Food Wars: The Golden Hands Chapter 230

Food Wars: The Golden Hands Volume 1 Chapter 233 - Choice

Running on a tight schedule with internship and exams going on currently.

in the future, u will see very and I mean VERY short chapters.


Back in Japan. Totsuki's afternoon was where most students are released for a break from their classes, they can go take a walk, go back to their dorms, or even go outside and visit somewhere.

But this time, a very unique group of people has gathered in the Director's office.

"It was on our first date that he said that, I couldn't believe it myself, everyone likes Titanic, but only him who was all grumpy after the show." A very beautiful girl with white-silver hair that reaches down to her shoulders spoke to the two a.d.u.l.t women in front of her. Of course, this was none other than Alice.

"That's my son for ya!" a black-haired woman with blood eyes responded as she crossed her legs. This was Alexander's mother. Alexandra. "He liked action movies since he was a kid." She said.

"Well...Everyone has a taste." The other woman was a honey blond woman with purple eyes. She was a very beautiful woman in her own old fashioned way. She had a notebook and a pencil as she was recording something. This woman is Erina's mother.

Erina was sitting on her chair, a frown on her face as she tried to concentrate on doing her work. But it seems the bunch of people in front of her won't let her.

"Will you guys be quiet." She said. "And also, why are you here, mother?"

"Oh god, don't be such a fun killer, we are here keeping you company, don't frown too much, that's how you get wrinkles on your face." Mana chuckled and tapped on her notebook.

"I don't need your company," Erina said, frustrated.

"Frankly, we don't need yours either. You can leave if you want." Alice chimed in.

"This is MY office." Erina glared at Alice.

Mana laughed lightly while Alexander chuckled at the two girls. Alice smirked and spoke, "You realize that I am your cousin and Totsuki is my home and naturally I own some of it."

"A tick mark appeared on Erina's forehead as she smiled angrily "Oh, little Alice wants to show off her wealth? I am still the director and you are not."

"Careful girl, the mother of the man you love is watching you, try to be a good daughter-in-law material." Alice chuckled as she pointed at Alexandra in front of her."

Erina shuddered as she noticed Alexandra's stare at her behind her mother. She cleared her throat and sat down "Ahm! Forgive me, I was just joking around with my cousin. Take your time here." She said some PR to save her clean image in front of her soon to be mother in law.

While Alexandra was looking at her seriously, her inner thoughts were the exact opposite 'They look so cute when they argue!' She thought.

By then, Alexandra noticed what Mana was doing in her notebook and leaned near her and took a peak "What are you taking notes for?" she asked.

Mana gave Alexandra a side glance and smirked "I am making a plan, so I am gathering information." She responded.

"Plan for what?" Alice asked.

Mana chuckled "Something very important that you should not know of for your safety." Mana shook her head. If things work out fine, she can do it, but she was sure that some people will not be happy. "How is your relationship with Alexander been lately?" She then tried to divert the conversation.

"Oh, Good, although we didn't get some alone time for a while, especially with how things were these days. And he is all about Arc, he is going crazy with his son." Alice chuckled as she leaned on the couch "Rindo is getting all the attention she wants, it seems having a baby for him is the perfect hook for him. If only I am 18, he wouldn't say no to that."

It took a moment for Alice to register her words as her eyes widened "WAIT!! I AM 18!!" She spoke out loud.

"SAME FOR ME!!" Erina stood up too screaming.

The two girls looked at each other, and as if lightning was emitting from their stares, they glared at each other threatened 'I will be first.' is what their eyes said.

While the girls are having a death stare competition. Back in China, Alexander has just started with his interrogation.

"Listen here buddy, You silence won't do you any good," Alexander said to the man in front of his desk.

"F.u.c.k you!" Zuran, Tai Lung's subordinate lashed out "Do you think I am stupid, as soon as I tell you what I know, you will kill me."

"Obviously." Alfie chimed in while cutting his nails.

"Alfie...You bastard, how can a man like you let a kid boss him around?!" Zuran spoke.

"Hm? what about that?" Alfie looked up at the bald man and frowned.

"HA? you have no pride or what? He is a kid!" Zuran shouted.

"A kid that is in control of your life and death and now." Alexander snapped his fingers, making Keanu take out a remote control. And with one click.

Zuran started screaming for his life. Pain assaulted his body from everywhere. The source was obviously the chair he was sitting on.

"Oh! you thought that was a normal chair? sorry! That was an electric chair!" Alexander stuck out his tongue and spoke "Since i am a kid, I tend to forget." He said.

Seeing Zuran about to faint, Alexander hinted for Keanu to stop. After the pain stopped, Zuran started breathing heavily, some of his skin has traces of burning "Y...You sick f-F.u.c.k, Stop this madness and let me go, I don't have what you ask for." He spoke in pain.

"C'mon, you know, you absolutely know, You know where your boss is. If you don't, you at least have an idea about where he is. So just say the words and this pain will or end, or...I can go out to look for someone who will tell me and you can stay here always in pain until you die slowly." Alexander said as he took the remote controller and played with it.

"If I tell you, you will kill me. if I don't tell you, you will still kill me. Either way, I will die, so why should I betray my people for your Russian asses." Zuran said.

Alexander thought for a moment "...I will let you go if you tell me," he said.

Zuran was surprised as he looked at Alexander. Keanu and Alfie gave Alexander a side glance. They know he won't keep his word, not for people here in China.

But for the poor Zuran, the thought of him staying alive was tempting, but he was no fool either "You won't keep your word." He said.

"I will keep my word, however, I am not sure if your people will welcome you with open arms, if I let you go, they will try to kill you, as it very obvious that you said or did something that made us let you free." Alexander chuckled "But Also if you don't speak..." He took out his gun "I will kill you now. But if you did give me some location, I will let you go and you can fight for your life against those who will try to kill you."

Zuran was nervous, he tried to catch the trap but he couldn't, there was no trap, that was reality Alexander said, he either dies here or he goes out and fights for his life.

"Make your choice," Alexander said.

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