Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City Chapter 713

Chapter 713: Hug And Hug

Chapter 713

"Second sister-in-law, the third sister-in-law will come to you in the future!"

Three sisters in the future?

Yan Jinyi Huo Zixing looked over together, and saw that it was Tan Sangsang.

Tan Sangsang really didnt want to see Huo Zixing, and forced herself to ignore him and grab Yan Jinyis sleeve, "Jinyi, I have something to look for you."

Yan Jin raised his eyebrows provocatively at Huo Zixing, and talked about Sangsang's slender waist with one hand, "Go, baby, go to my room and talk slowly."

Talking about Sangsang suddenly felt a kind of horror. He subconsciously glanced at Huo Xishen, who was calm, as if he had finished reading a page and was turning over.

"Second Sister-in-law, what are you going to talk about, take me with you?" Huo Qingyuan stared eagerly.

Yan Jinyi looked at her a little disgustingly, "The skirt is so short, are you going to seduce people? I haven't seen you bring a boyfriend back."


Official comments are the deadliest.

Tan Sangsang knew that Yan Jinyi was doing well in Huos family, but he didnt expect that it was not only good, but also dazzling.

It must be Mr. Huo who favors her.

Thinking about this, he was slightly relieved. It seems that Huo's family did not target Jin Yi because of those unnecessary scandals.

"looking for me?"

"It's Yang Qing, Jin Yi, let's take out all the evidence on our hands. You have been silent and did not clarify. Everyone is sitting down on this rumor."

Yan Jinyi cast a wink at Tan Sangsang, stretched out his hand and wiped her face, "It feels so good, how does my baby take care of it."

"Jin Yi... I will tell you business."

"I'm just talking about business!"

Tan Sangsang extremely admires Yan Jinyis strong endurance ability. What is she afraid of in this world?

"Just Mumu's baby cream, occasionally use your own skin care products." After finishing speaking, Tan Sangsang reacted, "Jinyi, don't change the subject, do you really plan to leave this matter alone?"

"You think I'm the kind of person who suffers." Yan Jinyi curled his lips, turned and sat on the sofa, with Erlang's legs tilted, and he looked very lazy.

"Let her scream first. The clown jumps to the top and still wants to grab money from me?"

Don't let Yang Qing completely lose the opportunity to stand up this time, she Yan Jinyi takes her husband's surname!

"Sangsang made a special trip here to care about me?"

Tan Sangsang nodded, "Otherwise, what shall I do?"

"I thought I was coming to meet Huo San."


"Jin Yi, I have nothing to do with Huo Sanshao, and I promised that my girlfriend is just him asking me for help."

Anyhow, she made such a contribution to Sheng Mumu, she could never refuse.

Furthermore, Huo Zixing is really thick-skinned.

Yan Jinyi curled his lips and looked at Tan Sangsang with ambiguous eyes, "If the child is born, tell me its okay. Will I believe it?"

"It doesn't matter at all."

In order to avoid being entangled by Huo Zixing, Tan Sangsang specifically left through the back door. Almost as soon as she left, Huo Zixing approached Yan Jinyi.

He first poked his head and looked behind Yan Jinyi for a long time. Yan Jinyi couldn't help but gestured to get the feather duster in the vase.

Huo Zixing shivered, "Second sister-in-law, where is she?"

"Huh? Who?"

"Talk about Sangsang."

glanced at Huo Zixing, Yan Jinyi walked straight to the direction where Huo Xishen was sitting, "Go home."

"Go home? Didn't see her come out."

"Sangsang likes to go through the back door."

Yan Jinyi behaved very well these days, except for going to Heiyunzhai, the rest of the time he stayed at home.

"Mr. Huo," she put her head on Huo Xishen's shoulder, "I'm so bored."

Dog abuse again.

(End of this chapter)

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