• Ten Gods

  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Martial Arts -  Xianxia -  Harem -  Demons -  Gods -  Cultivation -  Transmigration -  Weak to Strong -  Male Protagonist -  handsome male lead -  Revenge -  Betrayal -  Immortals -  Ruthless Protagonist -  Body Tempering -  Sword Wielder -  Multiple Realms -  Hard-Working Protagonist -  Unique Cultivation Technique -  Alchemy -  Broken Engagement -  Artifacts -  arranged marriage -  Transported to Another World
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Ten Gods summary:

In Ten Heavens Domain, full of respected powerhouses, juvenile Ling Tian accidentally obtained a mysterious iron sword. He refined the Supreme Martial Dao, studied the Divine Spirit Array Laws, fought Ten Thousand proud and arrogant Heavenly Clans, and was undefeated! Seven Feet Sword Tip sweeps away the world, within the Ten Heavens, I am the Supreme God Monarch!- Description from Novelupdates

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Ten Gods Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 2118: sad2 months ago
Chapter 2078:2 months ago
Chapter 2050:2 months ago
Chapter 2030:2 months ago
Chapter 1984:2 months ago
Chapter 1871: God2 months ago
Chapter 1556:7 months ago
Chapter 1397:7 months ago
Chapter 1224:7 months ago
Chapter 1198: Yae7 months ago
Chapter 1166:7 months ago
Chapter 973:7 months ago
Chapter 888:12 months ago
Chapter 842:12 months ago
Chapter 841: Punch12 months ago
Chapter 795: Sun12 months ago
Chapter 612: Black12 months ago
Chapter 492: Kill12 months ago
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