Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby Xoxo Book 2 Chapter 363

Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby Xoxo Volume 2 Chapter 363 Embroidered Uniform Guard? Secret Service Agent?

Gu Mengmeng looked at Ian, then looked at Lea and asked, "Is Ian coming along with us?"

Lea nodded his head as an answer.

"If he was already someone that had joined the tribe, why couldn't he just come along with us?"

Lea smiled and said, "His route is different from us, they go via the sky."

Lea said as he pointed to the sky.

Gu Mengmeng realized that it was indeed inhumane to force the birds to give up on the sky and walk with two legs. She smiled awkwardly and asked, "Then what do you eat on the way? Do you have enough food?"

Ian was surprised, he looked at Gu Mengmeng, then looked at Lea. Seeing Lea signaling for him to explain to Gu Mengmeng himself, he hesitated before saying, "As long as it is not winter season Our food are all over the place, it's more than sufficient."

Gu Mengmeng tilted her head, looked at Ian and asked, "What do you eat? Just like owls?"

Ian leaned to one side, looked awkward and did not seem like he was willing to answer Gu Mengmeng's question.

Lea covered half of his mouth and went up to Gu Mengmeng's ear charmingly, using a volume that everyone could hear and 'whispered' to her, "I'm not sure what owls eat, but I do know what he eats."

"What?" There was a strong concentration of gossip spirit in Gu Mengmeng's eyes.

Lea smirked, did not answer Gu Mengmeng's question, but looked at Ian and said, "If that female really has problems, leave the fur on the tail when you eat her, Mengmeng likes them."

Ian pursed his lips, looked at Lea, remained silent, before turning into an Eagle-owl, flipping his wings and took off near the ground. In two breath's time he had disappeared into the night sky.

Gu Mengmeng's smile froze on her face, she turned to ask Lea, "They they eat humans?"

Lea looked calm, he fiddled with the fur on the tip of his tail and said, "I have already reported to the Beast Deity that these thirty-two people from the Eagle-owl tribe will guard you in Eternal Night's name. If Elvis and I are your claws and fangs, Barete and Collin are your shield and guard these thirty-two people will be your wings, protecting you in the dark, bringing you wherever you wish and clearing obstacles for you. If anything threatens you, they will do everything they can, bring the person onto the sky, tear them apart unforgivingly, even if the person is Elvis or me."

A few words jumped out from Gu Mengmeng's head, "Embroidered uniform guard? Secret service agent?"

Lea looked at Elvis, seeing he was similarly confused, he asked, "What are those?"

Gu Mengmeng explained, "It is an organization that does not belong to the country, but is only loyal to the emperor itself, not under controlled by any authorities and just obeying orders from the emperor. They do not question the rights or the wrongs, just following whatever the emperor wants."

Lea listened and nodded. He smiled and said, "Embroidered uniform guard is better than Eternal Night, shall we change Eagle-owl's name to embroidered uniform guard?"

Gu Mengmeng's mouth twitched and she said, "No, almost all of the embroidered uniform guard's lives ended miserably, they were either dead or separated. The emperor that they were so loyal to only treated them like tools and never once as his trusted subordinate. I am not Emperor Chongzhen and I can't ruin others' lives for myself. I can understand you hiding an elite army for the entire tribe, but since they have already joined Saint Nazaire, they are our tribesmen. My tribesmen should not lead the life of living under shadows and never able to meet other people."

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