The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 1553

Chapter 1553 Han Zhuoling Took A Step Forward


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Shi Xiaoya recalled the words she was about to tell him before the gala started.

She planned to tell him she wasnt angry anymore.

But after missing the chance just now, it would seem abrupt bringing it up.

Shi Xiaoya decided to behave naturally with him like before.

He should probably get it then.

If he asked, then she would say it plainly.

But in the end, Han Zhuoling said nothing all the way.

Shi Xiaoya wished to break the awkward silence but didnt know what to say.

Halfway through their journey, Shi Xiaoya finally came up with a topic.

"Young Master Ling, when is the next filming ofSurvivoryoure joining?" Shi Xiaoya asked.

She thought that with this opening, a show which they both worked on, at least they would have a commonality to talk about.

But Han Zhuoling misunderstood Shi Xiaoyas intentions.

He thought Shi Xiaoya was asking so as to avoid him.

His grip tightened in the steering wheel. She was actually that furious with him.

But when he thought about it, its expected since he did go overboard.

Han Zhuoling pursed his lips for a moment before saying, "I dont know."

His voice was low, like he was really angry.

Shi Xiaoya turned to look at him curiously.Whats with this man, why is he unhappy again?

Hence, the painstakingly-thought-of conversation died.

Shi Xiaoya sighed mentally and kept silent.

Because the silence in the car made her restless, she turned to observe the scenery outside the window for her eyes to do something.

Hence, Shi Xiaoya failed to notice that Han Zhuoling turned to look at her occasionally.

It was not until Han Zhuoling had stopped at Shi Xiaoyas flat that Shi Xiaoya realized: "I didnt tell you my address. How did you know?"

Han Zhuoling: ""

Could he say that he followed her previously?


If he said that, he would sound like a pervert.

This was hard to explain. She might mistake that he had checked her background before.

No one would be happy hearing that theyd been thoroughly investigated.

Moreover, Han Zhuoling never did anything of this kind.

Fortunately, Shi Xiaoya didnt think in this direction.

She suddenly went quiet, remembering embarrassedly that Han Zhuoling seemed to have followed from the airport to here on the day she returned from Nanhai City.

Shed blurted out her question because she forgot about it.

Now that she remembered it, she instantly felt mortified. Why mention this out of nowhere?

Seeing her, Han Zhuoling knew that she had recalled the incident.

Han Zhuoling also rubbed his temples self-consciously.

Shi Xiaoya unbuckled her seatbelt and thanked him. "Thanks for sending me back, then Ill get going. Do stay safe on the road."

With that, she got off the car.

Hearing her politeness made him uncomfortable.

He paused, then plucked out his keys and also got off the car.

Shi Xiaoya closed the door and turned, and was immediately blocked by Han Zhuoling.

Shi Xiaoya wouldnt have thought that the man in the car a moment before would suddenly appear in front of her.

His movement was way too fast!

Han Zhuoling took a step forward and Shi Xiaoya was almost backed into the door. She looked nervously at him. "Young Master Ling?"

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