One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 869

Chapter 869 Silver Wolf Gangs Ties With The Gu Family

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Youyou was a little shocked.

Never did he wonder how much Little Yichen had suffered in training to have such formidable skills.

Here he was thinking of how abnormal this lad was for being able to contend with an adult gangster despite his small build, yet it turned out that he had undergone monstrous training in the army since he was much younger.

He asked, "What happened after?"

His brothers lips curled. "After recuperating for a while, I was sent back to the army for training."

"" He was rendered speechless.

Based on his mothers character, she would be heartbroken and never permit her precious child to undergo such hellish training.

"The military training was dry, dull, and especially cruel. Theres no winning or losing only dead or alive."

His tone was surprisingly calm, for he no longer viewed his daddys decision to have him undergo military training as wrong.

"I didnt get it then, but I do now. Daddy said that this is a world where the weak get eaten by the strong; the rules are decided by the strong, so I must become one, too, to protect my family!"

The weak get eaten by the weak; the strong decide the rule!

He could not fathom this in the past and only thought that his daddys decision to be cruel! Several times, he had a close brush with death.

Now, he knew!

"Thats why I really envy you sometimes."

Youyou lifted his gaze at him in disbelief.

Did this lad just say that he envied him?

That was because he did not know the life he had led these past seven years.

If he knew, he would not say such words so easily.

It was getting late. When their father received a call, he rushed back to the office.

Yun Shishi whisked her older son away for a bath, whereas Youyou remained in the study reading each mail.

His agent then called to say that he was done with his investigation.

"The Silver Wolf Gang is a group of ruffians on the East Street, and that territory belongs to the Gu family."

The aforementioned street was infamous in the capital.

Li Dongqiang, whom Yun Tianyou had previously encountered, was a ruffian on the said street.

This East Street was under the Gu familys jurisdiction.

The Gus could be said to be on par with the Mus. While they had indeed returned to the light from the darkness these past few years by turning their illegal assets into legal ones, and establishing a listed company, they were still a family with historical ties with the mafia, so they had substantial territories in the capital under them.

The East Street was one such territory of the Gu family.

Apart from the family head, Gu Jinglian, the rest of Gus were split into two factions and four sub-factions which were all managed by the elder members.

The above-mentioned street was under the head of Zhuque Halls, Gu Aoxues control.

Rumor had it that the Silver Wolf Gang that Gu Aoxue had established in that street was, in fact, a creditor company; frankly speaking, it was a company of which the purpose was to collect debts.

"A creditor company?"

Li Hanlin explained, "Yes! As its name implies, they act on behalf of their clients to collect debt owed by companies and authorized individuals, but the East Streets Silver Wolf Gang comprises thugs and ruffians and is notorious for their merciless methods. Just last year, to recover a debt of a few millions, that gang drove a companys authorized person into a corner; news of his committing suicide by jumping off a building made some noise before

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