One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122 Protect Her With His Life

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Her eyes widened as she stifled her breath and opened her eyes in bafflement!

Her son lay still on her; she did not know when he had jumped in to protect her.

"YOUYOU!" she shrieked.

This equally shocked Mu Sheng hurriedly threw aside his cane to hug his grandson.

Color drained from the boys little face as big drops of sweat seeped from his forehead. Closing his eyes, he fainted right there and then!


She attempted to snatch the child back from the old man to check the state of his injury.

He pushed her aside with a hand. "Filthy woman, dont you touch him! You dont have the right to do so!"

With shocked and widened eyes, she dashed forward to him but was blocked by a soldier beside her.

"Lets go!"

Worried about the boys injury, the old man hurriedly left the place with his men.

Regardless of how she struggled behind, she was no match for them and could only watch her son being taken away from her.

Nothing broke her heart more in this world than being separated from her child

A knife twisted in her heart when she recalled how he stood protectively before her and took the hit on her behalf. Tugging on her hair, she chased after them desperately.

As Mu Wanrou got up from the floor and dusted her body, she coolly shot her a side-eye. "Keep this woman under house arrest!"

Jun Mo was intending to have a cup of coffee while she read through her new program script when she heard something strange from the outside.

With the coffee cup in hand, she walked to the window, pulled the curtains open, and found several military vehicles parked outside.

Realizing that they were parked outside her colleagues house, she could not help feeling more alert as she went to the balcony to find out what was going on.

She happened to see a soldier carrying the artiste on his shoulder and shoving her into the vehicle.

She seemed to have been knocked unconscious.

In her shock, her unstable hand dropped the cup, which shattered into countless pieces on the floor.

The sudden sound soon caught the attention of the soldier with his sharp hearing.

He pivoted sharply in her direction.

Seeing the big balcony with its fluttering curtains, he reckoned that a flower pot had probably fallen over and broken from the strong wind. Hence, he did not think much of it and left with the vehicle.

Jun Mos heart was in turmoil as she stood behind the wall and peered outside sideways. It was only after the vehicle left that she rushed out of her house to her neighbors.

The gate was wide open.

When she stepped in, she found the living room brightly lit but the floor was a mess.

Shattered pieces of a vase, a discarded red carved wooden cane, and several drops of blood covered the floor.

She was shocked!

What happened?

Was it a kidnapping situation?


She dispelled that thought when she realized that there were military license plates on those vehicles.

What exactly happened, then?

Without further ado, she made a call to Qin Zhou first.

Once the call connected, she quickly recounted the entire matter to him.

She could not figure out what was going on, but it was a fact that she saw his artiste taken away in a military vehicle.

The manager soon arrived and got shocked by the messy state of the house.

"What happened?!" he asked nervously.

She answered truthfully, "I have no idea, too"

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