Rebirth To A Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief Chapter 628

Chapter 628 Zhai Hua Felt Guilty

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"I have always been aware of the gap between myself and Brother Zhai. The reason why I study so hard is to change my destiny through education and to shorten the gap between Brother Zhai and me. No matter whether I will end up with Brother Zhai, I feel that this is what I can do at least and I will succeed in the end." Qiao Nan calmed down and smiled. It did not matter that she was looked down upon by others. It was fine as long as she did not look down on herself, and that she believed in herself.

"Yes, dont worry about how others think. You must insist on being yourself." Hours ago, Shi Qing had felt that Qiao Nan was a stick in the mud, wondering why she must be so rigid in her studies. She could have taken it easy, yet she insisted on forcing herself to go according to a fixed schedule. There was no need for her to do that.

But after seeing the situation today, Shi Qing finally understood.

Qiao Nan was not her. Qiao Nan could not afford to lose. In order to secure a good future, she had to win and work extra hard. She could not slack off. "Qiao Nan, since you have already made yourself a set of clothes, lets go in and do our reading. You dont have to be in a hurry to make some clothes for yourself. As for those that you have completed, forget it, I dont want to mention it."

Qiao Nan worked so hard for the whole morning, and the clothes were taken away by Sister Zhai Hua. Shi Qing felt that Sister Zhai Hua did not deserve them.

If she knew that Zhai Hua would behave in such a manner, she would rather go against her conscience and take the clothes for herself, than letting the Zhai family gain from it.

Initially, she had thought that, in the Zhai family, there was only Auntie Miao who had a strange temper and would complain to Qiao Nan after she tried to snatch her boyfriend.

It turned out that Sister Zhai Hua had the same temper as Auntie Miao. She would behave as if she was supportive of Brother Zhai and Qiao Nan, but at times, she would say hurtful words when people least expected it.

Qiao Nan could tell that Shi Qing had her best interests. Gone was her defensive manner that she adopted toward Zhai Hua. She turned to smile softly at Shi Qing.

In fact, she was lucky. Even though Sister Zhai Hua was not what she expected, Shi Qing was indeed a good friend.

Over at the Zhai family, Miao Jing noticed that Zhai Hua had come back home carrying something in her hands. "Where have you been? Clothes? Dont you dislike buying clothes? All the clothes in your wardrobe were bought by the helper."

Miao Jing was curious. It was rare that her daughter would go out to buy clothes for herself. "Do you have a boyfriend?" If not, why would Hua Hua buy clothes for herself?

Zhai Hua almost slipped at Miao Jings question. "Mom, dont kid around. I, I dont have a boyfriend. I didnt buy these clothes. Qiao Nan gave them to us. Half a month ago, you asked Zhai Sheng to bring Qiao Nan to buy clothes. She is very sensible. She bought some fabric and said that she prefers to make the clothes by herself. She has made four new clothes for us. Do you want to take a look?"

Originally, Zhai Hua did not have a high expectation of the clothes that Qiao Nan made.

However, after she saw how Shi Qing looked in the dress that Qiao Nan made, she was interested to look at the clothes that Qiao Nan made for them.

The clothes were packed separately. Zhai Hua did not look at the pattern but picked out the clothes that were meant for her based on the color and her intuition.

It was a light blue dress. The cut of the dress was similar to Shi Qings dress. It was simple and neat, without those floral patterns that Zhai Hua disliked.

The dress was without any other patterns and prints. It was cut and sewed neatly. Although the design was simple, Zhai Hua found it pleasing to the eye. The more she looked at it, the more she loved it.

"This dress, hmm is very special." As a woman who liked to dress up, Miao Jing had better taste than Zhai Hua. "Is this really made by Nan Nan?" It was so beautiful. "It may not have any patterns and prints, but the tailoring is very exquisite. It is better than the clothes I bought outside and those that I custom-made. This is a first. I have never seen such tailoring before."

"Mom, you havent seen it before?" She had thought that as she would always stay in the army, the helper did not buy her the clothes that were in vogue.

"I havent seen it before. Wheres mine? Let me take a look." This time, Miao Jings interest was piqued. Clothes were irresistible to women.

Like Zhai Hua, Miao Jing picked the clothes that were meant for her based on the color.

Miao Jings clothes was dark purple in color. However, due to the material of the fabric itself, it had a pearly luster to it.

Miao Jing tried on her clothes immediately. It gave her a sophisticated, yet low profile look. Her clothes was an improvised version of the cheongsam, comprising a top and bottom. It combined the classical Chinese style with a simple and modern style.

Miao Jing had never seen or wore such clothes that could harmoniously blend the Chinese ancient style with the modern style. But she was delighted.

"Nan Nan has skillful hands. The clothes she made are amazing. They are as good as those made by the tailors. If she uses good quality fabric, it will be unbelievable." Miao Jing, who had a lot of clothes, could tell at one glance that the clothes made by Qiao Nan were brilliant. Furthermore, these clothes were handmade by Qiao Nan. Hence, they were unique and one of its kind. They could not be found on the market.

That alone was enough to make up for the fabric that was of lower quality.

Besides, the fabric that Zhai Sheng brought Qiao Nan to choose from was of a certain quality. Although they were not the best, they were not far off.

Miao Jing was so thrilled at the clothes that she tried them on right away.

Miao Jing might have given birth to two kids, but she had maintained her figure and was in top condition.

The set of clothes also accentuated her figure.

Miao Jing had beautiful calves. The skirt came to rest at her knee, revealing Miao Jings slim calves while covering her relatively thicker thighs. The skirt made Miao Jing seemed to have longer legs.

Seeing that Miao Jing had tried on the clothes, Zhai Hua did not pretend to be reserved. Since Qiao Nan was not at their house, she decided to try on the dress that Qiao Nan gave her.

Zhai Hua rarely wore such feminine and soft dress, but the hemline of the dress was smooth and cascading. It would sway and lift slightly at any tiniest movement. It was like dancing butterflies. One could not help but want to move about.

This was very suitable for Zhai Hua who could not quiet down for a minute but was still conscious of looking beautiful.

It proved that Qiao Nan put in a lot of effort when she was making the clothes for the Zhai family and for Zhai Hua. She had designed them while taking into account the personality and strengths of each and everyone in the Zhai family.

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