Sweetest Top Actress In My Home Book 3 Chapter 786

Volume 3 Chapter 786 Lu Shouyi

However, this time it was beyond Jiang Yuning's expectations.

Although it was still a very studious name, it was not complicated. Even if it were a boy or a girl, he or she would be called Shouyi.

That would mean that he or she would be dedicated to one person throughout his or her entire life.

This was in line with the Lu family's disposition.

Jiang Yuning readily agreed, and she even felt that the old man had deliberately chosen such a name for her and her second brother, and it must have taken him a lot of thought.

Lu Shouyi.

There was more than a month, and mom would be waiting for you.

Jiang Yuning's expected delivery date was in October. Even so, she and Hou Da finalized Yu Shaowei's new drama before entering the hospital for her delivery.

Besides that, other pregnant women were anxious and afraid, but Jiang Yuning was thinking about how Qin Wen's new album was going to be recorded.

Hou Da went to the hospital to see her and when she saw that she had no consciousness of being a pregnant woman, she couldn't help but complain: "Your baby can come out at any time. Aren't you burdened at all? Aren't you afraid?"

"What should I be afraid of? If the baby wants to come out, I can't stop it." Jiang Yuning rolled her eyelids, "Moreover, thinking about other things can distract me."

"You are learning from others, look at the one you just passed, crying pains terribly while walking..."

"Does it hurt to cry? Maybe it hurts even more when I cry."

Hou Da finally gave in. Anyway, from the time she met Jiang Yuning, she knew that the brain circuit of this character was completely different from others.

However, it might be better to be heartless like this.

Actually, the reason Jiang Yuning made herself look lighter was because the more nervous she was, the more pressure Lu Jingzhi had to bear.

So, she tried her best to focus on other things.

After Hou Da left, Jiang Yuning read the book by herself again. When there was no one else in the room, she would gently caress her lower abdomen, as she comforted the baby in her stomach in a gentle tone, asking him or her to be as good as possible.

In fact, such comfort was useful.

After all, mother and child were connecting hearts, Jiang Yuning felt that she was a little more relaxed, and she couls continue to read books as if nothing had happened.

Despite this, the baby came a little earlier than expected...

When Jiang Yuning was sent to the delivery room, the whole family came, and even Old Master Lu rushed to cheer her on.

"Call out when it hurts."

"Smelly girl, don't worry about protecting the baby because you are the treasure of our Lu family, haven't you heard?"

"Doctor, how can I relieve her pain? Isn't there painkillers now? Give it to her now!"

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This made Jiang Yuning's eyes red. You see, being doted on by so many people, who would be worried that she would be ignored after giving birth?

Especially the second brother as his palms were all sweaty. In this life, she had never seen him so nervous.

Who was the one giving birth?

Jiang Yuning cried, but she couldn't help laughing again.

Although it was so noisy, she felt that she was full of power.


When Lu Shouyi was born, he weighed 3.4kg, and his face was wrinkled and red. Jiang Yuning took a look, then closed her eyes tiredly.

Immediately afterwards, she only felt that someone was kissing her forehead, someone was touching her face, and someone was holding her hands all the time. How come a baby was born, but he was not focusing on the baby?

Moreover, everyone was looking forward to a baby girl, and as a result, Jiang Yuning lived up to expectations and gave birth to a son.

What made the people at the hospital feel even more incredible was that this was the first time they had seen the whole family came to the hospital to look at the pregnant woman. How rare was this in the hospital?

This was especially so for Lu Jingzhi because the first thing that he helped Jiang Yuning to do, was to tidy up her sweaty hair, because he knew that she wanted to be beautiful and didn't want to appear in front of everyone in such an untidy and embarrassed state.

Then, he leaned over and rubbed her ear as he said in a low voice: "Little descendant, I love you very much."

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