Rebirth To A Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief Chapter 1263

Chapter 1263 Internship

Zhai Hua gave Miao Jing a side hug. She had never hugged her mother when she was at a young age. She could do so even when she was an adult. "I am no longer young. Although I am still in good condition, whats done cannot be undone. Old master and Dad had lectured me on this previously. I have a lot of weaknesses. Actually, I am not suited to be on the front line. I cannot possibly be protected by Zhai Sheng forever and create troubles for him."

What happened in Ping Cheng was not very complicated. Although she committed a mistake because of Wei De, the soldiers in Ping Cheng still stood very united and were not displeased with her.

Back then in Ping Cheng, Zhai Sheng was the regiment commander and was considered as having the highest position in the army. Even if some of them were unconvinced, they would not dare to go against Zhai Sheng.

Things were totally different now that they were at the capital.

There were very few regiment commanders in Ping Cheng. However, in the capital, it was the opposite.

In the past, Zhai Sheng could look out for her. But now that they were in the capital, and he had many formidable opponents in the capital, Zhai Hua felt that she should not be so selfish and insist on staying at the front line just because she wanted to prove that girls were equally strong as boys.

She was nearly thirty years old. She was once willful and reckless. It was time for her to be sensible.

Otherwise, in a few more years, the triplets would look down on her, chiding her for fooling around.

At the thought of that, Zhai Hua blushed in embarrassment and could feel fumes coming from her head. She must never become such a miserable auntie.

After Zhai Hua transferred to another position, there was no need for her to fight in the front line and strive for military achievements. She would work at the back end and focus on recruiting talents and training them.

In that case, Zhai Hua would have a much easier job than before. She would not be exposed to dangers and risks in her work. Moreover, she would be able to work in the army that she loved and contribute in her own way for the rest of her life.

To Zhai Hua, she was content to lead such a life forever.

Miao Jing used to persuade Zhai Hua to make the transfer, but no matter how she persuaded her, Zhai Hua refused to listen to her.

Now that Miao Jing had given up on making Zhai Hua change her mind, she went to do something that Miao Jing had always hoped for. Miao Jing felt saddened. "Hua Hua, is it because of me? You dont have to do that. As long as Zhai Sheng and you are doing well and happy, I will not stop you from choosing the kind of life that you want to have in the future."

Now that her daughter had given in, Miao Jing wanted her to reconsider instead.

The mother and daughter had many quarrels and arguments because of this. They bickered and argued with each other as if they were enemies.

Right now, one was willing to give in, and the other party yielded as well. They were able to talk nicely over it. They behaved like the model example of mother and daughter. They used to disagree over this issue, but now, they were very considerate of each others feelings.

The mother and daughter gazed at each other with tears in their eyes. Qiao Nan, who was carrying her daughter, smiled. "Sister Zhai Hua, are you saying that you will go back to the army a few days later?"

"Yes." Zhai Hua sniffed, feeling embarrassed. She almost cried in front of the triplets. Thankfully, they were still very young. She believed they would forget todays incident in no time. Otherwise, when Da Bao and Er Bao joined the army, she was worried that they would refuse to listen to her orders and instructions. If so, it would be too embarrassing.

Qiao Nan changed into her suit, getting ready for work after getting an affirmative answer. She handed the triplets to her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. "This is great. My dear triplets, you can play with grandma and auntie. I am going off to work. I will have dinner with you when I am back from work."

"Okay," Da Bao replied.

Er Bao pursed his lips. He wanted his mama to bring him to work.

San Bao hugged her aunties neck. "Want mama, early, early." She wanted her mama to come back as early as possible to accompany her.

Qiao Nan gave each child a kiss before she left for work with the slightest worry.

"Little junior, you are here." The man who was dressed in a suit and looked refined and scholarly smiled at Qiao Nan. His eyes lit up at the sight of her.

Qiao Nan calmed herself down before she took out the documents from her bag and passed it to him. "Here are the documents that you wanted me to prepare. There isnt enough time. Will you be able to make it in time?" The man in front of her was Lin Yuankangs disciple. He was ranked seventh among his disciples. He had an important position in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the central government.

Qiao Nan would be doing her internship with him.

When one worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, one might not be able to have ample time to prepare the documents and materials. At times, there would be unexpected circumstances. This was one of those instances.

Her senior needed the information and he told Qiao Nan at the last minute to do research.

As a result, even though Zhai Sheng had to leave today, she made Zhai Sheng look after the children after she coaxed them to sleep, while she worked through the night to prepare the documents that her senior wanted.

Since Qiao Nan had to work through the night to prepare the information, it went to show that the information was not readily available and she had to do research.

However, compared to Qiao Nan who spent the night compiling the information, her senior had to memorize everything within an hour and be ready when he welcomed the foreign guests.

Her senior read through the information that Qiao Nan prepared while he worked his brains, walking toward his destination. "As long as your information is comprehensive, there will be no problem on my side." He must be capable to be able to land this position. Otherwise, he would have been replaced by someone else. Moreover, he was Lin Yuankangs seventh disciple.

He Yi was relieved that his master was experienced and he did not falter or make a mistake in choosing his last disciple. He had good judgment and his last disciple was indeed a talent.

In his department, many people wanted to seek his advice and would want more than anything for him to guide them and mentor them.

But this was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the central government!

As China progressed and developed, the workload in the department had increased and its work had a more significant influence on the country.

It was not a place that everyone could do their internship in.

People who had that misconception must be kidding!

If they really wanted to do their internship at the department, they could only watch and observe.

Unless it was in the past where the veterans would give personal guidance and coach the interns, and they were experienced and had developed their own work style, it was impossible to join the department and do an internship.

To err is human. However, this department had zero tolerance for mistakes and if one committed a mistake there was no way to correct them.

He Yi was willing to look after his little junior, which was the last disciple of his master on account of his respect for his master. But there were certain instances where he was unable to look out for her.

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