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  • God Level Delivery Man From Ten Thousand Realms

  • Genres : Harem -  Male Protagonist -  Beautiful Female Lead -  Nationalism -  System Administrator -  Cheats -  System -  Fan-Fiction -  Dense Protagonist -  Urban Life -  First-time Intercourse -  Ancient ChinaFanfiction
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God Level Delivery Man From Ten Thousand Realms summary:

Activating the Myriad Realms Delivery System when he was dying, Jiang Fan started a different life from then on!Sent a cup of hand-ground coffee to Su Daqiang, and returned a marriage certificate for marrying a wife at will!Spicy crayfish was given to Concubine Yang, and he was rewarded by the first-class national prince plus Lingnan Litchi Garden!I gave two baskets of kiwi fruit to the ancestor of Bodhi and learned the 72 changes directly!Save Wu Dalang, hang Ximen Qing!Grab Superman’s panties and poke the Hulk in the eyes!The system is in hand, I have the world!- Description from Unknown

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God Level Delivery Man From Ten Thousand Realms Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1936: Oh7 months ago
Chapter 1929: Dad7 months ago
Chapter 1891: Day7 months ago
Chapter 1596:10 months ago
Chapter 1389: Calf10 months ago
Chapter 1049: Day10 months ago
Chapter 1040:10 months ago
Chapter 908: Heart10 months ago
Chapter 907: This10 months ago
Chapter 823: Uncle10 months ago
Chapter 808: Worm10 months ago
Chapter 776: Order10 months ago
Chapter 771: All10 months ago
Chapter 653: A10 months ago
Chapter 548: Palm10 months ago
Chapter 475:10 months ago
Chapter 471: A Dog10 months ago
Chapter 429:10 months ago
Chapter 378: Biome10 months ago
Chapter 362: Man10 months ago
Chapter 339: Wrong10 months ago
Chapter 287: Sword10 months ago
Chapter 261:10 months ago
Chapter 252: Here10 months ago
Chapter 238: This10 months ago
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