Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1623

Chapter 1623 Reverse Domination

Chapter 1623: Reverse Domination

This was truly a spectacular sight to behold.

There were a total of 60 Saint-level individuals locked in this intense battle, and they were more so all at the level of Great Saint. To say nothing of the Tranquil Heart Saint and the other Small Saints, even the Star Sand Saint was absolutely stunned by this sight. He knew that if it were him in that battle, he would most definitely be killed.

In other words, he was already no match for the Empress!

Good heavens!

Although he was only at the early stage of the Great Saint, the Empress had only just become a Small Saint! Just how large was the gap between Great Saints and Small Saints?

Only Ling Han knew how extraordinary the Empress truly was.

To say nothing else, just the fact that she had formed 10,000,000 heavenly bodies was already astounding enough. What kind of concept was this?

If her battle prowess werent heaven-defying as a result, who would waste their time to cultivate to the pinnacle level?

The appearance of the Empress nine doppelgangers didnt simply elevate her offensive power. At the same time, each of her bodies could spread the damage that they received over the nine other bodies. Simply put, this was equivalent to weakening heavenly tribulations attacks by a factor of 10.

With her offensive power strengthened and the damage that she received weakened, the Empress immediately gained an absolute advantage over her heavenly tribulation.

Half a day passed, and her heavenly tribulation finally disappeared. The Empress stood proudly, a look of disdain in her eyes as she gazed at the sky. Her domineering demeanor was as if she would beat the heavens without hesitation if it had a physical form.

In the next instant, however, she immediately went to Ling Hans side, a bright and beautiful smile blooming on her face.

This smile could intoxicate even Saints.

However, which of the Saints dared to have any improper thoughts about her now?

"Congratulations, fellow cultivator!" the Star Sand Saint said.


Even the Star Sand Saint was referring to her as "fellow cultivator"! This! This signified that he completely acknowledged the Empress strength as equal to his. In reality, the Empress was even more powerful than him.

"Congratulations, Senior!" the nine Small Saints said respectfully. They bowed their heads slightly as they clasped their hands in congratulations.

The sky was filled with an aromatic fragrance at this moment, and this was an expression of joy from heaven and earth. A Saint had been born, and they could inherit and convey the will of heaven and earth.

The Empress wore a proud smile. She couldnt care less whether these people congratulated her or not. In her world, she only needed that one person. As for the others, she wouldnt even spare them so much as a glance.

"Haha, thanks everyone!" Ling Han thanked the Saints for the Empress and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden.

The 10 Saints were all extremely envious of him. Not only did he have a Saint as a wife, but he even had another!

In fact, he actually had three. Hu Niu had already become a Saint long ago, and she was currently cultivating in the Celestial Realm. Moreover, even Zhu Xuaner and Liu Yutong[1], with their "ordinary talent", also had chances to become a Saint. Thus, it truly wasnt anything special for Ling Han to have Saint Tier wives.

Ling Han returned to Wood Figure Planet with his two wives. Upon learning that the Empress and Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden had become Saints, the Rain Emperor and the others were all overjoyed. However, they also felt immense pressure at the same time. They were men, so how could they be surpassed by women? And two at that.

A grand feast was held, and the entire martial arts academy was celebrating.

Two Saints had appeared in quick succession, so was this not impressive enough?

Zi Chenfeng, Second in the World, and Hong Ma all sighed with emotion. Not long ago, they had still been able to fight toe-to-toe with Ling Han. Now, however, two of his wives had already become Saints. Moreover, Ling Han had even killed two Saint Kings by himself. Just how humongous was the gulf between them now?!

When this gap had been small, it could still spur them on to chase after him. However, when this gap grew to become an insurmountable gulf that they could only look up to, who would still have the blind confidence to chase after him or surpass him?

The grand feast lasted for an entire 15 days before it finally came to an end. Even Ling Han felt a bit tired after all this celebration. He told himself that he would definitely have to keep it low-key when he advanced to the Genesis Tier to avoid all this hassle.

However, upon remembering that he still had the mesmerizing Empress waiting for him to taste, his heartbeat couldnt help but quicken. He lightly walked into the Empress room.

The Empress was currently sitting in front of a mirror and applying makeup. She was already breathtakingly beautiful, and with a small bit of makeup she didnt become any more beautiful. This was because she had already reached the pinnacle level of beauty. However, her seductiveness did indeed go off the charts.

