The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Book 3 Chapter 550

The Indomitable Master Of Elixirs Volume 3 Chapter 550 The Ice Frozen Beast 3

Before that night, all the soldiers at the Moonset Valley never took the people around Ji Fengyan seriously. They only thought that they were Ji Fengyan's lackeys and were at the army camp to eat free food.

But now, be it Liu Huo or Yang Jian's capabilities or Linghe and the rest's bravery, they had all made the senior soldiers feel disgraced. At this moment, they only felt like they were burning like a heated iron.

They were soldiers and fighters.

Joining the battlefield and fighting against the demon clan till the end was their mission.

But now

They were hiding and trembling behind the people whom they had laughed at previously.

Pitiful and ridiculous

"Brother, let us fight alongside you all." One of the senior soldiers came to Linghe's side and sincerely patted his shoulders. There was no longer any despise in his eyes.

Linghe turned around and smiled.

"No problem, brother!"

Battle partners will forever be brothers!

Even if it meant risking their lives, they would also dare to fight together!

Everyone all waited seriously with their weapons held tightly in their hands. When the final look of fear in their eyes disappeared, they only had a firm resolution and the guts to charge forward in them!

I heard an ear piercing explosion from the air. With 100 over ice balls continuously aimed at the light beam by the ice frozen beast, even the light walls started to become frozen. The light rays became weaker and a thin long line started to form and spread.

At the same time that the ice frozen beast stopped its attack, the surrounding demons started to rush forth and started to attack violently where ice was found!

"Prepare for battle!" Linghe shouted and used a cloth to wrap his sword around his palms. The pair of eyes that had been quiet for too long started to burn with the enthusiasm that belonged to a fighter!

"I shall see who dares to harm my people!"

Suddenly, a voice was heard above everyone's heads!

Just when the demons were attempting to break open the ice, a light ray flashed across their heads and descended like a moon.

In an instant!

All the demons' head were cut off at the same time!

Black fresh blood gushed out instantly!

Linghe suddenly lifted his head and looked up at the slender figure that was riding on a flying sword in midair!

"Miss!" he shouted out delightedly.

Ji Fengyan was standing in midair. Her clear eyes were so cold that it seemed like it was covered in ice.

Her gaze glanced at the demons that had daringly invaded the army camp and her intention to kill became strong instantly!

"You lowly demons are thinking of creating trouble on my territory? And you don't even know how powerless you are?" Ji Fengyan's lips curled into a cold grin. When she saw that Linghe and the rest were safe, she could finally be at ease. She immediately drew out the evil-crushing sword that could kill demons and threw out a five-blow-thunderstruck talisman!

With a swing of the sword!

The talisman slowly burnt in mid air. Within moments, the sky was covered with dark clouds that blocked the moonlight!

A deafening thunder roar was heard!

In an instant

Countless lightning descended from the sky and struck the battlefield!

"Stay inside and don't come out," Ji Fengyan looked at Linghe and the rest while in the sky that was filled with lightning strikes. She raised her hand and used her vital energy to melt the ice on the light wall and repaired the damage to the defense.

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