Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 1210

Chapter 1210 He Notices Xiaoxiao? 4

Chapter 1210: He Notices Xiaoxiao? (4)
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Back to the topic, why were you looking for her just now? Yin Shaojie pointed at him, indicating that he was not going to forget the incident so easily.

Nimo was unsure whether to laugh or cry. I was afraid that youd get jealous, so I wanted to talk to her without you knowing.

Jealous? Yin Shaojies expression changed.

Nimo smiled. Look at your expression

Yin Shaojie asked bluntly, Is it about Chris?

You know about it? You can tell? Nimo was a little surprised.

Yin Shaojie looked outside and said in an ambiguous tone. He seemed a little strange back at the hospital earlier.

Nimo patted his shoulder and said, Chris might have taken an interest in Xiaoxiao, though I still cant tell what hes thinking about after so many years of knowing him. But from how much he knows about love Im looking forward to seeing how he would look if he fell in love with someone!

Taken an interest? Yin Shaojie asked.

Nimo went back to the topic and put aside his joking expression. I just talked to him and noticed that he seemed to be interested in Xiaoxiao. Im guessing that he found about her family background.

Did you tell him?

Of course not! But I just remembered that Annie and her brother, William, might know about it, and they might have mentioned it to Chris before. Nimo was standing beside him, his hand on the white railing.

What if he knows about it? Yin Shaojie asked.

Nimo held his chin, tutted, and said, That would be quite complicated.

What do you mean? Yin Shaojie frowned. Nimo had always liked to do crazy things. So if he said that something was complicated, then it was truly complicated.

Nimo said tactfully, This involves the internal affairs of Chriss country so I wont say much about it. Anyways, there are pros and cons to being born into the Muirs family. If you arent careful, people will use you for their own benefit. I think this is why the Muirs family choose to keep a low profile. By keeping a low-profile, they can better protect themselves.

Yeah. Yin Shaojie nodded in agreement. So keep a tight lid. Dont even say a word about Xiaoxiaos identity!

After finding out about Xiaoxiaos mysterious identity, his first thought wasnt to understand it but to keep it a secret.

More power would also mean more danger.

Nimo made a zipping gesture at his mouth, and he then made an OK gesture to him.

Just tell me simply. Will Chris hurt Xiaoxiao? This was what Yin Shaojie cared most about.

I dont think so. Nimo shook his head, looking pretty sure of it.

Didnt you say that you cant read him? Yin Shaojie was doubtful.

Nimo said seriously, Yeah, but this is different. To outsiders, he is very indifferent and cant give a damn about them. But for people that he cares about, he would give his hundred percent to treat them well just like with Annie.

Yin Shaojie narrowed his eyes as he grasped a key point from his ramblings. So what you mean is that he cares about Xiaoxiao now?




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