One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 760

Chapter 760 Intensified Relationship Of The Brothers

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"Did you pick it?" Youyou narrowed his eyes in doubt.

This Mu Yichen looked stupid, but his aesthetic taste was surprisingly good.

The other was made unhappy by his blunt suspicion and barked, "Whats with your expression?!"

He looked at him as if he were eyeing a fool.

"You havent given me a reply yet; do you like it?"

His older brother pressed on.

He deliberately ignored his question. Instead, he carefully lifted the bracelet and studied it. "How is this worn?"

"Ill help you put it on."

The older twin astutely volunteered and took the bracelet from him. "Put your hand out."


He stretched his hand forward, revealing a section of his snowy-white wrist.

His older brother gently put the bracelet on his wrist, but it seemed a little big, mainly due to him being too skinny, for him to wear. Cocking a brow, the former tightened it by an inch.

"Is it too tight?"

"No, just right."

"Youre too skinny; how can you be this skinny?" Mu Yichen looked at him. "Dont you usually eat meat?"

"I do."

"Very little?"

He answered, "Nope. Im a carnivore."

He loved meat very much.

He was especially fond of beef. Sometimes, when he was in a good mood, he would pan-fry a steak. His steak tasted better than the ones made in most restaurants.

"Then, why are you still so slim?" The older sibling was a little defeated.

"Well Mommy used to pay attention to my nutrient supplements, saying that I was a growing boy. I had a custom menu every day, but no matter how much I ate, I couldnt seem to put much weight in me." Youyou recalled the times when he stood on the weighing scale, and the pointer maintained its original position. His mother would often look devastated. "It seems that this is my inherent body type; I cant gain weight no matter what."

His older brother blinked at him, feeling incredulous. "Then, why are you still so skinny? It feels that I can pick you up with one hand."

"" He looked at him in exasperation. "You really are physically well-developed but simple-minded."

"Nonsense! How am I simple-minded?"

"Then" Youyou raised his chin and threw out an arithmetic question. "How much is 4+5+6+7+8+9+10? Ill give you ten seconds to figure it out."

Basically, by the time his teacher finished posing this simple arithmetic problem, he had already accurately calculated the sum in his head.

As for Little Yichen, he bowed his head and counted his fingers one by one in an incredibly serious manner.

He looked at him in slight exasperation.

"Stop calculating already; even if I give my toes for you to count, youll still come up with the wrong sum."

It was just one disdainful remark from the younger twin, yet the older twin already felt as if tens of thousands of arrows were painfully piercing his heart. "I Im not in a fine state today, so I cant calculate properly. Usually, this arithmetic question is very simple to me."

"" Youyou was rendered speechless by his brothers excuse.

Why did he need to be in a good state to calculate such a simple mathematical question?!

Footsteps sounded from outside the door all of a sudden.

Following which, a servant gently knocked on the door. "Young masters, have you changed your clothes?"

The older one frowned and asked, "Whats the matter?"

"Therell be a seaside picnic tonight. Everything has been prepared, and all are just waiting for the two young masters."

"Got it!"

He turned his head and announced, "Lets go downstairs!"


The other boy nodded and took the lead to the door.

Something suddenly came to the older twins mind. Hesitating for a while, he chased after his brother and held his hand.

The younger lad wanted to break free, but the older boy tightly held his little hand with his, not letting him pull away.

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