Legendary Guardian Book 4 Chapter 400

Volume 4 Chapter 400 400: Beyond

"Do I have to repeat myself for you to respond?" Derik said with furrowed eyebrows.

Thanks to the fact he received Lucia's memories, he could speak their language fluently. He was done putting on his white garment when he heard footsteps approaching his location. It was obvious his family had assumed he is dead already and they probably came to see the body one last time before burying it.

That would explain why they were all standing at the door of his room, gazing at him with utter shock visible in their eyes!

Derik found this disgusting.

"If you have nothing to say, I suggest you leave I need some time to rest properly" Derik said with a frown on his face, startling them as well.

Those present at this time were Alfred, Lucia's father, Mariam, his mother, Alicia, and a few maids who were most likely meant to take away his body. They sincerely didn't understand how Lucia survived and how someone who hasn't been able to stand on his feet for years is standing firmly now. They simply assumed that Lucia's cold treatment towards them was for abandoning him at his final moments so they overlooked it as well.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/legendary-guardian_14507836505582505/chapter-400-beyond_51134395725184107 for visiting.

Turning to face the mirror one more time, Zero gazed at his black hair once again, and only then did he realized some part of his hair was turning purple. It was obvious his soul was gradually integrating with the body and slowly altering its appearance to make its resemblance with Derik's previous body more noticeable. He heaved a sigh of relief and turned only to meet Alfred who was standing right behind him with complicated emotions in his eyes.

Alfred has never been the kind to show emotions and he always trained his kids strictly but that didn't mean he didn't actually care about his family. To see Lucia who was supposed to die, standing and moving around easily filled his heart with emotions which he was battling to suppress.

"Is there a problem?" Derik asked nonchalantly.

In his opinion, these people are still mere mortals and are nowhere near his level, so he had no reason to share their feelings. He gazed out of the window, to see the lush green grass that filled their family's prosperous domain, and for a short while he actually felt relieved he was born in a well-to-do family. They weren't too important so as to attract unwanted attention but they were still good enough to reach his minimum requirements.

"Lucia, how are you feeling my boy?" Alfred asked, causing Derik to turn his attention to the man again.

"I feel great better than ever You don't ever have to worry about my health again!" Derik said with a warm smile, just to calm the man down.

Hearing this the family was even more stunned and they shot each other a questioning glance before turning their attention to Lucia.

"I will have the physicians come to check up on you once again we need to be sure everything is alright!" Alfred said half smiling.

"That won't be necessary" Derik said as he moved over to the center of the room and slowly dropped to his legs and hands.

Right before everyone's eyes, Lucia began doing pushups, so easily that it seemed as if it were nothing to him.

"If I can recall correctly, the physicians are the ones who declared me dead and yet I am still here I would love to take a shower as soon as I am done working out have someone prepare something for me to eat after that I have lost a lot of weight" Lucia said while he continued his push-ups.

Alfred could not help but smile as he watched his crippled son perform over thirty push-ups and still going. He couldn't explain how the weak and feeble Lucia was able to attain this much strength but it didn't stop him from rejoicing in his heart.

In this world, as important as scholars are in this world, having offsprings in the military attracted even more respect and prestige. Lucia only focused on education in the past because his body was too weak and he didn't meet the minimum requirement to join the military. But now, his dreams and prayers have been answered. If Lucia said he needed no physician, then no physician will be brought to him! The fact he was easily performing push-ups which were difficult even for the average man was proof of his good health! He needed no more proofs!

"What are you waiting for? Prepare a hot bath for my son! And prepare a feast, Send someone to fetch Chloe, the lord of light has answered our prayers! My son has been healed!" Alfred roared in joy.

Derik remained silent and continued working out until he was sure that everyone in the castle was gone, only then did he stop. He looked towards the door and frowned slightly as more images flashed across his eyes.

"This world is definitely my world!" Derik growled angrily.

He finally remembered!

During the war between the old gods and the new gods, the world was set ablaze and was on the verge of crumbling, while the gods fought above the skies, their creations fought bravely in the Aldemar continent. The world was in total chaos and countless lives were lost. The prayers of the weak filled the air and their cries of help could be heard from everywhere. But this time, the prayers were not directed towards the old or new gods, it was a plea to something even greater. Something more terrifying than the gods themselves!

It was the Beyond!

The being that created all life, the being that created even the gods! The cries of the people and awakened the ancient being and it had come to rescue the world from the gods. At that point, the inhabitants of the continent stopped fighting each other and turned against the gods! The empire and the magic beasts turned against Derik, Cyrus, and other guardian spirit hosts who have been fighting so hard to protect the planet!

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