Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186 The Genuine crouching Down While Holding Your Head


Other similar places included the mysterious island where the masked senior and Senior Nine Lanterns were, the Still Pond of Wisdom at the scholarly factions Myriad Books Mountain, and the few well-preserved fragments of the ancient Heavenly City.

As the current Wielder of the Will was weakened, these places actively blocked its power.

As such, it was not possible to view the scene of the divinity show in these places.

Moreover, when they left these places, they would not get the chance to get a rebroadcast of the show, as they were completely cut off from the signal of the Heavens Will when it was broadcast. When one was in such places, it was just like they were in the Netherworld Realm. The Heavens Will would not be able to make contact with them, so theyd lose the chance to watch the divinity show forever.

I was only gone for a few days, but so much has already changed? The world sure is changing fast. The Great Northern Emperors mind felt tired.

Little Cai shouted, Its come!

Boom~ The first course of the heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage, heavenly lightning.

A thick bolt of heavenly lightning violently came crashing down on Little Cai.

The Great Northern Emperor gravely said, Say the incantation and use the cultivation technique!

Little Cai had long been prepared to do this. And so, she chanted the incantation, and at the same time operated the secret technique taught to her by the Great Northern Emperor.

Together with the incantation, the effects of the secret technique became stronger.

When facing the heavenly tribulation, the incantation and the secret technique were truly quite useful~

Little Cai felt all the power in her bodythe monster power, the power of virtue, and the pure power she had obtained from tempering her fleshly bodybeing taken away from her and then kneaded into one as it was attached to her body.

At the same time, when she recited the incantation, she felt her feet seemingly becoming placed under tremendous pressure, and her little claws gravitated down involuntarilyfortunately, she was a little bird, and it wasnt that unusual to see her squatting.

However, following that, her wings gradually rose uncontrollably.

Eh? My wings are rising up?

Hmm If this posture were to be taken by a human, itd be squatting down together with hands rising?

This posture why does it feel so familiar?

Of course it was familiar!

The three cowardly daoists that transcended the tribulation with Teacher Oh wait, no, it should be the three daoist Sages when they were showing their divinity had been assuming this posture.

What was this posture called again? Oh right, its called crouching down while holding your head.

It was a posture that could not be any more cowardly.

So the tribulation-transcending technique that the Great Northern Emperor had imparted to me was actually this move?

Wait, could those three cowardly daoists be the inheritors of the junior that the Great Emperor was talking about?

At that moment, Little Cais mind was filled with all kinds of thoughts.

The Great Emperor transmitted his voice into Little Cais ears. Just allow the effects of the incantation and the secret technique to take over your body, raise your wings.

Little Cai lifted her wings over her head, covering it.

This posture was really cowardly.


A thick bolt of tribulation lightning descended on her body.

At this time, her body began to tremble ugh, it started to shake rhythmically.

Shake, shake, shake~ It was hard to conceal the emotions rushing forth from heated blood~ Shake, shake, shake~ To the East, the West, the South, the North, back to the middle, and again~

Anyway, as Little Cai, who was crouching down and holding her head, began trembling, a faint layer of golden light appeared on her body.

Little Cai was drowned in tribulation lightning, and the pillar of lightning remained on her for an entire five breaths of time.

After five breaths, everything around Little Cais body had been scorched black, and not a single blade of grass could be seen remaining. However, where Little Cai was, there was not a single trace of damage.

Her state seemed great, and she did not seem to have suffered any damage whatsoever.

Although it was cowardly, the power of this tribulation-transcending technique truly spoke for itself!

Little Cai continued to hug her head with her wings while swaying left and right as she thought to herself,The three daoist Sages that had transcended the tribulation with Teacher at that time had even been able to survive through a hydrogen bomb; this technique is really incredible.

The crouching down while holding your head tribulation-transcending technique? Shi said in surprise.

Little girl, have you seen this tribulation-transcending technique before? the Great Northern Emperor said in curiosity.

As far as he knew, ever since his junior had developed it, other than the backup of the cultivation technique he had, the technique had never been taught to any outsiders.

She had been improving and perfecting this technique, and had originally intended to spread it in the ancient Heavenly City, but she did not expect the city would get destroyed before she even had the chance to spread the technique.

It was really a pity.

This meant that the copy of this unusual technique was in the sole hands of his junior, whose life and death was currently unknown, and him, who had a backup of the technique. As such, where could Shi have possibly seen the technique being used?

Loli Shi replied, I saw it when Senior Brother Song showed his divinity. At that time, together with Senior Brother Song, the second, third, and fourth Sages also showed their divinity. When they finished transcending the tribulation, two of them had appeared in that crouching down while holding their heads posture, while the other one had been directly kneeling on the ground.

Daoist Priest Horizon and Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman would not be going out of home any time soon. They would at least wait for the divinity show to lose its effects before even considering going out.

There was actually such a thing that happened? The Great Northern Emperor frowned.Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

It looked like after this monster bird finished transcending her tribulation, he would have to ask Song Shuhang about the specifics of what had occurred.

Inside Immortal Fairy Bie Xues immortal cave.

Song Shuhang and Su Clans Sixteen watched the live broadcast through the perspective of the virtuous lamia.

Little Cais posture The corners of Song Shuhangs mouth twitchedthe posture was simply too familiar.

