Fantasy: Invincible Starts From The Egg Chapter 938

Chapter 938: Part Ways

The woman in white backed away slightly.


The simple boy next to her stepped forward, and the woman in white quickly stretched out her arm to stop it.

The white-clothed woman said softly: "This Xiongtai, we have indeed heard a little bit, but..."

"Just don't understand. If you want to understand, we can tell you what we know."

Ye Chen glanced at the woman and nodded: "That's troublesome."

"We have only heard of refining blood and transforming qi. As for refining blood and transforming qi, I don't know what it is. God is the highest-ranking existence in the world of fantasy. The so-called **** refers to the star god. Each upper realm has a certain amount The star **** rules a starry sky."

"I was a bit surprised when I heard about the transformation of the gods. I don't know what the so-called transformation of the gods means. As for the refining of blood and qi, it means to absorb the essence and blood of living things, refining it into one's own qi, and nourish one's own meridian cultivation. "

"However, as far as I know, refining blood and transforming qi is... a sorcery."

"As for the refining of blood and **** that Xiongtai got, I don't know. Maybe the two are related, or the two are not related."

"This is what I know temporarily."

"I don't know... Xiongtai still have questions?" The white-clothed woman tried to ask after she finished speaking.

Ye Chen squeezed his chin, thought slightly, and pondered for a moment: "Well, very good. Thanks."

After speaking, Ye Chen turned his head, not embarrassing these two people.

After all, there is no friend or foe relationship between the two.

Ye Chen thought.

Refining blood is easy to understand, it means refining blood qi, and this refining spirit means harmony? ?

Transcendence. Incarnate as a god? ?

If this is the case, this exercise is powerful. But the word "God" has many meanings. It can be spirit, but spirit and so on. .

Since this secret book is blank, presumably the exercise record in it has disappeared or what condition 1 is needed to open it.

At least Ye Chen has no clue right now.

Leave this thing first, and then explore it later.

Ye Chen turned his head and looked at Zhao Manyang.

Originally, I planned to go to Los Angeles to find the Nangong family, in order to open the yellow ring, but now, the ring is suddenly unlocked inexplicably.

It also naturally saves Ye Chen a lot of effort.

There is less than a month left to become stronger.

In order to welcome the advent of the ascension war.

Of course, with Ye Chen's strength, he can completely disregard the lower realm, and it is understandable without putting everyone in his eyes.

As far as Ye Chen's strength is concerned, the probability of Ye Chen entering the upper realm is...1 is 100%.

This is beyond doubt.

Because even the so-called Upper Realm messenger was ruthlessly killed by Ye Chen, not to mention that there was only a group of people from the Lower Realm in the Battle of Ascension.

What Ye Chen worries about, or what he hopes for.

It is to become stronger as soon as possible, and then gain more strength, only then can you accomplish some things and do what you want to do more freely.

Therefore, Ye Chen intends to find a place and concentrate on practicing for a while.

Ye Chen didn't take care of the woman in white.

Ye Chen said to Zhao Manyang, "I'm leaving."

After speaking, Ye Chen turned around and leaped slightly, and his body flew out several feet.

What happened before, and why did Zhao Manyang and the woman in white come here? Ye Chen didn't ask.

Soon, Ye Chen flew to Xiao Yan and others.

The three of them were still in their original positions. They were very happy to see the evil formation disappeared, and their worries about Ye Chen's safety became lighter.

Seeing Ye Chen come back safe and sound, the three of them were happy.

They all ran over and asked Ye Chen.

"How is it? Brother Ye Chen, have you seen Zhao Manyang?"

"Brother Ye, did you find Brother Zhao? Is there anything wrong?"

Ye Chen waved his hand and said, "Don't worry, that kid is still alive, good." Ye Chen was not angry when he said Zhao Manyang, and Ye Chen didn't look good when he thought of the kid crying and hugging himself.

"What's the matter, Brother Ye Chen, could it be...?"

Seeing that Ye Chen's face was bad, Xiao Yan thought that Zhao Manyang hadn't been looking for him, and something happened alive. The tone was a bit solemn.

Ye Chen smiled lightly and said: "He? He is fine. Don't worry about him, let's worry about ourselves."

Xiao Yan breathed a sigh of relief. After all, he was his friend, so it would be fine if it was all right.

Ye Chen pointed to Zhou Cao, his face was pale and weak.

Ye Chen walked up to him slowly, and said to Zhou Cao: "Come on, sit up, I will help you recover."

Zhou Cao sat up slowly, very strenuous. Ye Chen stretched out a hand, surrounded by the fiery red star power in his hand, followed Ye Chen's guidance and entered Zhou Cao's body.

Zhou Cao closed his eyes slightly.

After a while, his eyes slowly opened and he exhaled. His face gradually became ruddy.

He opened his eyes, looked at Ye Chen, and said gratefully: "Brother Ye, thank you, this time without you, it's really gone." Zhou Cao smiled bitterly.

Ye Chen shook his head and smiled, and said, "Brother Zhou is polite, what's better."


The two looked at each other and smiled.

"Brother Zhou, what are your plans next?" Ye Chen asked.

Zhou Cao smiled: "I'm back to the pastoral. I'm old, it's time to rest..."

After listening to Zhou Cao finished, Ye Chen felt very helpless. The boss of the once famous power in the Lower Realm, the big boss of the Megatron Lower Realm, had lost all his cultivation. Hey, the tone is full of vicissitudes of life.

Ye Chen nodded to him: "Brother Zhou, go back in peace!"

Cha Fei also stepped forward to say goodbye: "Brother Ye, if there is any use for me to check Fei in the future, just say, as long as I Cha Fei is still alive, I will definitely help you. No matter whether I have the ability or not, Brother Ye can just give orders. Haha..."

Ye Chen chuckled and said, "Brother Cha, I understand your kindness, but you can find me anything in the future. As long as I can do it, I will help."

"Haha." Zha Fei was touched on his face, clasped his fist and said, "Thank you brother Ye!"

With a sincere tone, after talking, several people parted ways.

Xiao Yan looked back at the two separated figures, with a slightly reluctant expression in his eyes.

Xiao Yan said, "Brother Ye Chen, where are we going next?"

Ye Chen paused and said, "Go and practice."

"Go to practice? Where to practice?" Xiao Yan asked.

"You can practice anywhere, just walk towards the destination of the Ascension War."

Ye Chen smiled lightly.

"Yeah!" Xiao Yan nodded and said: "I also want to practice seriously, and strive to become stronger before the Battle of Ascension. I want to protect Brother Ye Chen."

Xiao Yan raised his fist and said firmly.

Ye Chen smiled lightly.

Xiao Yan said weakly: "Hehe, I know that Brother Ye Chen is better than me, but if Brother Ye Chen is in danger, I must have strong strength to protect Brother Ye Chen!"

"Bah! I hope that Brother Ye Chen will never need my protection, so that Brother Ye Chen will never be in danger." Xiao Yan patted his mouth, signaled that he had said something wrong, and said quickly.

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