Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter Chapter 401

Chapter 233.2 Yu Lanxuan And Nee Chens Miserable Days Part 23

Chapter 233.2 Yu Lanxuan and Nee Chens Miserable Days Part 2/3

But this matter wasnt over. Duke Yongnan was already severely ill. Zi You had proposed to dissolve the engagement with his son in front of all the officials and the Emperor. It was already enough for him to be angry over his son losing his Shizi title. Now, his future daughter-in-law was not only immoral and depraved, but her biological mother was such an obscene thing. If his Duke fu really had such a shameless daughter-in-law, wouldnt they all be scolded to death?

He couldnt resent anyone except for his short-sighted wife Nee Chen and his lecherous son. Neither one of them were good people!

Duke Yongnan was furious. He clung to his last breath and got up from the sickbed. A person who was supposed to have died became alive out of anger.

Zi You sighed. It seemed that after all of her efforts, everything was really different from her previous life.

But it was good that Duke Yongnan wasnt dead. She wanted Nee Chen, Zhao HongXiang, and Yu Lanxuan to live a life worse than death!

However, it was as she had guessed. Because without her making a move, Nee Chen was experiencing a life worse than death. Duke Yongnan divorced her and demoted her from being his main wife to a servant.

No one stood up for her and sought justice for when she was demoted to a servant. Her parents were dead and her powerful brother, the Minister of Appointments, was executed. The Minister fu was searched and all the possessions were confiscated. She didnt have a maiden family to rely on and her son hated her. So, what could she do?

Thus, her miserable and unlucky life began.

She wasnt some kind person to begin with. She had treated Duke Yongnans concubines and Shu children harshly and viciously. Even the servants secretly scolded their Furen for being ruthless.

Think about how people would treat her now that she was a servant. The dirtiest and most tiring work in the fu was given to her. Not only that, but she was frequently beaten, scolded, and starved.

These were the methods that she used to punish servants with before. Now, she was experiencing the retribution.

And Duke Yongnan went to the Emperor to ask him to take back his decree to marry Yu Lanxuan to Zhao HongXiang.

Shuiling told Zi You: "Duke Yongnan cried with tears all over his face and begged the Emperor. Emperor, its shameful even if Chens son takes her as a concubine, not to mention marrying her as his main wife? With her character and maiden family, Chen will be laughed at by others until death!

"Duke Yongnan was too excited and even said the taboo word death in the Palace. But the Emperor didnt even need me to fan the flames and scolded angrily, Your son is shameful enough. What kind of girl do you expect him to marry? The word ungrateful refers to him. The National Guardian slighted herself and got engaged to him just to save him. But what about your son? He repays her by having an affair with another woman.

"She just came back, but that Yu Lanxuan went to show off in front of her. How unvirtuous can you be? Zhen doesnt allow it. Your son has to marry her as his main wife!

"You dont know, Master, but that old man Duke Yongnans face turned as black as the bottom of a pot. Haha"

Zi You sneered to herself. Xuanwu Emperor was bent on currying favor with her, but so what? Xuanwu Emperor was responsible for more than 4,000 soldiers losing their lives and the assassination attempts on her grandfather and uncle. If she hadnt arrived in time, her relatives would have been killed because of him.

Besides, there were LingRans injuries. How could these grudges not be avenged? Could it be that he harmed someone, give someone two sweet dates in return, and the matter was over? Dont even think about it.

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