The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 789

Chapter 789 An Important Person Has Come To The Kindergarten

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Upon seeing that Lin Che was done washing up, Gu Jingze immediately instructed Qin Hao to start making preparations as well.

He had already arranged for Qin Hao to inform the school in advance.

For the sake of the childs safety, Gu Jingze did not tell anyone that the child was his son. He merely told Qin Hao to send someone to bribe the school with a large sum of money in exchange for someone to watch over Gu Shinian.

All these arrangements were made swiftly. When they arrived, Lin Che personally brought Gu Shinian in to make an inquiry.

The moment the kindergarten staff saw Lin Che, they immediately ushered them inside.

The manager of the kindergarten guided Lin Che around very passionately. He said that all the lessons were taught in English, so it was guaranteed that the childs level of English would be equivalent to that of his mother tongue in a few years.

Seeing that he was so enthusiastic, Lin Che knew that Gu Jingze had probably bribed the school already. However, before this, they had agreed not to tell the school Gu Shinians identity so there would be no trouble. But Lin Che did not know what method Gu Jingze had used to make the people here so welcoming.

The manager looked at Gu Shinian beside her, smiled, and said, It must be this little boy. You have such good looks. In the future, study hard here. Youll be able to be friends with foreigners once you know English.

Gu Shinian could not believe it. He looked at the manager with a cold expression and said bluntly, Sorry. I dont have much interest in interacting with foreigners.

Without hesitation, he had said these words in fluent English with an American accent. The managers face turned dark.

However, he immediately clapped and said, So youre already so brilliant.

Lin Che gave Gu Shinian a look warning him not to be so rude.

She smiled and said to the manager, We just returned from America.

The manager said, No wonder.

On the contrary, he was not angry at all and he even thought that Lin Ches attitude was pretty good.

After all, there had never been a family across the whole B City that had simply tossed the kindergarten a sum of ten million for the child to be educated here although there were wealthy businessmen who bribed the school with some money so that their children could get in. They also sponsored the school with more money so that the school would give the child better treatment.

Children who could attend a high-class international school like this definitely came from pretty wealthy families. But it was still uncommon to encounter families as rich as this one.

Lin Ches aura was also different from that of ordinary people. As for Gu Shinian, with one look he could tell that this child was definitely not a typical three-year-old. He felt even more strongly that the child who was here today to join the school was absolutely extraordinary.

It was a happy occasion as well for an extraordinary child to be admitted into the school. However, they had to be even more careful when dealing with the child.

Dont worry. Our school is definitely one of the top international schools in B City. There is no other school more professional and warm than ours. Leave your child in our care and we will help you educate him from a young age. There will definitely be no problems and we guarantee that he wont be bullied by the other children. We will protect him well.

Lin Che said hastily, No, no. Im not worried about that at all.

She was actually worried that he would bully the other children for no reason.

After confirming the lesson timings, Lin Che left with Gu Shinian. Then, she crouched down and warned him, If I find out that youve been bullying others in school, I definitely wont let you off.

Thats on the condition that there is someone here who is worthy of being bullied by me too, he said coolly after glancing inside.

Gu Shinian had no choice but to remain there that day and get used to the new school. As Lin Che knew that Gu Shinian was definitely not like other children who would wail and sob, refusing to attend kindergarten, she left feeling at ease. Her only worry was that he would cause trouble at school.

Gu Shinian would be truly loathsome if he caused trouble.

The teachers in the kindergarten had heard long ago that an important person was here. The manager had specially told them that the family had sponsored a sum of ten million just so the child could attend the kindergarten.

The teachers had initially thought that the child would be plump and mischievous. However, they did not expect to be immediately awed upon seeing Gu Shinian.

It was truly their first time seeing such a beautiful child. Furthermore, he just looked like he had some sort of unique aura. His gaze seemed so mature for someone so young. When he looked at them, it actually made them feel slightly pressured.

Of course, they may have felt this way only because they had heard early on that his family was extremely wealthy.

The teacher crouched down and looked at Gu Shinian. Hello, little darling. Ill be your teacher from now on. You can tell me if you need anything.

Silence, Gu Shinian said.

What? The teacher looked at him in surprise.

Gu Shinian turned his head calmly. I said that I need silence.

Was this child really three years old? If he was, then why was his gaze even more impactful than that of a thirty-year-old man?

He had an air of self-importance that was quite alarming.

The teacher rushed out to inform the manager of the kindergarten. Exactly which family does this child come from? I find him so strange.

The manager said, I dont know which family hes from either but all this mystery must mean that hes from a very powerful family. Just make sure to wait upon him and fulfill his every request. Our kindergarten may have quite a few children from powerful families, but in my view, this child is the most extraordinary. Be careful with him. Its better not to offend people whom we cant afford to offend.

The teacher immediately felt a heavy weight on his shoulders. He looked at the child whose beauty was such as to overthrow cities and ruin states. However, he was unexpectedly difficult to deal with. The teacher was truly stuck between a rock and a hard place.

That afternoon, Gu Jingze brought Lin Che to the director for her audition.

Lin Che got into the car and immediately called Yu Minmin to inform her that she had already set off.

Yu Minmin said, Faster, faster. Youre already so late!

I know. There was just some delay because I sent Niannian to the kindergarten this morning.

In the directors practice room.

There was a line of people waiting to audition, extending all the way in from outside.

The director was used to such a situation. Yu Minmin shoved her way in from outside. A few small-name actors did not know who she was and were about to complain about her cutting the queue. Someone who knew who she was told the rest, Thats the first lady, Yu Minmin.

Only then did everyone realize that this was an influential person. It was no wonder that she was so audacious.

Is she here to recommend someone for the role? If shes the one giving the recommendation, do we even have a chance at the female lead?

Just then, a scoff from behind grabbed the attention of everyone.

They turned around only to see a young girl with huge and expressive eyes. She said to everyone, Did you think that the director still had no one in mind? Let me tell you. The director has already chosen the actress to play the female lead. The casting audition is just a formality.

Someone scoffed in disbelief, How did you know?

She smiled and asked, Why do you think?

Everyone looked at her mockingly. Are you trying to say that the person the director selected is you?

Ha. It is actually me.

No one believed her, but she was so insistent and confident in her words. I already met the director before this. The director was very satisfied with me and felt that my image and acting skills are both very good. After all, I have professional training and I had so many acting roles too. I also collaborated with the director once. The director said that the male lead this time is very likely to be Xue Yang, so he could choose a fresh actress to be the female lead to attract attention more easily.

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