I Can Read Unlimited Files Chapter 633

Chapter 631: Wedding Invitation

After eating lunch, Liu Huaxing took Hao Qian, Yang Xiaoxiao and his daughter to stroll around the mall, and accompany Hao Qian to buy something to relax. They have to say that this lineup is really too high-profile when walking on the street. Let alone the beauty of Yang Xiaoxiao and Hao Qian, even Liu Yuxi in his arms is a beauty.

This sets off Liu Huaxing, who is among the three, looks like a winner in life.

"Yuxi, can you come down and walk by yourself? Don't always let Dad hold it." Yang Xiaoxiao touched Liu Yuxi's head and asked, Liu Yuxi turned away reluctantly, "Hey, I want Dad..."

"It's okay." Liu Huaxing patted Liu Yuxi on the back of his head, "My baby is very light, I am not tired."

"It's not a question of whether you are tired or not. The doctor said that she needs to walk more by herself to grow well at her age!" Yang Xiaoxiao said dissatisfied, and Liu Huaxing replied with a smile: "It's okay, my Mitao is at home. Running all day, enough exercise."

"Oh, just spoil her! No one wants it after she gets spoiled!" Yang Xiaoxiao said in an angry voice.

"No one wants me to raise her for a lifetime. I will leave her with enough inheritance before I die." Liu Huaxing kissed Liu Yuxi's face and smiled. Seeing Yang Xiaoxiao staring at him with gritted teeth, he leaned over to Yang Xiaoxiao. She kissed her face, "Goodbye."

Yang Xiaoxiao glared at him, then his expression slowed down, Liu Huaxing touched her little head: "Alright, Little Strawberry."

"Oh, don't get tired of your family. Are you buying things with me, okay?" Hao Qian said in a bad mood.

"Then what do you think?" Liu Huaxing asked Liu Yuxi in his arms.

"Don't ask, ask it all!" Hao Qian said triumphantly, and then dragged them forward.

After the layer by layer, Hao Qian did buy a lot of things, including clothes, shoes, bags, and cosmetics. Of course, Yang Xiaoxiao also bought some.

Yang Xiaoxiao usually does not have much demand for cosmetics, and most of her clothes are bought online. In terms of spending money, Yang Xiaoxiao's desire has never been very high. Over the years, Yang Xiaoxiao's biggest expense has been the private lessons with coach Jesse. In terms of food, clothing, housing and transportation, she has never been too deliberate to pursue high-end and luxury.

After dinner in the evening, the four of them drove back home, washed up and prepared to rest.

"Oh, so tired..." Yang Xiaoxiao groaned, lying down beside Liu Huaxing and humming, "It's so painful to walk."

"Why are you going out in high heels?" Liu Huaxing said, grabbing her beautiful legs, "I'll rub it for you."

"Yeah!" Yang Xiaoxiao smiled happily, and put his little feet into his arms, "Well, the high heels are beautifully dressed, they look long legs."

"It's beautiful without wearing it." Liu Huaxing kissed her tender little feet, and then helped her rub them up. Yang Xiaoxiao looked at him with a smile and said, "Actually, I still miss you for warming my feet. You used to warm me up when I was in the old house. After I came here, if there is floor heating at home, you won't warm my feet anymore."

"Because your feet are warmer than my hands." Liu Huaxing said with a smile, and patted her little feet.

"Then I will use my feet to warm your hands." Yang Xiaoxiao smiled mischievously. Liu Huaxing patted her **** and teased, "It's better to use your little **** to warm me up."

"How do you warm your **** when it's cold!" Yang Xiaoxiao said frankly, and Liu Huaxing pinched her ass: "Really? Hey, it seems to be really cold, so let me warm your ass."

"Oh, smelly rascal!" Yang Xiaoxiao was so angry that he hammered him, and the two of them entangled in the bed.

After making a fuss for a while, the two of them calmed down, and Yang Xiaoxiao lay down in Liu Huaxing's arms.

"Oh, I always feel that the days when you were your baby's favor were still yesterday, and today is the baby's mother." Yang Xiaoxiao held his hand against her face and exclaimed, Liu Huaxing kissed her shoulder lightly. "Meaning I don't spoil you enough now?"

"I'm very pet, right?" Yang Xiaoxiao said gently, biting his arm, "I'm a little embarrassed to compete with my daughter, after all, they are twenty-six or seventeen, and they are all the mothers of children......"