Su Clans Sixteen asked, Wasnt that the technique that Senior Seven Lives Talisman had used at that time? If this tribulation-transcending technique had been created by the Great Emperors junior, how did Senior Seven Lives Talisman learn the technique?

Actually, when Senior Seven Lives Talisman used that technique, it was due to a puppet I have with me. Song Shuhang first briefly described what had happened to Su Clans Sixteen.

At the same time, he sank his consciousness into his magical bracelet and contacted the high-quality puppet.

Do you know the Great Northern Emperor? Song Shuhang asked directly.

The puppet maiden had an independent consciousness. At the time of his show of divinity, she had even sold a Profound Sage Speech Script to Senior Seven Lives Talisman, although it was a buddhist scripture.

I dont know. My memory is quite hazy, and my condition isnt good at all. Perhaps its because my body has been damaged too much? the puppet maiden replied. Maybe I can remember some things after my body gets repaired.

Your body doesnt even have anything to do with your memories! Song Shuhang complained. The high-quality puppet had the base body of a maiden; if anything, the memories that were left behind should have been those of this maiden.

More importantly you say that your memories are hazy, but how could you remember the Profound Sage Speech Script? Did such a thing really occupy such an important place in your memories? Such an important place that you could remember it even when youve contracted amnesia?

When Song Shuhang recalled the selling of Profound Sage Speech Scripts, he could not help thinking of the other guy surnamed Song. During the era of the ancient Heavenly City, Slow-Witted Song seemed to have done something similarhe had successfully sold a Script for Hammer Cultivators to a fairy who cultivated the sword, which led to that fairy hunting down Slow-Witted Song.

Slow-Witted Song really seemed like some aggro-pulling freak.

The puppet maiden replied, Is that so? But I feel that I still need to have my body repaired. When are you going to contact that person who bought from me? Has he prepared the materials yet?

Song Shuhang sighed, and said, Ill contact Senior Seven Lives Talisman to check on him in a while, but he should be currently closing up and consolidating his realm, so I dont know if Ill be able to contact him.

Thank you, Fellow Daoist, she replied politely.

Song Shuhang said, Anyway, Ill bring you out to meet the Great Northern Emperor in a while, okay? Perhaps he may be able to recognize you.

The puppet maiden refused. Dont. Im so badly beaten up right now. If I were to meet an acquaintance, I would feel greatly ashamed!

Song Shuhang said, However, maybe the Great Emperor can help you. Moreover, the Great Emperor has a good personality, he wouldnt laugh at you.

The puppet maiden replied, Then alright. But its only to meet up.

Song Shuhang said, Alright.

Perhaps the original body of this puppet was the Great Northern Emperors junior?

At this time, the waves of the heavenly tribulation successively descended.

There were three waves in total, and each wave of the tribulation was no different from the pastit hadnt modernized at all. It was merely the same old five elements tribulation that descended repeatedly.

Little Cai maintained her posture and continued to tremble as she resisted the waves of the heavenly tribulation.

Shi said, Did the heavenly tribulation not change?

It might just be that Little Cai is lucky, and hasnt encountered any mutations, Immortal Fairy Bie Xue saidafter all, the mutated heavenly tribulation had just emerged recently. It seemed like not every cultivators heavenly tribulation had experienced a mutation.

Little Cai raised her head to look at the heavenly tribulation and let out a sigh of relief.

It was good that her heavenly tribulation did not mutate. A mutated heavenly tribulation was way more difficult to resist.

At the same time, she was glad that she was a little colorful bird.

With her being a bird, even if she were to crouch down and hold her head, she would not look that cowardly, after all.

A colorful bird that was covering its head with its wings and swaying left and right would actually look quite cute.

This was a world that greatly valued appearances. As long as it was cute, even if the posture was cowardly, it would not be looked down on.

While Little Cai was thinking this

In the sky, her heavenly tribulation suddenly changed.

The fourth wave of the heavenly tribulation had become a giant steel cannon, and it was now aiming at Little Cai.

Here it is, its a modernized heavenly tribulation! Shi said. Little Cai, please be careful!

The Great Northern Emperor looked at the heavenly tribulation that had transformed into a cannon, and the corners of his eyes twitched.

The Wielder of the Will was indeed different from before. Now that it was weakened, even such a modernized heavenly tribulation could appear.


In the sky, the cannon fired relentlessly.

A cannonball that consisted of the five elements combined shot towards Little Cai wildly.

Little Cai shouted, Ill definitely resist you!

At this moment, her body began to continuously absorb the medicinal power of the Crystal Clear Soup that she drank a short while ago. This medicinal power was then transformed into defensive power by the secret technique.

Indistinctly, everyone was able to see that a faint figure had unexpectedly condensed around Little Cais body.

It was a little girl with a round face donned in a colorful dress.

Shi and Immortal Fairy Bie Xue did not know this little girl, but Song Shuhang recognized her at first glancethis was what Little Cai looked like when she transformed into a human.

At that time when shed eaten Immortal Fairy Bie Xues Human-Morphing Feast, she had transformed into this appearance, and had even confessed to a monster hunter.

After the illusory girl in a colorful dress appeared, she quickly squatted down, placed her white arms over her head, and began to shake rhythmically.

It was the genuine crouching down while holding ones head.

Little Cai, who believed that she would look very cute, was truly quite naive.

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