Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 1126

Chapter 1126 Probing And Counter Probing


If these three muscular men were to go begging people would definitely think that they were going to rob them.

After the three muscular monks left, Song Shuhang turned his head, looked at Sixteen, and asked, Sixteen, why did you almost laugh just now?

Because of that AncestorYuan Tong1. Su Clans Sixteen smiled, causing her face to reveal deep dimples.

Song Shuhang:

There wasnt actually anything wrong with this dharma name, especially if it was taken into account that it was given hundreds of years ago, when there had been a common practice of bestowing such dharma names. In those times, when Buddhist monks got their dharma name, they were especially fond of getting one according to their generation. Therefore, in the Yuan generation, there would be a Yuan Zhen, Yuan Ye, Yuan Xin, and so on. Hence, it was quite normal for a Yuan Tong to come out.

I wonder if theres a Zhong generation or a Shen generation in the Buddhist Sects. If not, then a Tie generation would also be great~ Next time, Ill ask Dharma King Creation.

Song Shuhang said, By the way, Sixteen. Lets get going.

Mm-hm. Su Clans Sixteen nodded slightly.

Youve guessed the same thing? Song Shuhang laughed.

Mm-hm, Su Clans Sixteen said.

The blond foreign cultivator the three monks met was very likely to be related to Sage Monarch Winter Melon. After all, there were only so many foreign cultivators in this worldthe West had its own practice system.

Su Clans Sixteen asked, Should we bring Shi and the rest with us?

Song Shuhang thought about it, and said, Ill transfer them into the Inner World so that we can bring them away from here. As for Fairy Fleeting Life and that monster fox, there isnt a need for us to worry about them.

Besides that, hed see if he could take that Chu Chu back to her home.

Since Sage Monarch Winter Melon had already reached the Jiangnan area, there was no better time to leave.

Song Shuhang went upstairs and found that both the monster bird Little Cai and Shi were still asleep.

Shi had watched TV yesterday until God knew what time, and Little Cai should have gotten exhausted yesterday, having been taken everywhere by Fairy Dongfang to ferry souls.

Song Shuhang directly carried them onto a bed, and then moved them to the [Desert Oasis] of his Inner World as it had the best environment.

Then, he took this opportunity to scan his Inner World once again.

The group of invisible sword insects raised by Senior White had been arranged at the ancient Heavenly City fragment called [Sword Saber Peak]. As such, many invisible sword insects could be seen circling around the mountain peak. There was also quite a number of piles of spiritual beast food on the peakenough to feed them for a while.

As for the invisible saber insect and the mutated fighting beast, they were placed in the plaza of the [Palace of Summer]. The invisible saber insect quietly floated in the air as it silently practiced, while the fighting beast kangaroo was jumping around on the plaza as it played.

After Song Shuhang thought about it, he moved this fighting beast to the Heavenly City fragment [Illusory City]. The Illusory City was a huge illusion that randomly generated soldiers of various strength; such a place should fit the fighting beast kangaroo, which had unlimited energy, quite nicely.

Subsequently, Song Shuhangs consciousness scanned the Palace of Winter.

A large number of explosives was stored in the Palace of Winter.

Though these heavenly tribulation explosives couldnt explode in the main world the same was not necessarily true for when they were in the Inner World. The Inner World was strange due to it coming from the third Wielder of the Will, the Striped Dragon, and Song Shuhang suspected that the explosives were really able to explode in the Inner World. However, he was too afraid to test it out.

His Inner World was still small, and he couldnt afford to play around with it. He would not detonate these explosives inside his Inner World unless it was his last resort.

Finally, Song Shuhangs consciousness swept across a room in the Palace of Winter.

All the windows and doors in the palace were tightly closed.

There was an imprisoned Seventh Stage Venerable squatting by the corner, knocking all over the room, seemingly studying something.

As Song Shuhangs consciousness swept past him, the Seventh Stage Venerable immediately froze.

He then said, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, can we have a talk?

Hehe, Song Shuhang responded.

The Seventh Stage Venerable said, If Im not mistaken, this place is a part of the ancient Heavenly City?

Song Shuhang didnt respond, but his mental energy remained focused on the other party, which meant that he could keep talking to him.

The Seventh Stage Venerable sighed, and said, Looks like Ive guessed right. I truly didnt expect your ambitions to be so great, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song.

Song Shuhang:

Great ambitions? Is he talking about me?

However, such a behavior is akin to seeking death, so you are destined to perish! the Seventh Stage Venerable said in a deep voice.

Song Shuhang:

Then, with a wide wave of his hand, Shuhang moved the Seventh Stage Venerable to another room. In that room, ten atomic bombs emanated terrifying pressure.

Shiet, shiet, shiet! The Seventh Stage Venerable feared for his life, no longer daring to mess around.

Song Shuhang grinned and moved him to another small, dark roomwith the great number of rooms in the Palace of Winter, he could easily transfer the other party to a different room every now and then, giving him no time or opportunity to study the room.

It was a pity that there wasnt a prison in the Palace of Winter; it would be great if there was.

After arranging accommodations for Shi and Little Cai, Song Shuhang returned to the room where Fairy Fleeting Life was.

Senior Tyrannical Song. Fairy Fleeting Life stood up and greeted him politely. She had packed her things and was preparing to bid farewell to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang nodded slightly, and asked, Are you going to leave, Fellow Daoist Fleeting Life?

