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  • Genres : Romance -  Comedy -  Sci-Fi -  Transmigration -  Military -  Beautiful Female Lead -  Modern Day -  Strong Love Interests -  Aristocracy -  Virtual Reality -  Doting Love Interests -  Childcare -  Celebrities -  Acting -  Generals -  alternate world -  Yuri -  Heartwarming -  Cute Children -  Wealthy Characters -  Omegaverse -  Single Parent
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Pregnant With The Villain Boss Baby summary:

Yun Mu transmigrated into the book by mistake and became the wife of the villain boss! Thinking of the villains involvement and her miserable ending, Yun Mu smiled coldly.She grabbed the pen on the side, stretched out her evil pawthen ran away calmly, and also took a lot of valuable things along the way.Cant afford it, she can hide! After five years of walking, Yun Mu brought the small bun she carried and became a goddess of the nation.Who knows that one day, the small bun came home from school, tilted her head, and asked confused: The aunt that moved in next door looks a lot like me, is she my relative?Yun Mu said straightforwardly: You have no other relatives.The next second, the doorbell rang, and Yun Mu looked at the glamorous beauty in front of her and said in her heart. Why does she look like the woman from that night? ?Lu Fengxu: Baby, is it fun playing outside? Time to go home.Yun Mu: - Description from Novelupdates

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Pregnant With The Villain Boss Baby Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 94: Tart8 months ago
Chapter 87: Data8 months ago
Chapter 83: Truth8 months ago
Chapter 79: Phd8 months ago
Chapter 78: Blow8 months ago
Chapter 77: Anger8 months ago
Chapter 73: Play8 months ago
Chapter 72: Swim8 months ago
Chapter 71: Date8 months ago
Chapter 65: Kiss8 months ago
Chapter 63: Anger8 months ago
Chapter 62: Comer8 months ago
Chapter 59: Broth8 months ago
Chapter 58: Help8 months ago
Chapter 54: Fight8 months ago
Chapter 46: Bed8 months ago
Chapter 45: Room8 months ago
Chapter 43: Game8 months ago
Chapter 39: Clue8 months ago
Chapter 37: Sight8 months ago
Chapter 34: Drop8 months ago
Chapter 30: Sin8 months ago
Chapter 27: Touch8 months ago
Chapter 23: Scald8 months ago
Chapter 22: Tea8 months ago
Chapter 21: Scum8 months ago
Chapter 11: Eagle8 months ago
Chapter 8: Invite8 months ago
Chapter 6: Glance8 months ago
Chapter 3: Jobs8 months ago
Chapter 2: Fox8 months ago
Chapter 1: Bun8 months ago
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