Rebirth To A Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief Chapter 627

Chapter 627 Brother Zhai The Lucky Man

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Zhai Hua looked at Shi Qing with a ridiculous look. "Dont tell me its Zhai Sheng?"

"Of course its Brother Zhai!" Shi Qing was displeased. "You may not believe it, but let me analyze it for you. If your family did not meet Qiao Nan, would Auntie Miao be able to sort out her thoughts? Though Auntie Miao hates my auntie and Qiu Chenxi, she would force Brother Zhai to marry Qiu Chenxi for the sake of Chief Zhai. By then, your family would have to suffer. If Brother Zhai did not meet Qiao Nan, even though its against his wishes, he would certainly go according to Chief Zhai and Auntie Miaos arrangement and marry Qiu Chenxi. Lets not talk about whether other people in the Zhai family would be happy or not. Do you think Brother Zhai would be happy after marrying Qiu Chenxi?"

But all these had changed because of the appearance of Qiao Nan.

Auntie Miao had sorted out her thoughts and stopped having any contact with Qiu Chenxi and Qi Minlan whom she hated. She no longer wished for Brother Zhai to marry Qiu Chenxi.

"When all of you finally got to know Qiao Nan, Brother Zhai has long since fallen in love with her, and eventually, Auntie Miao was willing to voice her opinions and no longer suffers in silence. Brother Zhai has found someone he loves and knows what it is like to be in love and what he is striving for. Anyway, you can tell for yourself the difference in your family before and after getting to know Qiao Nan. Has the Zhai family been faring better or worse? Who is the person who has the good fortune? Whose family is blessed with luck?"

Zhai Hua grew silent.

As part of the Zhai family, she knew very well of the changes in her family. She did not need Shi Qing to remind her. She could not deny that what she said was the truth.

The only thing she did not expect was that Shi Qing, that young girl, used to like Zhai Sheng, but right now, instead of going against Qiao Nan, she was siding with her love rival.

Was Qiao Nan so smart that she was able to manipulate Shi Qing? Or was it true that Qiao Nan had won Shi Qing over with her good personality?

"Young girl, have you forgotten that when you were being punished in the army by your father, who was the person who accompanied you and helped you become who you are today? Who is Qiao Nan to you? Is there a need to yell at me, as if you are protecting your daughter, just because of her? Are you closer to me or to her?" Zhai Hua slapped Shi Qings shoulder, feeling displeased.

She practically watched the young girl grow up. How could she favor an outsider instead of someone on her side and lecture her on top of that?

"In the past, I was closer to you, but right now, I am closer to Qiao Nan. You are unreasonable and impersonal. You dont admit that you have received a benefit." Shi Qing went on to list Zhai Huas shortcomings. "From the elderlys point of view, Qiao Nan can bring fortune to her husband and the Zhai family. Auntie Miao insisted on buying clothes for Qiao Nan. Qiao Nan did not want to waste the Zhai familys money, and she didnt want the Zhai family to feel that she is greedy. Hence, she bought fabric instead of new clothes. After buying the fabric, she made the clothes herself. The bolts of fabric were for her, but she had all of you in mind. She made new clothes for all of you and has yet to make any for herself. You do not appreciate her effort and suspect that Qiao Nan took money from Brother Zhai and the Zhai family to please the Zhai family. Youre way too much!"

Zhai Hua pursed her lips. This young girl must be very happy at lecturing her?

She must show her who was in charge!

After listening to the conversation for a while, Qiao Nan pursed her mouth and her attitude was not as enthusiastic as before. Her tone turned cold. "Sister Zhai Hua, I made the four pieces of clothes by myself. They did not cost much. The fabric was given by Brother Zhai. However, with the Zhai familys position and status, I suppose they are too casual and you may not have the occasion to wear them. Just forget that I call you over today. Take it that you are here to visit Shi Qing."

Qiao Nan knew that Zhai Hua might act friendly to others, but in fact, she was only being sociable. When Qiao Zijin and Ding Jiayi stood at the doorway of the Zhai familys residence and maligned her for stealing from them, she had already sensed that.

Back then, she had thought that she had the wrong impression and that she had been thinking too much. After all, Zhai Hua had been very supportive of her relationship with Zhai Sheng and never objected to it. Hence, Qiao Nan had forgotten about that incident.

However, the conversation between Shi Qing and Zhai Hua had reminded Qiao Nan of the unpleasant memories.

She did not have the wrong impression. In fact, Sister Zhai Hua did not like her. She had been wary of her and was trying to sound her out.

She might seem to be supportive of her, but she was guarding against her.

The one thing that she had learned from Ding Jiayi was never to be friendly to someone who gave you the cold shoulder.

Even though the party concerned was Zhai Hua, Qiao Nan still adopted the same attitude.

"Thats right. We should not waste the clothes on people who dont find it suitable. As soldiers, we dont waste resources. Sister Zhai Hua, you should go back home. We will give the clothes to other people." The Zhai family might not appreciate the clothes, but the Shi family loved them. There was no point in putting the clothes to waste.

Shi Qing and the people from the Shi family had more than enough clothes. However, Shi Qing could not stand Zhai Huas attitude and hence she helped Qiao Nan spite Zhai Hua.

"This young girl" Zhai Hua felt funny and annoyed. While she was lecturing Shi Qing, she grabbed the clothes from Qiao Nan. "If my mom and Zhai Sheng know that you have made clothes for all of us but I dont bring them back, I will be in trouble. It is up to us to decide if we have the occasion to wear them. Thank you in advance." With that, Zhai Hua left the house at the fastest speed. She carried the clothes to her car and drove off.

"This person is really" Shi Qing looked at the visible exhaust trail left by Zhai Huas car. Shi Qing was angry at Zhai Hua who left in a hurry with the clothes after saying such mean words. "Qiao Nan, dont take Sister Zhai Huas words to heart. She doesnt understand you. She is mistaken about you."

"Its okay." Qiao Nan let out a long sigh. "Perhaps Auntie Miaos concerns are well-founded. I am not suited for Brother Zhai. In the eyes of others, Brother Zhai is totally out of my reach and I dont have any true feelings for Brother Zhai. Actually, the Zhai family has indeed paid for the fabric."

Thinking of the scene just now, Qiao Nan could not help but feel humiliated.

She told herself that, if she had to prepare gifts for others in the future, she would have to pay for them herself. Making a gift for people with something that was given to her would only invite troubles for herself.

If she had been able to pay for the fabrics by herself, perhaps Zhai Hua would not have judged her in that way.

"You mustnt think that way. If you do, that proves you have been affected by Sister Zhai Hua." Shi Qing did not know how to comfort others. She felt uneasy at Qiao Nans discouraging words.

"Alright, dont worry. I am not so vulnerable, and I will not back down easily."

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