Tier 3 players!

At this time, Sabrid had already arrived in the air above Shi Fengs group and was looking at Shi Feng with anger in his eyes. This was because even he hadnt expected that Shi Feng would dare kill the soldiers; furthermore, he would be held responsible for their deaths. Unable to hold back his anger, he bellowed, "Foolish heaven-blessed individual! Do you think nobody can punish you just because youve reached Tier 4? None of you will escape today!"

After saying so, Sabrid unslung the snowy-white greatsword he carried on his back and executed a slash at Shi Feng. A sword light shot at Shi Feng, leaving behind a black tear in space that extended hundreds of yards away. The power of this attack could heavily injure even a Mythic monster of the same level.

Tier 4 Skill, Sky Splitting Flash!

"Well said!" Looking at Sabrids approaching attack, Shi Feng said leisurely, "However, you provoked the wrong person!" After saying so, Shi Feng unsheathed the Light of Two Worlds and brandished it.

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