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  • The Chronicles Of New Havens

  • Genres : Female Protagonist -  politics -  Magic -  SwordAndMagic -  War -  Medieval
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The Chronicles Of New Havens summary:

New Havens, a solitary island in the sky, isolated from the outside world, was celebrating their 514th anniversary. Elizabeth Silvera, a sixteen-year-old farmer girl, was longing for adventure, to explore the outside world when fate had a different idea for her. A mere instant was all it took for a sea of flame to engulf this tiny precarious town and destroy her life. Forced to abandon her home, Elizabeth descends into the world below to discover her fate!Enter the Second Great Kingdom War which has divided the known world of Sor. The conflict of New Havens was but a small part of the war between the Alzar Kingdom and the Xingyuu Empire. A complex world of Arcania, martial arts, politics, war, and history unfolds here! Witness as our insignificant and weak characters turn into mighty dragons, powerful enough to shake the heavens to their very core! This is the story of how the world entered its darkest and brightest time!Note:Estimated Book 1 progress: 95%Estimated Arc 1 progress: 20%Chapter updates are either daily or once every two days.Please support the release!Tags: SwordAndMagic, Female Protagonist, Politics, War, Tragedy, Action, Martial Arts, Fantasy, Magic, Medieval, Male Protagonist

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