My Youth Began With Him Chapter 2659

Chapter 2659 Possessed By Devil 9

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I heard it, but no need to answer. Qin Ning sulked.

Oh, it looks like you guys are having a fight, for real. Pudding glanced at her auntie uneasily and couldnt help but sigh. These days were getting so tiring; not only did Pudding have to watch her parents fight, now she had to watch her auntie put on a bitter performance with her future uncle.

Its nothing. Dont say anything weird when you guys get home, understand? Qin Ning warned.

Fine. Upon seeing their aunties attitude, Little Bean and Pudding both held their tongues and decided to pry no more.

By the time the three of them got home, Qin Chu and Huo Mian had already gone home as well. It was a rare sight to have everyone in the same room, so Mrs. Qin had cooked a full table of good dishes in hopes of alleviating the awkwardness around the house these days.

Grandma made most of the dishes today; you guys need to eat lots! Mr. Qin said to his twin granddaughters.

Grandma, thank you for your hard work, muah. Little Bean threw a kiss through the air.

You always know what to say. Mrs. Qin smiled.

Ning-Ning, do you want to give your boyfriend a call and ask him to come to eat with us? Mr. Qin asked.

No need, Uncle.

Whats going on? Mr. Qin asked curiously.

Ning-Ning, what happened? Did you and Tang Chuan have a fight? Huo Mian asked as well, thinking Ningning had just met Tang Chuan during lunch, there shouldnt be anything going on between them.

Its nothing, Sis-in-Law. Forget about me for now, you should ask my brother, does he really wants me to take the twins away. Qin Ning was still undecided on the idea of whether she should take them. After all, they had never lived in the U.S alone before, and they will be separated from their parents for a long time. Would they be able to get used to it?

Huo Mian bit her lip slightly and asked, Honey, are you really asking Ningning to take the kids?

My parents are going too. Dont worry, once this is all over, we will bring them back.

But is it safe? Im afraid Huo Mian worried.

Its safe. Ive been in contact with Rick, his people will be at the airport, so there wont be any problem, Qin Chu explained.

But Huo Mian continued, but before she could finish, Qin Chu interrupted, While the kids are gone, we should take the time to both calm down and think about our relationship.

Chu, Mian, you guys are all grownups now. Your mother and I dont really want to be too nosey on your situation. But, stop messing around. You guys are parents now, dont become a laughing stock to others, Mr. Qin lectured with a serious tone.

Yes, Dad. Youre right. Huo Mian nodded.

Well treat this trip to the U.S. as a vacation, and we will pay a visit to your second uncle. Well try to tell him not to be so spoiled and just approve Ning-Ning and that Tang kids marriage, Mr. Qin said.

Uncle, Im not in a hurry, you dont have to help me. Qin Ning officially threw every feeling of annoyance on Tang Chuan now after watching the video Jin Ying has shown her.

But, Daddy, Mommy, Sis and I dont want to go, we dont want to leave you guys, Little Bean pouted.

It wont be long, Honey. Once we finish up with the things here, I will have you guys back, okay? Qin Chu said tenderly to his daughters.

Pudding didnt want to go either, but instead, she nodded calmly. Sure. It is what it is.

After dinner, Qin Chu went to the reading room while Huo Mian took the twins to their room for a bedtime story.

Qin Chu picked up the phone, and Ricks voice transmitted over. Did you book Little Bean and Puddings flight yet? Tell me the date, and I will send people over, Rick asked.

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