Hello Mr. Major General Chapter 1314

Chapter 1314 She Was Also Part Of It

Seeing that Huo Shaoheng still didnt say anything, Yin Shixiong felt heartened inside, and he quickly said, "Major General Huo, its really not that I was careless. Its just that Grandfather Huo is staying in a high-class ward at the Militarys General Hospital. We cant simply listen in. We have to apply and get a permit before we can monitor the high-class ward there"

Huo Xuenong had suddenly been admitted to the hospital last night. Even if they had tried to apply overnight, they wouldnt have been able to get a permit in time.

Because there were too many confidentiality clauses involved, they had to go through the procedures step by step.

In order to prevent the special operations forces from having too much power, the upper house of the parliament, the cabinet, and the military all had very strong restrictions and restrictions on them.

They couldnt just do whatever they wanted.

Huo Shaoheng also knew the reason. He had no intention of blaming Yin Shixiong. He was only pondering whether his grandfathers sudden "illness" was really due to a fit of anger, or was it to find a safe place to talk?

He had never underestimated the experience and wisdom of the older generation.

Huo Shaoheng thought about it for a moment and said, "Go to the hospital and get the surveillance footage from last night. Remember not to alarm anyone. Go alone."

"Yes, sir!" Yin Shixiong quickly saluted him and rushed to the surveillance room of the militarys general hospital.

The surveillance in the hospital was just to observe the situation in the ward. It had completely nothing to do with the surveillance of the special operations forces.

When Yin Shixiong pulled out the surveillance footage from Huo Xuenongs ward, he quickly browsed through it, but still didnt have any leads.

Because the surveillance footage was aimed at the entire room.

And the bed was right below the surveillance footage.

So from the angle of the surveillance camera, he could see Huo Xuenong and Luo Jialans heads. He couldnt even see their facial expressions, let alone the way they spoke.

Yin Shixiong sent this part of the surveillance footage to the cloud system and shared it with Huo Shaoheng.

Huo Shaoheng opened the surveillance video in his office and watched it frame by frame.

He watched it very carefully, but like Yin Shixiong, he didnt discover anything.

He could only tell that Luo Jialan and Grandfather Huo had a very serious conversation in the middle of the night.

Their physical movements showed that they were both very alert and nervous, but only the two of them knew what they were talking about.

After turning off the surveillance video, Huo Shaoheng fell into contemplation until a phone call interrupted his thoughts.

He looked at his phone and saw that it was a call from Grandfather Xie.

After connecting the bluetooth headset, Huo Shaoheng stood up and put his hands in his trouser pockets. He walked to the window and stood still. He greeted him with a smile. "Granduncle, youre awake? Did you sleep well last night?"

Xie Shenxings hearty laughter came through the headset, "Hahahaha, not bad. By the way, your breakfast at home wasnt that good. Your father has already left, and he said he had to go down to the basic level for an inspection. Your grandfather is in the hospital again, and only little Nianzhi is with me at home. I wanted to ask you, I want to take little Nianzhi to my villa in the West mountains to help me familiarize with the area. Hows that?"

"Sounds good. Naturally Im at ease with Granduncle taking Nianzhi." Huo Shaoheng chuckled and nodded. "If Nianzhi has free time, you can bring her to familiarize with the area."

This meant that they would have to interact more often in the future.

Xie Shenxing nodded happily and said, "If youre free today, come over for a casual get together meal. Also, I have something to tell you. Your grandfather suddenly fell ill yesterday, but did you get what you asked?"

Huo Shaoheng remembered the phone call he had overheard from Luo Jialan and said, "I was just about to ask Granduncle for help, or my cousin is fine as well. If its convenient for you, that would be even better."

"What matter is so serious?" Xie Shenxing was interested. "Tell me about it."

Huo Shaoheng told him about the trust fund and asked, "If one were to change the beneficiaries of the trust fund, how soon would it take?"

"Oh, I dont know much about those matters. Call your uncle and ask him to find a professional to explain it to you. "

As he spoke, Xie Shenxing had his subordinates call his son, Xie Beichen. He said to him, "Beichen, Shaoheng has some questions for your fund specialist. Can you help him ask someone right away?"

Xie Beichen immediately said, "No problem. I have a fund specialist with me. If you have anything to ask, you can ask him immediately." As he spoke, he turned on the video call.

Xie Shenxing wanted to pull Huo Shaoheng in as well, but Huo Shaoheng declined politely. He said, "Its not convenient for me to video call. Its fine as long as I can listen to what you guys are saying."

"Okay then, Ill share the audio with you." Xie shenxing didnt insist and turned on the audio call for Huo Shaoheng.

In less than five minutes, they had formed a remote video conference group to communicate.

Gu Nianzhis smiling face appeared in the video as well. She greeted everyone with a smile. "Hi! Hello, Im Cereus, Gu Nianzhi. Uncle Beichen, can you hear me?"

In the video, Xie Beichen, who was in his forties, appeared mature and levelheaded.

He chuckled. "I can hear you. Since little Nianzhi has already called me uncle, looks like as the uncle, I cant worm my way out of giving a welcome gift."

He then asked Gu Nianzhi for her phone number and added her on Wechat. He then tapped his finger lightly, and a red envelope of 190,000 euros appeared on their chat page.

"This is for little Nianzhis late 19th birthday." Xie Beichen deliberately teased Huo Shaoheng, "Shaoheng, uncle wants to criticize you. In the past, Ive introduced you to so many girls, but you said you didnt want them. Yet tou turned around and found a little girl. Youre basically slapping me in the face!"

Gu Nianzhi happily opened the red envelope and counted the four zeros after the 19th.