Fairy Fleeting Lifes eyes were a little red as she said, Yes, Ill be heading back to my immortal cave. I expect that my eldest brother will be arriving there within two days, looking for me. In addition, Ive also prepared to go on a trip to the place of inheritance of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts Sect.

Song Shuhang cupped his fist towards Fairy Fleeting Life as he said, Then I wish Fellow Daoist all the best.

Senior Tyrannical Song, thank you for taking care of me in these past days. Fairy Fleeting Life politely gestured at Song Shuhang again.

Fairy Fleeting Life went downstairs and brought her monster fox disciple away.

Song Shuhang went to Chu Chus room again, and at the same time took out some breakfastwhen he had bought it for his roommates, he had bought extra for Shi, Little Cai, and Chu Chu. He had also originally prepared Fairy Fleeting Lifes share, but as she was in a hurry, he wasnt able to give it to her.

Chu Chu had already woken up, and was currently sitting at a desk, appearing to be deep in thought.

Chu Chu, its already the Mid-Autumn Festival. Would you like to go back to your home first and reunite with your parents? Song Shuhang asked as he handed her the breakfast he had prepared for her.

Chu Chu asked, Elder Brother Song, what about you?

Song Shuhang said, Im going to take a vacation and go back to have dinner with my family.

Oh. Chu Chu nodded, and then suddenly said, Elder Brother Song, can I come here again after the festival?

Song Shuhang said, You dont need to go to class?

I mean, can I come over on weekends? Chu Chus eyes lit up.

Song Shuhang paused, and said, Do you live close to the Jiangnan area?

Chu Chu slightly lowered her head.

It seemed that she was from quite far away.

Song Shuhang said, You can come over again when you have the time during long breaks. After all, youre aiming to get into Jiangnan University Town, arent you? The scores you need to get into this university arent low. Well, heres my phone number. If anything comes up, you can look for me.

Chu Chus eyes lit up again.

After sending off Chu Chu as she got on the train, Song Shuhang and Su Clans Sixteen took the opportunity to apply illusory magic onto their bodies and rise to the sky using their sabers.

Since Song Shuhang had borrowed Young Master Phoenix Slayers CPU to practice, the level of his saber flying technique had risen greatly. He wanted to have another saber flying race with Su Clans Sixteen but after thinking about it, he could only give up on the idea as Lady Onions birthplace was far away from the Jiangnan area.

As both of them had just ascended to the Fourth Stage, even if they were supported by medicinal pills, their stamina still wouldnt be enough to cover the entire way by flying on their sabers.

As such, after flying for around three hours, when it was approaching noon, Shuhang and Su Clans Sixteen chose to land in a mountain forest and take a short break.

In fact, with Song Shuhangs current state, it wasnt a problem for him to fly for a few days and nightsafter all, he still had the Sage Seal in his body that was always replenishing his spiritual power. Although most of the spiritual power supplemented by the Sage Seal went to the fat whale illusory core, there was still a part of it that would remain for Song Shuhangs consumption.

Other than that, there was also the Living Spring inside his Inner World that would replenish his true yuan all the time.

Moreover, there was still the spirit-ghost contract between him and Ye Si, which was also constantly replenishing and tempering Song Shuhangs true yuan.

In addition, there was still that ball of evil energy of the Netherworld that was being absorbed by the lotus projection. The energy contained in that ball of evil energy was stronger than Song Shuhang had imagined. It had been in the process of being absorbed for longer than a day and night, yet most of the balls energy still remained. The lotus projections absorption of the energy expanded the space in his Inner World while also helping out with Song Shuhangs true yuan consumption.

However, for Su Clans Sixteens wellbeing, Song Shuhang proposed to have some rest and a lunch on the way as noon approached.

After they landed, Song Shuhang took out a picnic cloth from his spatial magical treasure.

He then brought out a lot of food, some of which was among what Lady Onion had bought online, and some from the breakfast Song Shuhang had bought, and there was also a portion which was Immortal Fairy Bie Xues leftover ingredients. There was so much food that Song Shuhang had a hard time remembering where some of them had come from.

Anyway, he brought all of it out.

Then, he made a pot of spirit green tea using spring water from the Living Spring.

The two of them then sat on the ground.

Su Clans Sixteen took a bun, nibbled at it, and said using the secret sound transmission, [Shuhang, weve left the Jiangnan area. Do you think that Sage Monarch Winter Melon will catch up to us?]

Song Shuhang sighed, and replied, [Although I hope he doesnt, Ive been getting the feeling that hes following us.]

That feeling of uneasiness that he had been getting hadnt dissipated, and instead had actually become heavier.

After thinking for a while, Song Shuhang suddenly smiled heartily, and said, Its great to have friends who come from afar. Fellow Daoist, it seems that our meeting has been brought about by fate. Why not have a drink?

Song Shuhang grabbed a cup of Spirit Green Tea with his right hand and slightly blew on it at the same time as he spoke.

Tea made using the spring water from the Living Spring would be fragrantusing Venerable Whites words, it was comparable to Immortal Fairy Bie Xues cooking.

Fragrant tea, sweet water.

A moment later, a handsome blond man strode out of the forest, and said, As expected of Sage Monarch Tyrannical Song. My humble self, Manstein, has come to visit you.

Fellow Daoist, please take a seat. Song Shuhang smiled lightly.Heavens, he was really here.

Su Clans Sixteen moved a bit and sat closer beside Song Shuhang.

The blond man didnt feign politeness, and straightforwardly sat down opposite to Song Shuhang.

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