Sweetest Top Actress In My Home Book 3 Chapter 788

Volume 3 Chapter 788 You Are A Coward

"Is that so? All right."

There was unspeakable disappointment in the man's eyes and he turned around and walked on the wet steps to leave the Royal Dragon Villa.

Sister Liang closed the door quickly and, for the first time, instead of telling Jiang Yuning, she called Lu Jingzhi right away.

After Lu Jingzhi listened to Sister Liang's word over there, he was still very calm, and he affirmed what Sister Liang did: "Very good."

Some people just left when they left, just as if they didn't exist anymore. Since they wanted to leave, why bother to break everyone's peace now?

Lu Jingzhi told Sister Liang that there was no need to mention it to Jiang Yuning.

Because in his heart, that person had already been long gone.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/sweetest-top-actress-in-my-home_14259928906863905/you-are-a-coward_50723760612891196 for visiting.

At this time, Jiang Yuning was sleeping with her son but the Lu family mansion was in complete chaos.

The Lu family's son, who had been missing for nearly ten years, suddenly returned.

The young and old in the room were somewhat surprised and shocked when they saw this familiar stranger appear in front of them.

This was especially so for Old Master Lu. Recently, because of having a little great-grandson, he smiled every day and couldn't keep his mouth closed at all. No one would have thought that his eldest son would come back.

So, his face collapsed immediately, and he ordered Chen Jingshu and Third Uncle Lu: "Jingshu, son, you should go back to your rooms first."

Soon, only the Old Master Lu, Lu Jingzhi's father and the old steward were left in the living room.


"You didn't go to Jingzhi? If you still have face and can feel shame, don't show up in front of your son and embarrass him!" The old man yelled at Lu Jingzhi's father, "You walked away so coolly at the beginning, and now you are back.What are you doing? This place is no longer your home. So, why did you return?"

Lu Jingzhi's father closed his eyes, before he knelt before the old man with a thud.

"Dad, whether you want to hit me or scold me, I won't have any complaints."

"Do you still dare to complain?" The old man laughed angrily. "But I don't want to scold you, let alone hit you. I don't want to waste time on you now."

"Now you know that you are lonely? Now you know that you are homeless? When you left, did you think about your son?"

"At that time, Shumei passed awayI was so sad..." Father Lu defended herself.

"You were sad? Let me tell you, you are a coward. Don't make excuses for your weakness. If you feel uncomfortable, you could just leave your son at home and abandon him just like that? I'll tell you, if Lu Jingzhi was in your shoes today, he would never have done it. If the same thing happens to Shumei, do you think she would just leave her only son? If you really have a heart, would you have left her only son?"

If he had a kitchen knife at hand, the old man thought that he would just stab someone to death.

Out of sight out of mind.

In the end, he was really annoyed and couldn't help but waved his hand directly: "Where did you come from? Where are you going? No one here welcomes you. Just assume that we don't exist, okay? Your son has had a hard time all these years.After all the hardship passed, you are now sprinkling salt on his wound?"

Father Lu lowered his head because he knew that he was wrong and he couldn't forgive himself.

"When Shumei left, Jingzhi was uncomfortable, but that was not his most fatal blow. The most terrifying thing was his father's abandonment, because you were telling your son that you do not want him anymore. After your son loses his mother, he is not even worthy of his father's love!"

"Go away! I feel very distressed for my grandson now whenever I think of it. Don't show up in the Lu family mansion just to be an eyesore."

The old man was so angry and he could not help but hammered his chest.

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