Crazy Leveling System Chapter 552

Chapter 552

Chapter 552

The entire room was covered with Great Array. There was nowhere to escape for the three of them! They also knew that it would be impossible for them to win against two Void Spirit Expert with their current cultivation!

"Wow, finally, I got all of you in one room!" one of the Void Spirit Expert said while smirking at his partner.

"Yeah, it really took a while! I even wonder if our efforts were a waste! Thank god I had set up this great array in advance!" The other Void Spirit Expert said excitedly.

Both looked young, but theyve already achieved Void Spirit stage cultivation, which meant they had a formidable backing and great cultivation technique! But this was not the first time Ren Tiangchen met them both!

"Daoist Jin, what purpose do you honour us with your presence right now?" Ren Liangchen asked sarcastically.

Ren Liangchen also knew why they both went out of their way and set up the Great Array like this. It was all to make sure that none of the people outside knew what they were doing, so they wouldnt get into trouble with the City Guards!

After all, if they were caught fighting inside the City territory, they would be banned from entering the city ever again!

"Our purpose is simple enough! Hand over all the Sacred Tool on your possession, and we will at least spare you lives!" Jin Feng said as he pointed to the Sacred Tool on Yang Zhiwens hand.

"I am afraid we cant do that, Daoist Jin! This Sacred Tool was entrusted to us from someone very important." Ren Liangchen said nervously. He didnt know how to escape this situation, but he knew that he couldnt let Yi Tianyun down!

"Dont talk to me like I care about your problem! I know that you have three Sacred Tools in your possession, now hand them over, or you wont be able to leave this room ever again!" Jin Feng said with a smirk on his face.

Ren Liangchen sighed. He knew that their lives were more important than three Sacred Tools. He just hoped that Yi Tianyun would understand their situation when he returned!

"Okay, I will give you all of our Sacred Tools, but promise us that you will let us go after that!" Ren Liangchen said with a frown on his face.

Although it was a significant loss, he had no choice but to give it up in order to survive. Ren Liangchen immediately gathered the three Sacred Tools and threw it to Jin Fengs feet.

They were excited when Yi Tianyun gave them those Sacred Tools back then, but they didnt know that it would attract trouble like this!

Jin Fengs eyes immediately lit up, and he quickly picked up the three Sacred Tools from the ground! He immediately inspected the Sacred Tools on his hands and noticed that they are exceptional!

"Yes! These are great Sacred Tools! They would fetch a high price in the market!" Jin Feng said excitedly. Although his cultivation was relatively high, it seemed Jin Feng was only interested in money!

The situation in Ghost World was different from the Mortal World! In Mortal World, any Void Spirit Expert with a Sacred Tool in their possession would be considered a wealthy individual, and they would be respected in any faction, while in the Ghost World, a Sacred Tool was basically everywhere! So, the best thing that the Sacred Tool could give was a bunch of money!

"Can you let us go now?" Ren Liangchen asked with a cold expression and a disgusted look on his face.

"Why would you go out now? Were just getting started, arent we? I still need to test this Sacred Tools out first! If it cant cut anything, it wont be worth a penny in the market! And you guys seem to be a good practice target for that!" Jin Feng said as he smirked at Ren Liangchen.

"How dare you go back on your words!" Ren Liangchen said coldly.

"What is wrong with you? Why are you so mad, anyway? Just block my attack, and you should be fine!" Jin Feng said sarcastically.

"Yeah, were only practicing here! Why are you so mad all of a sudden? Block the attack! It shouldnt be that hard!" Zhao Quan said while snickering on the side.

Ren Liangchen gritted his teeth in frustration as he knew that it wouldnt be easy to block the attack from a Void Spirit expert on their current cultivation level.

So, Ren Liangchen looked at Yang Zhiwen and Leng Hu and nodded his head. The three of them immediately formed a formation to block Jin Fengs attack.

"It seems that we cant wait for the boss to come back!" Ren Liangchen said to Yang Zhiwen and Leng Hu.

"Yeah, it seems our time has near!" Leng Hu said with a sigh. The three of them shared a sad look, as they couldnt meet their boss for the last time.

But suddenly, they were startled as a teenager appeared out of nowhere in the corner of the room with a Divine Sword in his hands!

"How about you practise with me instead!" Yi Tianyun said coldly!

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