Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City Chapter 714

Chapter 714: The Second Youngest Grandma Of The Huo Family Must Die

Chapter 714 The second grandma of the Huo family must die

Huo Zixing and others chose to leave.

Huo Xishen slowly closed the book and looked down at her full forehead, "Yes."

"I want to kiss and hug me, and I want you to help me ease my loneliness."

Huo Xi calmly pushed her head away, "Madam, you have committed another old problem."

Old problems?

She is very healthy, and she got full marks in the physical examination. What are the old problems?

"Always looking for a period of time to lack men." Huo Xishen continued.

Yan Jin retorted in a right way: "No, what I lack is you."

Huo Xishen met her gaze and did not answer.

"Tell me honestly, Mr. Huo, do you like men? Don't worry, I am very generous, and I will definitely not break you apart. As long as the money is in place, I can do it!"


Huo Xi's deep mouth twitched slightly, and suddenly he lowered his head and pressed a kiss on Yan Jinyi's lips, "I am not afraid of meat."

"I'm picky, I just want you!"

Huo Ergou, the last chance, believe it or not, I dont want you anymore!

Seeing her look looking forward with burning eyes, Huo Xi sighed deeply, and finally compromised: "If Madam really wants it, then I will fulfill you."


"When Madam finishes Yang Qing's affairs, I will satisfy Madam's wish."

actually negotiated terms with her!

"Why should I believe Mr. Huo's words?"

Huo Xi made a deep thin lip, showing a particularly nice smile, "If I eat salt then, Madam can give me medicine and force me."


Huo Ergou is even better than her!

Yan Jinyi swallowed, but she actually started to persuade her.

"Then Mr. Huo is waiting for me to return in triumph. Let's be lucky for you!"

Reached out his hand to cover Huo Xishens handsome face and touched it, then raised his head slightly and kissed his chin. The abnormal rogue said: "Huo, you are so sweet."

Huo Xishen's eyes were slightly lowered, and this girl has become more provocative.

Since then, Yan Jinyi really looks forward to that day.

Finally, Yang Qing started to shoot again.

Her goal this time is Heiyunzhai.

Recently, the business of Heiyunzhai is booming. Everyone knows that Heiyunzhai is the property of the second grandma of the Huo family. Almost no one notices that Yan Jinyi is related to this.

Yang Qing is ready to provoke this matter to make a fuss.

Not only that, but also directly posted on the official Weibo of Yixincai.

Yi Psychological Finance v: Mr. Yang likes the Second Young Ladys Heiyun Village very much, but unfortunately he personally refused to visit the house. Later, he learned that the second girls relationship with Ms. Yan Jinyi is very good. I don't know if Ms. Yan Jinyi said something to the second youngest grandma. Heiyunzhai has many rules, and Mr. Yang, our manager, is strictly following the rules. Yang is always less powerful than the second young wife, but he is also Mrs. Bai's cousin, should he be treated like this?

Now as long as you have a relationship with Yan Jinyi, everyone will be brainwashed. Suddenly, the second grandma of the Huo Family also has a lot of black powder.

At least, in the eyes of many netizens.

The second youngest grandmother is dealing with people like Yan Jinyi. Isnt she the person behind the fraudulent donation incident?

I suspect that the second grandmother and Yan Jinyi are in the same group. Mr. Yang is truly serving the people, and he was so bullied.

Yan Jinyi must die, and the second grandma of the Huo Family must die.

Those dogs from Yan Jinyis family come out and have a look. Your master hasnt gotten cleaned at all, and youve also harmed the second grandma!

Yan Jinyi still learned about this from Zhao Xinchen. At this time, she was sitting in her office in Heiyunzhai counting money.

(End of this chapter)

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