Hello Mr. Major General Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313 Deal

Huo Xuenong didnt dare, nor was he willing to publish the will. It was because Huo Guanyuans will had contents that made him more uneasy than the distribution of property, so he chose to keep it a secret,

"Destroy the will?!" Luo Jialan was also thinking nervously.

If she and her mother really werent part of the will, then destroying it was indeed the best way.

But what if Huo Xuenong was lying to her?

Then wouldnt she have lost half of her assets?

Luo Jialan looked at Huo Xuenong suspiciously. "Can you let me see it with my own eyes? Words have no proof"

"Hehe, you want proof, right? Fine, then go and talk to the court about proof. Wait to lose everything."

After saying that, Huo Xuenong closed his eyes and ignored Luo Jialan.

The older the wiser.

From his calm demeanor, Luo Jialan had no doubts anymore. She had no choice but to believe that Huo Guanyuans will indeed didnt include her or her mother.

She believed this because she put herself in Huo Guanyuans shoes. If she were in Huo Guanyuans position, she wouldnt have left all her assets to an outsiders child.

Of course, Huo Guanyuan also left enough assets for her and her mother to live on. However, this asset was just a drop in the ocean compared to the trust fund that Xie Ziyan left to Huo Guanyuan.

Until now, the annual return of the trust fund transferred to her bank account was only 10% of the total return.

This was because this was the proportion that Huo Guanyuan had decided to deposit when he was still alive.

Huo Guanyuan was a soldier at that time, so he didnt have much to spend money on.

Actually, 10% was too much for him. However, according to the custody rules of the trust fund, a certain proportion had to be transferred to the beneficiaries every year, so he chose the lowest proportion and kept the rest in the trust fund to continue investing.

After so many years of interest rolling down, that trust fund had already become an astronomical figure.

With this 10% annual return, 17 years later, it was already in the seven figures.

It wasnt until two years ago, after her identity was exposed, that she realized that Huo Guanyuan had a will in Huo Xuenongs hands.

No one could just give up such a huge benefit.

She couldnt hand over all of the trust fund.

Her mind was struggling intensely. It wasnt until the orderly walked in with the box of rice porridge that Luo Jialan made up her mind.

She helped Huo Xuenong eat the rice porridge and asked the orderly to wash the bowls, chopsticks, and boxes.

After the orderly left again, Luo Jialan said to Huo Xuenong, "I promise you. "

Huo Xuenongs expression didnt change, but his heart was filled with excitement.

He had kept a low profile for so many years just to wait for the most appropriate time to transfer this property to Zhang Wenjie as compensation for his other son, Zhang Baochen, who he had neglected for so many years.

"Okay, then go and settle the formalities as soon as possible. The Xie family is here now, so we cant alarm them. " Huo Xuenong pointed out to Luo Jialan, "Find a trust fund manager youre familiar with and ask him to settle the formalities for you. If you need Wen Jies identity document, tell me immediately. Ill go find Wen Jie and ask him to come over."

Luo Jialan pursed her lips and reluctantly agreed, then said, "But Ive kept our original promise. What about you? You promised to help me marry Shaoheng"

"Stop dreaming. Ive given you half of the trust fund, so why cant you take this money and marry someone else? Shaoheng isnt someone you can covet."

Huo Xuenongs face darkened. "Dont be so shameless."

Luo Jialan was so angry that she couldnt speak.

This da*n old man!

He hadnt even crossed the river yet he was already burning bridges!

If one day he fell into her hands, did he think she wouldnt be able to finish him off?!

Luo Jialan suppressed the anger in her heart and nodded. She looked at her phone and said, "Okay, Ill call Switzerland right away. "

It was around 10:00 a.m. in Zurich, Switzerland, the time when the staff of the Trust Funds custodian agency went to work.

Luo Jialan walked out of Huo Xuenongs ward and came to the lawn outside the hospital. She looked at the stars above her head and dialed a number.

Since she was a big client, the phone was immediately picked up, "Hello, Ms. Huo. How can I help you? "

Luo Jialan said sullenly, "I want to change the beneficiary of half of the fund, how soon can I complete the procedure?"

The staff was a little surprised and quickly said, "The situation is quite complicated. Ill have to check it before I answer you. "

"How long will it take? Im in a hurry. " Luo Jialan said impatiently, "If you cant change it for me quickly, Ill transfer the fund back home immediately."

She was threatening him.

What fund managers fear most was fund redemptions, which were the same as bank runs that could make them go bankrupt.

So he quickly responsed, "Got it. Ill check it now. "

He opened the computer, scanning the fund terms about changing the beneficiary, and he said to Luo Jialan on the phone instantly, "Ms. Huo, if you want to change the beneficiary of the fund, you should offer your certificate of consent to the change, as well as identification documents of the new beneficiary, such as passport, health certificate and birth certificate."

"You are Huaxia nationals, so we also need a copy of the new beneficiarys identity card. In addition, you need to provide new beneficiarys bank account number so that we can transfer the annual income to his bank account in proportion. "

The corner of Luo Jialans mouth twitched, and she said, "Last time, it didnt seem so troublesome to change the beneficiarys name to mine. "

"Last time, it was the inheritance, so you only need to provide the death certificate and will of the original beneficiary. You said that there was no will, so according to the law, the death certificate and the Legal Order of inheritance are enough. "

The trust fund had strict legal rules to ensure the distribution of benefits between the beneficiary and the client.

Luo Jialan calmed down and softened her tone, "Okay, Ill send the things to you right away. May I know how long it will take to take effect after these requirements are met? "

"After all the conditions are met, it can take effect as soon as possible." The staff said to Luo Jialan very attentively, "We have helped you manage your fund for more than ten years and have beat the market every year, so you can rest assured that we will take care of it."

"Yes, I believe you." Luo Jialan complimented him and hung up the phone.

She took a deep breath, but her chest was still very depressed.

Why wasnt she the one who married Huo Shaoheng?

Why was Gu Nianzhi, the little orphan girl who had nothing?!

Huo Shaoheng, do you know what kind of huge benefits you gave up?!

Luo Jialan clenched her fists. She couldnt wait to rush up to Huo Shaoheng and question him.

However, there was no need for her to question him.

When he was in Russia, Huo Shaoheng had ordered Yin Shixiong to surveillance Luo Jialan.

Her phone had been installed with a trojan horse program, and every word of her call today had been recorded.

When Huo Shaoheng went to his office in the morning, Yin Shixiong sent him the contents of the surveillance.

After Huo Shaoheng finished listening, he sat alone in his office and thought for a while before asking Yin Shixiong, "Have you monitored the hospital?"

Yin Shixiong shook his head. "The GPS coordinates show that Luo Jialan and Grandfather Huo are in the high-end ward of the Militarys General Hospital. We didnt install any surveillance equipment there."

Huo Shaoheng didnt say anything. He just looked at Yin Shixiong quietly without an expression.

Yin Shixiong quickly added, "But the hospital has its own surveillance equipment. Its just that we cant record it. We only have pictures. Is that okay?"

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