When Huo Shaoheng saw that Gu Nianzhi didnt mind, he chuckled and said, "Uncle, stop teasing me. Lets get down to business today. Well have a long talk when uncle returns to the country."

"Okay." Xie Beichen was also a busy man. After a few jokes, he asked the fund specialist to come over and answer his questions.

Huo Shaoheng asked, "May I ask how long it would take for the trust fund to change its beneficiaries?"

The specialist quickly replied, "Thats simple. If all the conditions meet the regulations, all you need to do is file the information and it will take effect."

"This means that as long as you fax the necessary authorization changes and the new beneficiarys identity documents, you can change the beneficiary in the system?" Huo Shaoheng was in deep contemplation.

"Yes, thats the theory." The expert nodded, then said politely, "Trust funds, especially irrevocable trust funds, are protected by very strict legal provisions. As long as everything the other party does is within the scope of the law, we have no reason to stop the other partys decision."

Huo Shaoheng frowned. "What if we need to stop it?"

He couldnt let Luo Jialan make any changes to the trust fund under Huo Guanyuans name before he had figured out what was going on with Huo Guanyuans will.

"Do I need to stop her?" The expert was confused. "Could you please clarify the matter?"

Huo Shaoheng thought about it carefully. Indeed, he had no legal reason to stop Luo Jialan from making any changes to the beneficiary of the fund.

First of all, he didnt have Huo Guanyuans will. Second of all, Luo Jialan had already inherited Huo Guanyuans fund from her mother and was now the owner of the trust fund. She had complete control over the trust fund.

What could he do to prevent Luo Jialan from exercising her ownership rights?

Huo Shaoheng fell into deep contemplation again.

Xie Shenxing saw that he was silent, so he said to Xie Beichen, "Shaoheng is talking about the fund that we checked a while ago. It was your aunts inheritance and was given to your eldest cousin Huo Guanyuan. Later, it was inherited by your eldest cousins daughter, Huo Jialan."

"Oh, its that fund. I remember it." Xie Beichen nodded. "When Shaoheng asked me to look into it, I found out that this fund had been transferred to a bank account in Germany, and it wasnt a small fee."

Gu Nianzhi heard the words "a bank account in Germany. " She suddenly raised her head and asked blankly, " Which German bank account? Werent we talking about Uncle Huos trust fund? How is it related to a German bank account?"

Xie Beichen explained to her, "We traced the funds of this trust fund over the past two years and found that sometime last year, it was transferred to a bank account in Germany, which was also the bank account of Seths stepfather, that German murderer. Oh, Nianzhi, I remember you were the defense lawyer for that lawsuit? "? Your court battle was very brilliant!"

Gu Nianzhi: " ! ! !"

She quickly switched to the text message page with Huo Shaoheng and sent him a text message asking, "Whats going on?! The Trust Fund that Luo Jialan inherited is connected to that incident in Germany?! She was involved in the assassination attempt on me?!"

Huo Shaoheng was speechless.

Gu Nianzhi was too clever, wasnt she?

From "a certain German bank account", she immediately thought of what had happened in Germany.

This also meant that she hadnt fully recovered from the trauma caused by that incident.

For a moment, Huo Shaoheng didnt know how to comfort her. He merely responded with an "Mmmm" and said, " were still investigating."

Gu Nianzhis hand that was holding her phone was shaking.

She didnt know what she had done to offend Luo Jialan.

If it was for Huo Shaoheng, did she think that Huo Shaoheng would marry her after she was dead?!

Not only had she lost her mind, but her entire body was covered in water. Luo Jialan was like a jellyfish!

Gu Nianzhi took two deep breaths to calm herself down.

Huo Shaoheng was still asking the expert, " is there really no way to stop her?"

"Unless you have concrete evidence to prove that what shes doing is illegal, theres really no reason for the funds trustee to stop her from changing the beneficiaries of the fund." The experts answer was firm and resolute.

From the side, Gu Nianzhi listened for a long time before she finally understood.

Turns out that Luo Jialan wanted to change the beneficiaries of Huo Guanyuans trust fund, but Huo Shaoheng felt that the ownership of the trust fund was uncertain. He didnt want her to change it now and asked to stop it.

However, the funds expert said that as long as it was legal, they had no right to stop it.

Everyone had their reasons, but Gu Nianzhi was unconditionally on Huo Shaohengs side, so she had to think for Huo Shaoheng.

She lowered her head and pondered over it for a moment. Gu Nianzhi quickly found a breakthrough point and asked calmly, "Mr. expert, are you saying that as long as its legal, we cant stop her from doing anything to the fund?"

"Yes, thats the legal provision for an irrevocable trust fund."

"Okay. " Gu Nianzhi looked up at the camera on Xie Shenxings phone, then quickly said, "we request that the entire trust fund be frozen. No profits, no transfers, and no changes to the beneficiaries. Before the freeze is lifted, no one can do anything to the fund, including the owner of the fund, Luo Jialan."

"What?!" The fund specialists eyes widened like Goldfish. "What did you say?! Ive been explaining this for so long, but you still dont understand?!"

Without legal issues, they couldnt stop Luo Jialan from doing anything!

"I understand, " Gu Nianzhi continued, "Ill immediately file a freezing application with the Swiss court. The reason is that we suspect that Luo Jialan, the owner of this fund, is in cahoots with German criminals to launder money. The evidence is the large transfer of funds that uncle Beichen found."

This was because only the charge of "money laundering" could achieve the immediate effect of freezing the funds.

The other charges werent as swift and effective as this.

The fund expert listened to Gu Nianzhis words and was stunned for a long time. After a while, he gave her a thumbs up and was full of praise. "Impressive! You could even think of this method! Arent you only 19 years old?! You know the law too? ! Are you really a lawyer?!"

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