Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby Xoxo Book 2 Chapter 364

Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby Xoxo Volume 2 Chapter 364 This Scene Is So Beautiful I Dared Not To Look At It

What Gu Mengmeng did not know was, Ian flew one round and secretly came back to his original place, hiding on the big tree on top of her. Hence, he had caught every single one of her words clearly. His eyes were glittering in the dark night and he smiled to himself, he had indeed found a right person for his tribesmen to depend on.

They should not lead the life of living under shadows and never able to meet other people?

Things like this, he did not even dare to promise it to his own tribesmen.

On the same day when Gu Mengmeng's group returned from the forest, they were greeted with a hot scene.

The tail of the new female was mingling onto a male's body, while both of the male's hands were hugging to the female's upper body tightly, the two of them were doing some indescribable motions in a strange position. After staring at them with eyes wide open for two seconds, Gu Mengmeng burped, turned around and buried her head into Elvis's shoulders, saying softly, "Stinging eyes, stinging eyes"

Confused, Lea looked at Gu Mengmeng, before taking out a chili from the hide bag and handed over to her. He said, "It isn't dried yet as we found it on the way. The effects might not be as good as the ones you ate in the winter, but it should work. Who do you want to sting? Let me help you?"

Gu Mengmeng looked at the chili in Lea's hands, stunned for a while before realizing, when Lea gave her chili back in the cave in the winter, saying that they had ground it to powder and threw it on enemies' faces, Gu Mengmeng had jokingly called it 'stinging eyes'. It was just a joke, she didn't expect Lea to remember it.

But it was not suitable to explain these in the current situation. Gu Mengmeng took the green chili in Lea's hand and chewed for a while. She patted on Lea's back and said, "This scene is so beautiful I dared not to look at it, let's sleep in another place."

Elvis knew that Gu Mengmeng had special rules on mating, but he had thought she just did not like others seeing her do it, now that it seemed she did not like to see others mating as well.

Elvis glances at the orc mating with the half female snake, smiled scornfully and said, "There is indeed nothing to look at, should I throw them far away? So that they won't disturb you sleeping."

Gu Mengmeng shook her head and said, "Well, disturbing one's sweet affairs is like killing one's parents, it's so inconsiderate. It's alright, we can change move somewhere else."

Elvis thought for a while and asked, "Shouldn't it be disturbing that one's sweet dreams is like killing one's parents?"

Gu Mengmeng remembered that this was the line she had shouted when Nina was outside the cave disrupting her sleep back in the past. That time Nina said she came to Gu Mengmeng's cave to look for Lea.

Gu Mengmeng let out a bitter laugh, thinking how many traps had she dug up for herself with her mouth. If she had to explain one by one well, they would not have to move as well. The m.o.a.ning in the back could act as background music when she was done with the explanation on things she had made up in the past, the background music should have stopped.

Heck, how was she going to say the starting line?

Everyone, welcome to Gu Mengmeng's class on the gibberish she had made up, today's background music consisted of a coquettish and unique live mating poetry recital?

Gu Mengmeng shuddered, her mouth twitched and she said, "Bring me somewhere to wash my eyes first, it will be ruined if I continue staying here, what if I become a cross-eyed Tsk, it would have to be dug out."

Elvis was stunned, he did not expect things to be so serious, Gu Mengmeng's eyes being ruined after seeing others mate!

It was only until the anxious Elvis pulled Gu Mengmeng to the river and about to help her wash her eyes, but Gu Mengmeng tore away his hide dress and pounced on him into the river, looking at him all over with thirsty eyes, did he understand the meaning of washing eyes.

So perhaps he should bring Gu Mengmeng to see others mate frequently? Well, it was not an everyday thing for her to pounce on him voluntarily.

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