Ling Han involuntarily gulped in excitement. He walked over and wrapped his arms around the Empress slender waist, saying, "Ill do your eyebrows for you!"

The Empress smiled at him through the mirror, and her smile was like tens of thousands of flowers in full bloom. She handed the eyebrow pencil to Ling Han before turning around to face him.

Her starry eyes were like water, and her cherry lips were like fire. Beneath her pale neck, one could vaguely discern the magnificent curves that were enough to make one palpitate with excitement.

Ling Han raised the eyebrow pencil, yet he couldnt bring it to the Empress brow no matter what. There was no wine to intoxicate him, yet he had already become drunk. He had been intoxicated by the Empress mesmerizing charm.

He tossed the eyebrow pencil aside and used his fingers to lift the Empress chin. He lowered his head, and passionately locked lips with her.

As if the heavenly thunder had stirred the earth fire, a blazing intensity overtook them as they started to passionately kiss each other. At the same time, their hands moved up and down as they started to remove each others clothing.

Ling Han was extremely fervent. He had already endured for 100 years, and he was so thirsty that his heart was almost about to melt. He scooped the Empress up and placed her on the bed before pouncing on top of her like a wild beast.

However, just as things were getting steamy, Ling Han suddenly stopped.

"Hmm?" the Empress moaned softly. She opened her starry and watery eyes.

Ling Han couldnt help but feel awkward, saying, "Ive reined myself in so many times that Im not even sure how to continue."

The Empress involuntarily chuckled. She then suddenly flipped around and pressed Ling Han beneath her, becoming a cowgirl.

"No, I cant be reverse dominated by you the first time!" Ling Han tried to resist and take the lead again.

However, just how powerful was the Empress now?

She could suppress those at the early stage or even middle stage of the Great Saint, so how could she not suppress Ling Han, who only possessed the battle prowess of a Small Saint? Ling Han could only struggle in vain. After a while, the Empress silky hair started to billow in the air as she started to rock back and forth like a cowgirl.

A feeling of immense pleasure swept over Ling Han, and it was as if all of his bones were about to melt. However, he was also feeling slightly vexed. He had actually been reverse-dominated!


The aroma of love filled the room as they passionately made love with each other.

The next morning, Ling Han opened his eyes with incredible joy, only to see the Empress curled up in his lap like a small cat. He couldnt help but chuckle upon seeing this. He hadnt imagined that the Empress would look like this when sleeping.

Although they had already become husband and wife since long ago, Ling Han had never slept with her before for fear of accidentally going too far too early.

However, his breathing suddenly quickened again. Under the thin sheets, he could see that the Empress wasnt wearing anything at all. Her naked body instantly aroused his lust again, and he eagerly tossed aside the sheets before pulling them over again. A rhythmic movement appeared under the sheets, accompanied by the cat-like moans of the Empress.

One day, two days, three days Ling Han and the Empress hadnt left the bed even once. It was as if they yearned to make up for their 100 years of pent up passion. They stared at each other lovingly, and they were preparing to make love if they werent already in the process of making love.

Half a month passed, and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden finally couldnt hold back any longer. She walked in to get the two of them out of bed, yet the price she paid for doing so was being dragged into bed by Ling Han. What ensued was a steamy and passionate threesome.

She was embarrassed to death, yet the Empress didnt mind at all. She would throw her full support behind it as long as it made Ling Han happy.

However, their number one priority right now was cultivation, and they would still have heaps of time to enjoy themselves in the future. After all, they still couldnt be regarded as the most powerful beings of the Ancient Realm. Saint Kings were still huge mountains that were insurmountable to them.

The Empress and Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden both entered the Black Tower to cultivate. They needed to stabilize their cultivation level. Meanwhile, Ling Han also needed to reach the true pinnacle of the Eternal River Tier as soon as possible. When he succeeded, he would then proceed to advance to the Genesis Tier.

The Empress had displayed to him the formidable battle prowess that 10,000,000 heavenly bodies could bring, and this was something that he strongly yearned to obtain.

[1] Previously we spelled them Zhu Xuan Er and Liu Yu Tong, respectively, but thats the fad in Singapore and some other places, and the current spelling is the mainland China one.

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