The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Book 2 Chapter 306

Volume 2 Chapter 306 The Hidden Truth 1

Liu Huo did not refuse Ji Fengyan. He nodded and Linghe guided him to the room for rest.

Because of Liu Huo's return, Ji Fengyan's frustration was suddenly dispelled and she felt happy even when walking.

On the other hand, Liu Huo had returned to the room and sat silently at the table as he watched the flickering light. It was abnormally peaceful.

He placed the little bat on the table and lightly pressed its forehead using his fingertips!

The little bat suddenly woke up. Its red eyes had just opened when it met with Liu Huo's dark eyes. It was so shocked that he scurried back and had an expression that was about to cry.

Seeing the little bat's terrified reaction, Liu Huo calmly said, "From today onwards, I am from the same clan as you do you understand?"

The little bat stared at Liu Huo.

Liu Huo said nothing as he lit a black flame on his fingertip. A black mist surrounded the pure black flames, looking rather mysterious and dangerous in the flickering light.

Upon seeing the black flame, the blood flowing through the little bat's body froze. It did not dare to even move on the table and nodded carefully. The fear in his eyes was very obvious.

Liu Huo took back the black flames and said nothing else.

The little bat looked at the side of Liu Huo's face with fear and his heart continued to beat rapidly.

He had faintly felt the familiarity from Liu Huo. That aura seemed to be something that he had experienced before, but he could not remember where he had exactly felt it…

Ji Fengyan's mood turned for the better after Liu Huo's return.

But in the Ji family, there was a wave of gloom.

It was already deep in the night, but Ji Qiu and Ji He was still awake. Both of their faces were very unpleasant. Because they were "extorted" by the Lei family and Ji Fengyan one after another, their storeroom had already been emptied, even the Young Masters' and Miss's savings were gone.

After Ji Fengyan left Ji family, there were cries of discontent everywhere.

What was even more awful was that Ji Qiu had heard that his father—the true head of Ji family Ji Ru—was returning soon. If Ji Ru had known that so many situations cropped up while Ji Qiu was managing the family, it would undoubtedly make him doubt his abilities!

Currently, Ji Qiu and Ji He were sitting in the main hall and watching the main entrance of the Ji family open. Ji Linglong walked in with her snow leopard slowly and entered their vision.

Ji Qiu's eyes darkened even more.

"You had gone to look for Ji Fengyan?" Ji Qiu asked with his deep voice.

Ji Linglong stopped in her tracks and looked at this familiar yet unfamiliar father, replied calmly, "You're right."

"Are you crazy? Haven't you seen how Ji Fengyan had done to our family? And you still went to visit her? Did you think that she has not caused enough harm to our family?!" Ji Qiu broke the mahogany table in a fit of anger as he stared using his bloodshot eyes at his daughter.

However, Ji Linglong reacted calmly to Ji Qiu's rage.

"Father, the one who had caused all these to Ji family was not Ji Fengyan but you."

"How dare you!" Ji Qiu stared at Ji Linglong.

Ji Linglong said, "Father had all along wanted to let Ji Mubai inherit the World-Termination-Armour, but you should know for yourself that in this generation, the terminator could only be Ji Fengyan. No matter what schemes you have used, Ji Mubai can never become the terminator."

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