"Who said, you will always be my cute little strawberry." Liu Huaxing kissed her ears and smiled, "Do you remember when you first started dating? Like a little milk dog, sticking all day long I don't want to be separated for a moment."

"It feels like it was a long time ago..." Yang Xiaoxiao muttered softly.

"I'm busy with work these days, and I've neglected you a little bit." Liu Huaxing stroked her beautiful hair and sighed.

"Yeah! I'm either writing scripts or making phone calls all day long. People can only watch the kids on the side..." Yang Xiaoxiao muttered a little bit resentfully, "I want to stick to you, but I'm afraid to disturb you. I'm afraid you say I'm a mother. Not sensible yet..."

"You mean you kid." Liu Huaxing poked her forehead lightly, "Why is she so cute after being a mother? Is there any secret? Let me explore in you..."

"Oh no, it's so itchy... You just finished venting!" Yang Xiaoxiao groaned.

"Such a lovely wife, one time is not enough..." Liu Huaxing bit her ear and said, "You said you..."

"What's wrong with me?" Yang Xiaoxiao widened her beautiful eyes unconvinced.

"You still act like a baby with me in the future? Just as if I had two daughters." Liu Huaxing touched her head and said.

"I am your capable daughter?" Yang Xiaoxiao asked with a tilted head and smiled. Liu Huaxing thought for a while and replied: "You can also say the same. After all, you are also capable of being raised by me."

"Hehe." Yang Xiaoxiao rubbed his little head on his face, and said coquettishly: "Husband...will you come?"

"Oh? Didn't you just say no?" Liu Huaxing teased.

"Hey...that was just now." Yang Xiaoxiao groaned, and then pouted, "Kiss..."

"Then I'm welcome." Liu Huaxing smiled and tasted Yang Xiaoxiao's lips.

In fact, although Yang Xiaoxiao is twenty-six, he is still a child in front of him. Because Liu Huaxing's own psychological age should be almost forty, not to mention Yang Xiaoxiao's appearance does not look much different from that of the past. It feels good to have two daughters.

He has also devoted too much energy to the "big cause of revenge" recently, and has neglected Yang Xiaoxiao a little bit. He also decided to compensate her after he was busy during this time. After finishing the revenge, I went to open their small restaurant with Yang Xiaoxiao.

After Hao Qian's blind date ended, everyone's life returned to normal.

After this, the conflict between the dark book and the kennel platform has further expanded, even to the extent that it will be suspended for two months. Those who watched the live broadcast didn't know what was going on, but everyone in the circle knew that this was the kennel suppressing the secret book. Not only the dark book, but also the anchors of other dark book studios in the entire "Lone City" game sector have been affected.

The popularity is limited, advertising resources are not given, the gift sharing of the anchor is suppressed, and the live broadcast room is even blocked by various excuses. On the surface, Anben and the anchor of his studio were a complete victim.

Because of this, the kennel was pushed to the forefront by public opinion. For a while, the entire anchor community was verbally criticizing the kennel platform, and the reputation of the kennel began to drop crazily. Any anchor in the circle doesn't want to sign a contract with the kennel.

After all, every anchor has his own freedom. After the contract expires, everyone wants to go to other platforms. It is their own business. If the kennel can't offer a better price, it should be easy to gather and disperse. What does it mean to suppress others? Of course, this is just the outside view.

The outside world does not know that this is actually not all the fault of the kennel. After all, Anben and its anchors have made up their minds to change jobs, regardless of the price of the kennel. But the root cause was that the kennel cut the leek too much before, which caused the anchor's dissatisfaction.

In order to deal with this problem, the kennel had to start preparations in advance, recruiting anchors in the isolated city on a large scale.

At the same time, the anchors of the entertainment sector whose contracts have expired in the kennel have also begun to change jobs, but the kennel is difficult to deal with in this regard. After all, there are better benefits on the cat house platform, and entertainment anchors who are not bound by the contract must go to the cat house platform.

Liu Huaxing knew that it was getting closer and closer to the completion of his revenge.

As long as he waits for his movie to be released and wins a high box office, and then arrange a few positions for his own artists in his TV series, he is basically done, and then waits for the fermentation of time. Will be swallowed by the torrent of time.

Time slowly passed, and the Spring Festival was getting closer and closer, and Liu Huaxing was honestly preparing for the New Year at home during this time.

