I Found An Apocalyptic World Chapter 1288

Chapter 1288: Congratulations To The Boss

Underground shelter.

This is an underground refuge not far from Hangzhou.

Here, a group of people wearing black robes live here.

If Liu Mingyu were here, he would definitely recognize the badge on the long black hair.

This badge is exactly the unknown head Liu Mingyu found at the bottom of the West Lake.

This refuge is similar to most refuges, it has been taken over by some people.

But this refuge is somewhat different.

The people living here seem to be very excited, and they don't know what they are talking about.

These people feel like fanatical religious elements of a mysterious religion.

In a church, there is also a statue with a head similar to that on the badge.

Below the statue, there seems to be a group of game lovers.

The leader is a man in a red robe with a staff in his right hand and a book in his left.

It seems to be playing the cardinal.

In the church, there are countless monks wearing black robes.

There seems to be a role-playing conference being held here.

The cardinal raised his head and chanted loudly: "Dear friends, the leader has gone to the Holy Land and is about to complete the final transformation. Let us pray for the return of the leader together."

As soon as the voice fell, the people below also sang along with the cardinal.

Suddenly, the whole church reverberated with an uplifting momentum.

I don't know if it is an illusion.

After the cardinal sang, a faint light appeared on the surface of his body.

Not only him, but also a faint light appeared on other people.

Seeing this light, everyone's pious hearts became more respectful.

This is the **** they believe in and the power that brings them.

As long as you pray on time every day, you will definitely gain something.

There are more and less rewards, depending on your talent.

At the very beginning, someone had questioned it, but when someone gained inhuman power in this way of prayer.

Everyone is crazy.

The facts have also proved that more and more people have gained inhuman power.

Although most people don't have much power, they are much better than before.

Their own bodies know that if the previous strength was one, then after gaining strength through prayer, their current strength has reached two or three, or even higher.

It is precisely because of the results that everyone in this refuge finally evolved into faithful believers of this church.

Outside the shelter.

A group of people came to the door of the shelter a little embarrassed.

This group of people is exactly the group of mysterious people under the West Lake.

Although they fled very quickly, they were still too close at the time of the explosion.

So I didn't sacrifice in the explosion, but in the violent explosion, I was also battered.

Compared with those who sacrificed their companions, these people who survived by chance are many.

"Open the door! I'm back." The mysterious man leader rang the doorbell of the refuge.

The door of the refuge opened, and at the same time, the news of the leader's return spread throughout the refuge in an instant.

Everyone knows that the leader went out this time for the final change plan.

The leader is back, which means that the leader's plan is completed, and it also means that people like them can follow the leader to continue to become stronger.


An attendant ran to the cardinal and whispered to the cardinal: "Bishop, the leader is back, and he is disinfecting at the moment."

The cardinal who was praying interrupted the prayer ceremony and asked: "What? You mean the leader is back?"

A glimmer of doubt flashed through the cardinal, didn't the leader say he was going out for a few days?

Why did you come back within two days after going out?

"Yes, this is already being broadcast." The attendant nodded his head.

"My fellow citizens, our great leader is back. Let us meet the leader together."

Shouted the cardinal, and then hurried to the refuge gate.

It is normal for him to be so anxious, because after the leader completes his body transformation, it will be his turn next.

Thinking about the feeling of controlling a powerful force is unforgettable.

I simply received a little energy transformation and became so powerful.

If you completely transform your body, it would be so powerful!

He couldn't imagine it at all, no wonder this plan was called the plan of becoming a **** by the leader.

If the entire body is converted into an energy state, it can indeed be called a god.

Sometimes he even wondered whether the gods in the previous legends were in a similar state?

Under the leadership of the cardinal, a group of believers hurried to the gate of the refuge to greet them.

When the cardinal came to the gate, the mysterious man leader had not yet arrived.

This is because, to reach the refuge from outside the refuge, you need to go through layers of disinfection before you can enter.

Although their current physical fitness has become stronger than before, they still cannot resist the zombie virus.

Therefore, when people who go out re-enter the shelter, disinfection is still necessary in order to avoid bringing in the virus from outside.

The cardinal tidyed up his clothes, and asked the attendants on the side: "How about? My clothes are still clean and tidy, will they not stain the leader's body of God?"

Thinking of waiting for a while and seeing the leader after becoming a god, I couldn't help feeling a little excited.

The cardinal's attendants were also very excited, suppressing the excitement in their hearts and nodded to the cardinal: "Bishop, very dignified and tidy, there must be no problem."

The cardinal nodded, but before a while, he grabbed another attendant and asked, "Is there really no problem with my dress?"

The attendant solemnly nodded his head and said: "Bishop, there is no problem with UU reading www.uukanshu.com, and I definitely welcome the leader with the most solemn attitude."

After a series of disinfection, the mysterious leader also put on brand new clothes, revealing a brand new appearance.

Except for some scratches on his face, nowhere else can I see the previously embarrassed look.

The head of the mysterious man tidied his clothes and walked out the door with heavy steps.

The cardinal kept his eyes fixed on the gate, and after seeing the leader who appeared at the gate, he immediately raised his voice: "Congratulations to the leader, congratulations to the leader, congratulations to the leader for achieving the body of God, longevity."

Following the congratulations of the cardinal, the monks who followed him also shouted in unison: "Congratulations to the leader, congratulations to the leader, congratulations to the leader for achieving the body of God, longevity."

As the congratulations spread, more and more people joined the congratulatory team.

Congratulations echoed in the hall, and it didn't go away for a long time.

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