Imperfect Desires Book 3 Chapter 774

Volume 3: Closure Chapter 774 At The Top

After washing her hair, Zhao Huan wrapped them in a towel and asked, "Do you want to clean up? I can help you?"

Xiu shook her head frantically, "One hand of mine is working. I can do it myself."

Zhao Huan laughed at Xiu's reaction and said, "Aiyo, is my daughter embarrassed right now?"

Xiu didn't even bother hiding it as she nodded, "Yes, I am. I'm very much embarrassed."

Zhao Huan didn't tease her and said, "I'm gonna stand outside. If you need help, just call me." Xiu nodded her head again. "Don't forget to call me."

After sending her out, Xiu tried to take off this stupid hospital gown and sighed, "Didn't think it'd this difficult with only one hand." It took her a while but she still managed to do the rest herself. It didn't matter how thoroughly she managed to clean up, she thought it was enough to just wash up for now. Something is better than nothing.

While she was fighting to button up the shirt, she heard a knock at the door, "Xiu, is everything okay? Do you really not need any help?"

"I'm fine," Xiu called out from inside. She held the side of the bathtub to get onto the wheelchair and then shouted, "Mom, you can come inside now."Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/imperfect-desires_14488421705519105/at-the-top_50907746291204899 for visiting.

When Zhao Huan came inside she found Xiu breathing in greedily. She looked exhausted just from taking a bath. It really hurt Zhao Huan's heart but seeing Xiu made her want to laugh as well.

"I never thought washing up was this exhausting," said Xiu.

"This is why I told you to let me help."

"I can't let my mother do that for me."

"If I'm not supposed to do it, who is?" asked Zhao Huan. "Would you let Nora do it for you?"

Xiu shook her head, "Never!"


In the room, Ying had come to see Xiu and Darren. But she only found Darren in the room and panicked, "Where is Xiu?"

Darren looked at her reaction and said, "She is taking a bath. Relax! Where can she go from here?"

Ying heaved a sigh of relief. Even she knew Xiu couldn't go anywhere from here but she still couldn't help the anxiety that brewed up when she didn't see Xiu inside. It must have been because of the physiological shadow of the other day.

Darren couldn't blame her for this reaction, he would have been in a worse condition if he had been in her position right now. He looked at the way she limped and asked, "How's your injury?"

Ying waved her hand offhandedly, "It's nothing special."

"Injuries are never supposed to be special," retorted Darren.

Ying gave him a look before continuing, "I meant that it's no big deal. I can live."

"What a shame!"

Ying glared at him, "Oi! You want me dead?"

"I didn't say that," replied Darren.

"Then what's the meaning of that insensitive remark?"

"I've always been an insensitive person, didn't you know?" he retorted plainly.

"Bastard!" she cursed.

"Thank you," he replied. While she found herself a seat to sit, he asked, "How's the investigation going?"

"Don't ask me," began Ying. "I'm out of it. Soon, I'll be getting suspended as well. Twenty people died that night. I can't shake off the responsibility."

"It's not your responsibility," said Darren with a frown.

Ying smiled bitterly, "Someone has to take that responsibility. Or else, I'd feel even worse for the departed souls."

Darren nodded his head. "Even if you're out of the investigation, you must know something."

"Why don't you directly ask Zizi?"

"Uncle Zi wants me to stay away from such things. He said I should solely focus on getting better."

Ying also gave a nod of agreement, "I completely agree with him."

"When have you ever disagreed with Uncle Zi's words?" retorted Darren with derision.

"Can't argue with that either," said Ying. She took a moment and told him, "From what I know, there is no lead. Well, none that leads to someone. Everything is a dead end." Seeing Darren's darkened expressions, she went on, "But don't worry. My aunt is working hard to find the people behind this attack. We'll soon catch them."

As soon as they heard the bathroom door opening, both of them stopped talking.

When Xiu came outside, she found Ying in the room as well.

"Oh, Ying Jie! Haven't seen you in a while. I thought you forgot all about me," said Xiu. "I didn't think you'd forget me so soon. So, it hurt a little."

"Did you even have time to think about me?" asked Ying as she heard Xiu's dramatic words.

"Ying Jie, you're always on my mind," said Xiu with a sincere look in her eyes. "Just because you can't see my love for you, doesn't mean you get to question my feelings. This is unfair not just to me but to my sincere feelings as well."

"If you kept talking like this, your husband might get jealous," told Ying.

Xiu smiled turned her head to smile at Darren saying, "My Regan isn't the jealous type. He already knows no one can take his place in my heart." She took a pause and added, "But we should worry about your boyfriend instead. He might really get a bit possessive." She looked around and asked, "Speaking of your boyfriend, where is he?"

Ying eyed Xiu for a moment before saying, "You look like you're more eager to see my boyfriend than me."

"How can that be?" Xiu cleared her throat. "Ying Jie is like my elder sister. But your boyfriend is actually the superstar for me. The one I adore the most. Although the competition in my heart is tough, you both have your own positions. Trust me."

"Then tell me who is at the top? Me or my boyfriend?" asked Ying curiously. "In that heart of yours."

Xiu grinned like a devil, "Ying Jie, the one at the top is always my husband."

Ying rolled her eyes at her.

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