During this period of time, Guo Zhiwen was also very impatient because of all kinds of incidents, and he began a frantic financing. He also has some abilities. He has raised hundreds of millions of funds through various methods, and he is obviously ready to move.

For the current kennel platform, hundreds of millions of funds are just drizzle. The kennel has been officially listed in the United States, with a market value of several billions, and this hundreds of millions of funds will not change much. The current head anchor costs hundreds of millions of dollars for a single contract, so the average person listens a lot to such a small amount of money, which is nothing to the platform.

What's more, it is useless for Guo Zhiwen to have money because he has no place to spend money.

What does a live broadcast platform need? flow. How to steal traffic from other platforms? Dig the foot of the wall. However, at present, the most famous anchor in the live broadcast industry is about to switch to the cat house. What corner can Guo Zhiwen dig?

Beitang and Qiqi are also first-line anchors, and they will naturally follow Liu Huaxing to the cat house in the future. It is inevitable that the popularity of kennels will drop sharply. What Guo Zhiwen can do is to dig out some second-line anchors from other platforms to train them, and then engage in competitions to attract viewers and traffic.

But this kind of behavior can only be said to be a stop loss, and it cannot help Guo Zhiwen reverse the situation. Guo Zhiwen himself knows this very well. Because he can do activities that can be done on other platforms, but he can't do activities that can be done on other platforms.

The cooperation between Liu Huaxing and Cat House can be said to be the same day. Just after Liu Huaxing publicly announced the release period of his Hollywood movie, the Cat House platform began to sign new anchors in the entertainment sector, and even many second-tier stars participated in the cat house. Come to do some "part-time jobs" in live broadcasting. Of course, the purpose of these stars is to get Liu Huaxing's appreciation.

Therefore, the traffic of the cat house platform began to increase steadily, and after the Spring Festival, the contract between Anben and the kennel expired. When the time came to the cat house to start the high-profile broadcast, Liu Huaxing went to give him a high-profile gift. .

"Oh, one year has passed again." Liu Huaxing was preparing meatballs and lotus root tongs in front of the stove this afternoon, making some New Year goods for the Spring Festival. And Yang Xiaoxiao was holding Liu Yuxi by his side, smiling and accompany him.

"In the new year, I also want to take care of my Little Strawberry." Liu Huaxing said with a smile.

"My husband, so are you." Yang Xiaoxiao smiled sweetly, "I will continue to pet me... and my daughter in the new year."

"However, my parents didn't come. It's really deserted here." Liu Huaxing looked around and exclaimed. The villa usually lives with a family of three and Hao Qian. There were not many people in the villa area. At this glance, there was no single figure outside, and it was extremely deserted, but now it is New Year's Eve.

Fortunately, there is a daughter and wife with him at home, and Hao Qian is also sitting in the living room watching TV.

At this time, Orange suddenly leaned over to him, put his hairy head on his hand, and then sat down, as if to remind him that he still had himself at home.

"Come on, you just want to eat it, right?" Liu Huaxing glared at Orange and looked at him innocently. Orange looked at him innocently, and shook his tail at him. Liu Huaxing scratched its nose and said: "Go to your mother, these things are given salt, you can't eat them. Let your mother give you a beef bone to chew, and go quickly."

"Okay, Chengzi, come here, don't disturb Dad cooking." Yang Xiaoxiao waved to Chengzi and said.

At this time, Hao Qian suddenly came back from outside the house with a red envelope in her hand: "Brother, you two have a wedding invitation. I don't know who is getting married."

"It's not..." Liu Huaxing turned to Yang Xiaoxiao and raised his eyebrows. Yang Xiaoxiao immediately grabbed the envelope and opened it to take a look, and then smiled: "Husband, Liu Chang and Dong Yue are getting married, just after the Spring Festival. The eighth day of the month. February 17th."

Liu Huaxing suddenly raised his eyebrows. In fact, he thought it would be Chen Ye and Zhou Hong who would send the invitation, but it turned out to be Liu Chang and Dong Yue.

But thinking about it is not unreasonable. Liu Chang is already satisfied with the status quo, and Chen Ye's career is in full swing, and his work is naturally busy. I am afraid that there is no time to get married in this short period of time. Moreover, Liu Chang and Dong Yue have indeed been together for a long time.

"Well, it's a happy event anyway." Liu Huaxing said with a smile, "Since the beginning of the entertainment boycott, nothing good has happened for a long time."

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