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  • Genres : Male Protagonist -  Overpowered Protagonist -  Wars -  Early Romance -  Kingdom Building -  naruto -  fanfiction -  arranged marriage -  Fan-Fiction
  • Status : Ongoing
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Konohas New Third Hokage summary:

Passing through the village of Konoha Ninja, the orphan of an ordinary ninja family, this is the eighth year of Konoha, Uchiha Madara will leave, and Hashirama Senju will die in a few years. The first battle in the Ninja world is coming…As a member of Konoha Ninja Village, after knowing the problems that Konoha Ninja Village will encounter in the future, Feng Mori feels that he should do something.The first thing you should do is to become the disciple of the Second Hokage, and then make yourself the heir of the Second Hokage.From now on, what direction Konoha Ninja Village should go is up to him to decide![Note: The main drama direction, realistic Naruto, the world view of Naruto based on comics]- Description from Unknown

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Konohas New Third Hokage Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 548: call2 months ago
Chapter 377: Fire9 months ago
Chapter 296: Home9 months ago
Chapter 254: Ally9 months ago
Chapter 238: Heir9 months ago
Chapter 200: Past9 months ago
Chapter 190: Face9 months ago
Chapter 180: Fame9 months ago
Chapter 119: Dawn9 months ago
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