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  • Rebirth To 80s: I Raised The Worlds Richest Man

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Rebirth To 80s: I Raised The Worlds Richest Man summary:

[Make money and “raise” the male protagonist. Cunning, beautiful, wild female protagonist vs. dark school tyrant, diseased male protagonist]Jiang Mu was born again.Jiang Mo was reborn in 1987, the day her parents divorced, because she was given up by her family and was torn apart by the kidnappers.In this life, she will not stay in Jiang’s house again;No longer have any expectations for grandparents and dads;I will no longer force myself to learn all kinds of things for their praise.Jiang Mu chose to live with her mother. She wanted to make all those who gave up her regret.In this age of hardship and poverty where food is not enough and opportunities and business opportunities coexist, Jiang Mu scumbags, abuses the best, starts from scratch, takes her friends to change her destiny, and strives to make money to support her family.From the unlovable girl movies from the bottom of the society, they counterattack into a business legend, build a business empire, and achieve a life of legend.However, why did the person who was raised at home by her appear on the Forbes rankings?So, I tried to make money to support my family and treat you, but you became the richest man in the world? ? ?- Description from Unknown

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Rebirth To 80s: I Raised The Worlds Richest Man Chapters

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Chapter 730:7 months ago
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