Food Wars: The Golden Hands Chapter 229

Food Wars: The Golden Hands Volume 1 Chapter 232 - My Father

Far away, hidden in the mountains, where no eye could reach, a group of people were talking among each other, most of them were men, but only one single woman. One man with a fur coat was on his nerves, angry and frustrated as he paced around.

"Unacceptable, bastards, attacking my business centers!" Tai Lung; Haru's uncle spoke in frustration.

The woman in the room had her eyes following Tai Lung's pacing with a calm expression. Tai Lung turned to his men and spoke hopefully "You got any lead on them? who are they? where did they come from? which clan they are from?" he asked.

"N-No, sir, we have nothing at the moment." One of his men answered.

"The security cameras got interrupted before they passed by them, we were blinded at all times."

Tai Lung was angry at how ridiculously outplayed he was "How useless!!" He shouted "Not even a single hint about them? why do I even pay you!"

"Calm down, Tai Lung, it is not that hard to guess who attacked your clan." The woman finally spoke after seeing the mess in front of her.

"Oh really, can you enlighten us, please!" Tai Lung spoke.

The woman was not pleased with how she was spoken to, but she sighed and spoke "Of course it is the Helmet Family, which other group has an animosity on you other than them."

"Plenty of others!" Tai Lung stated the obvious "Should I name them for you, not every problem is caused by the Helmets, I suspect the Dark Dragons again, have they got news about me being away?" Tai Lung spoke

"No one is stupid enough to attack your clan at this moment, not when you control most of the market in China. My guess is that the Helmet Family got a hint of your involvement and they are searching for you." The woman spoke

"Impossible, we have covered our tracks in japan completely, we even hacked their security system, they have no way of suspecting me or my men." Tai Lung argued, he was confident about their stealth back in Japan, especially when the Helmets were off guard and in a place not very secured by their main force.

"Though it may seem like that, but... who else has the balls to go against you." The woman shook her head "Keep in mind Alexander, their leader is here in China."

Tai Lung remembered, "That cannot be, the day of the attack, he was reported to have returned to his room in the academy dormitory by my clan there."

The woman thought for a second "Not necessary for him to lead every attack, he can just give the order, after all his uncle is with him, and whenever Alexander is, his dog Keanu is always near him. Just Alfie alone is enough trouble. That man is a beast when it comes to fights and wars." The woman then looked at Tai Lung "In the basses that were attacked, was there any one of the men there who knows about your location?" she asked.

Tail lung gulped and nodded "There was only one, Zuran, he veteran from my attack forces, after his long service I appointed him as a leader of my liquor business operation in China." He answered.

"Do you trust him?" she asked, standing from her chair.

"Yes, he got captured a few times in the past, he was not a snitch, and he won't be now, after all, he knows what happens to those snitch on the clan first hand."

"..." The woman wanted to believe in Tai Lung's words, but alas, she can trust no one but herself "Order your men to search for the captured and kill them, better be safe than sorry." She said before turning to leave.

Tai Lung clenched his fist 'This revenge will cause many to die...Haru! If only you listened to me!' He thought.

On her way out, to another building nearby, the woman's phone rang, she looked at the caller ID and took the call "Hello Mother!" She spoke with a cheerful smile.

[Ros, where are you?] A woman's voice resounded from the phone.

"I am with my friends attending a fashion show. Is something the matter?" The woman, now named Ros spoke.

[...What kind of fashion shows lasts for 5 months? aren't you going to come back, your father's death anniversary is soon to come.] Her mother said with a sad tone.

"Don't worry mom, I will be there for the visit." Ros spoke as she opened the door to the other building, the room was dark, and in the middle of that room, two chairs with two blindfolded men were sitting.

"Oh! We have another visitor again?!" One man spoke not caring about his situation.

"Saiba!! Shut it!" The other man spoke with irritation 'Hasn't he got beaten enough to understand our situation?'

"Koujy~You gotta relax, we have to be optimistic, optimistic I tell you," Joichiro spoke with a shrug. Koujiro shook his head.

The two weren't looking good and not in a nice shape either.

Ros looked at the both of them coldly "For you to be this much talkative, I am impressed." She said.

"Do we get points for that?" Joichiro asked in surprise "Do we get to leave for that?"

"Doubt," Koujiro added.

Ros really was surprised "That family is really surrounded by strange people, I kind of can accept that from the old man here, but from the pink chef? That was surprised me. Both of you realize that you will die, right?"

"Weeeel~ I can't say I didn't see this coming on my wedding day..." Joichiro shrugged and said.

"Huh?" Ros blinked.

"Haha! I mean, my wedding day was full of men holding guns and death glares from the family, at that time, I had a hunch that someday I may end up in this situation. So...It is what it is. what about you Kouji~?"

"This is not a storytelling segment!" Ros shouted.

"Well..." But her voice landed on deaf ears "All my life, I worked hard to give my mother a better life, and if I died here, I am sure that brat will take care of her for sure, so it is not that bad." Koujro said.

"Oooh so manly of you, man. Respect!" Joichiro said. Ros was trembling as she reached for a wooden bat near her "What about you, miss lady who keeps beating us repeatedly?" Joichiro asked.

"Yeah, you never told us why you wanted to kill us, especially this old man." Koujiro cracked his neck and spoke.

"...Your son...killed my father...His name was Sebastian Rodriguez, an Italian man who worked under the father of your son's red-headed fiance" Ros said with cold eyes towards Joichiro.

"Wow...that's rough buddy," Joichiro replied.

'I don't think this will end well...' Koujiro thought.

Ros clenched her fist and smiled "Indeed, That is why, in the next 2 weeks, it will be my father's death anniversary, and I am planning on giving him your son's head as a souvenir. But before that, your son has to feel what I am feeling right now...The loss of a father, I will make sure he sees you as your life is fading away."

"That's even more rough! I like it, you have style!" Joichiro laughed. But then he got a bat to the head "OW!! ow no! not the face! not the face!"

While Joichiro is getting beaten up, Koujiro was silently listening 'I hope she keeps beating him longer, so she will be tired when she switches on me...Sorry Old man, it is what it is...' He thought.

In another location...

Alexander walked into an empty room with only 3 people inside, 2 were his uncle Alfie and Keanu, and the last person was a middle-aged man with a tiger tattoo on his bald head chained to a chair, blindfolded.

"Alright, let us start our first interrogation session..." Alexander throws his jacket on a table and folded his sleeves "Take his blinder off..." He ordered.

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