The Profligate Madam Of The Family Chapter 1841

Chapter 1841: I Made More Than A Dozen Calls But They Were All Roosters

Chapter 1841 I made more than a dozen calls, but they were all cocky!

Monan Chong's words made everyone stunned.

They have all released Lin Jue and others, instinctively thinking that if they let them go, Monan Chong will also let them go.

But who would have thought that Monan Chong had no intention of letting people go, and she was still very arrogant.

"What are you doing? What else do you want to do to me?" Lu Xingyue was already crying. When was she kidnapped like this?

She has never been held hostage like this. This is definitely the first time.

She really wanted to chop up Monan Chong and feed it to the dog, but she didn't have the ability, so she could only cry and shout.

"Dont you like grass? I have always been a kind person. I always want to satisfy you for what you like." Mo Nanchong said with a smile.

"You demon, Monan loves you not a human being. If you dare to treat me like this, I will give it up and let my fighters hand them. Do you think you can beat them? Dont worry, do it!"

Lu Xingyue's words made those thugs ready to move.

Mo Nanchong threw Lu Xingyue directly to Lin Jue, "Hold him down, I will solve those few people."

Lin Jue nodded and stopped Lu Xingyue.

"Do you dare to do this to me?" Lu Xingyue's eyes widened at Lin Jue.

Lin Jue took a pack of tissues and stuffed it into Lu Xingyues mouth, "Shut up."

Lu Xingyue murmured twice, but he didn't expect that even Lin Jue would dare to treat her like this, so he couldn't beat her with anger.

Mo Nan Chong had already knocked down those thugs in the blink of an eye. Fifth Qian did not expect that Mo Nan Chong was so powerful.

Although he knew that Monan's pet kung fu is not weak, she did not expect that she could really fight like this.

"Are you a woman?"

How could a woman be able to fight like this.

She is crazy!

"Do you have to be a man if you can fight?" Mo Nan patted the dust that he didn't have in his hands, and then looked at the people who were on the ground by him, "How about it, are you coming?"

A group of thugs, either holding their arms, holding their stomachs, or holding their own legs, none of them dared to attack Monan.

Monan Chong looked satisfied, "It's right not to fight, fighting is not a good thing."

Thugs: "..."

You clearly fight better than us. Are you embarrassed to say that the fight is not good?


One hour later.

Lu Xingyue already regretted it to his bones. She had never been treated like this before.

She, Lu Xingyue, has never been bullied like this before, how can anyone dare to treat her like this!

A group of thugs next to them are also about to cry. They are all very powerful thugs. They have always been supported by others. As long as they fight occasionally, it is enough, but what is the situation now!

They were actually put in a field, mowing the grass!

In the middle of the night, they not only mow the grass, but also eat the grass!

There are two other animals watching them fiercely.

A chicken and a horse are obviously not great animals, but when they look at them, they are very arrogant.

Especially, the horse just stood upright and performed a period with the chicken, Tai Chi!

Not only did they perform Tai Chi, but they also seemed to demonstrate the consequences if they escaped. The horse also showed off its hoofs.

Its hoof just snapped a big tree...

Although they can't speak, they all understand their meaning.

"When are we going to get it?" Wuqian's face was covered with mud. She was mowing the grass while crying, and when she cried, she wiped her face with her hand. She had never been so wronged before.

is watched by two beasts, mowing in this terrifying field in the middle of the night.

There seems to be a cemetery next to , and the wind blows, whirring, especially terrifying.

Although they are crowded, they can't stand the terror.

One of the thugs was peeing his pants.

The sky is so dark. Although spring has begun, it is still very cold at night, and it becomes even more terrifying when it is cold.

"This lunatic! She is simply a devil!" Lu Xingyue put a piece of grass into her mouth and chewed with difficulty, shaking with angrily.

She did not dare to stop her movements, the horses and chickens over there were watching her.

An hour ago, Mo Nanchong asked her to pay her 100 million yuan in compensation, saying that her spirit was stimulated, and her heart was hurt, so at that time, she was mentally damaged.

What excites!

What mental loss fee!

It was obviously that she was stimulated, and it was obvious that she needed mental damage expenses, okay?

The rest of the thugs also did not dare to speak out silently, and the thugs career was almost overshadowed.

It used to be all disadvantages. This time, I dont want to fight anymore for the rest of my life. She is obviously a little girl who looks very weak, but how can the fight be so strong.

And this chicken...

Its fighting actually looks pretty.

Anyway, they are very afraid of this chicken. Just now, this chicken squatted on everyone's head...


Natural entertainment.

Because of some work, Lu Fangtian, who is working overtime with the entire company, is frowning and answering a call.

"What? Xingyue spent hundreds of millions to photograph that sacred grass. Isn't it the mother plant?"

"This girl is usually very smart. How can she not calculate this time? The value of the **** grass is not worth so much! She is too impulsive! After the auction house's things are settled, she can't go back."

"Okay, I see."

Lu Fangtian rubbed his eyebrows, his face turned green.

He gave Lu Xingyue the maximum limit, but she was actually cheated. She was so stupid that she actually spent so much money to buy such a thing.

Its okay if there is no mother plant, but if there is a better mother plant, this thing is worthless.

"Where are the Xingyue people?" Lu Fangtian looked at the assistant beside him.

"I have already made a call just now, and the call is made, it's a rooster..." The assistant's face was a little strange, he really didn't know what to say.

He made several phone calls, but when the other party answered, there was a rooster barking.

When I think of this, the assistant's face turns green.

It feels like their lady is joking.

"The chicken cries?" Lu Fangtian glanced at the assistant, feeling that the assistant was teasing himself.

He took out his cell phone and made a call to Lu Xingyue in person.

Soon, the call was connected.

"Xingyue, what's the matter with you?"

As soon as Lu Fangtian's voice fell, there was a crazy rooster croaking on the other end of the phone, "Chuck, cluck, cluck!"

Lu Fangtian was startled by the sound of the chicken croaking. He moved the phone out and looked at the assistant with a complicated expression.

The assistant counseled his shoulder, "It was like this an hour ago."

Lu Fangtian turned on the PA, a little annoyed, "Lu Xingyue, have you played enough? What are you doing? Are you crazy?"

Immediately, a neigh of horses came.

Lu Fangtian: "!!!"

He slammed his phone out, "It's just a nonsense!"

(End of this chapter)

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