Young Master Lu’s Lovely New Bride Chapter 669

Chapter 669 If Anyone Offends Me He Or She Will Be Thrown Into The Air By My Slap

What really put Xia Milis image in a bad position were the following two reports.

The protagonist of the first article was Xia Mili. The title was very straightforward.

Xia MiliThe reason why Su Jianan was able to marry Lu Boyan was that she was lucky enough to know Lu Boyan earlier than me.

Xia Milis words from yesterday were written in the report without missing a word.

However, she didnt get any support.

The sharp-eyed netizens laughed in the comments and said, "The situation is very clear. When she was studying, Xia Mili should have liked Lu Boyan, but Mr. Lus thoughts were all on the little girl he met at the age of sixteen. Xia Mili is also a tragedy, and I can feel the sour taste even through the screen!"

In addition, there was another comment from the netizensXia Milis excuse was a failure. As if Lu Boyan had never seen another woman before he met Su Jianan! Was she too stupid?

The netizens who came later all complained, "You dont understand. This kind of inexplicable narcissism is called "the way of thinking from the United States"!

When Han Ruoxi was still a glamorous international superstar, she also mocked Su Jianan. Later, Su Jianans response did not disappoint anyone.

Obviously, Xia Mili was different from Miss Han.

Xia Mili was bolder than Miss Hanshe dared to provoke Su Jianan directly at the babies full-moon party.

The netizens said that they were looking forward to Su Jianans reaction!

The media understood the netizens taste, and then they reported Su Jianans response, which was directly typed out in a big and bold title.

"Are you lucky to marry Lu Boyan just because you met him when you were ten?" Su Jianan replied, "Is it my fault that he didnt like anyone else except for me?"

It was a very simple sentence, without any aggressiveness or abuse, but it covertly pointed out that Xia Mili was not the type Lu Boyan liked.

What was more deadly was that Su Jianans question sounded particularly innocent. Compared with Xia Milis inexplicable self-confidence, it made people have a good impression of Su Jianan.

In their first race, Su Jianan was praised countless times. Not only did she win against Xia Mili, but she also had won countless fans.

On the other hand, Xia Mili seemed to have gained nothing except for a bunch of gloating and shameful laughter.

If it was just like that, it would have been fine. What Xia Mili couldnt accept the most was that her previous successful image had suddenly become a little ridiculous.

The voice of the netizens was the biggest blow in Xia Milis life.

In a single apartment in the city center


A brand new iPad fell heavily to the ground and broke into pieces.

The young assistant was so scared that he took a few steps back. "Em"

Xia Mili stared at her assistant angrily. "Why is there such a report?!"

The assistant thought to himself, "You should ask yourself! Didnt you say those words at the full-moon party?"

If he dared to say something like that, he would definitely die.

The assistant had no choice but to comfort Xia Mili tactfully. "You are not familiar with the domestic media rules, so you were caught, and they made a big fuss about it. However, this kind of news will only last for one or two days at most, and everyone will forget it very soon!"

"But I wont forget!" Xia Mili stared at the debris on the ground. "Its a shame for me. This shame will follow me for the rest of my life!"

The assistant was even more conflicted. " Its not that serious, is it?"

Xia Mili ignored the timid assistant and ordered, "Find out whos the one making comments in the company and saying that Im not welcome in the company."

The assistant carefully asked, "And then?"

"Dismiss them all!" Xia Mili was decisive, and there was no trace of emotion in her voice.

The assistant hurriedly said, "Emily, calm down first. Those who claim to be in our company are all anonymous commenters on the first news website. This website is the largest news website in the country. They have a special featurethe IP of the people who comment would be highly protected. Unless a persons comment is against the law and the relevant people need to intervene in the investigation, ordinary people cant find the IP address of the anonymous commenters."

Xia Mili waved her hand irritably. "Help me clean up the things on the ground. Lets go!"

As soon as she finished speaking, her cell phone rang.

She thought it was a work call. When she was about to reject the call, she suddenly felt that the numbers were a little familiar.

After thinking about it, Xia Mili quickly remembered that this number belonged to a strange man.

A few months ago, when Su Jianan was still pregnant, she had received a call from this number.

There was a man on the other end of the phone who asked her,

"Are you curious to know what kind of woman Su Jianan is?"

"Miss Xia, dont get me wrong. Su Jianan did not send me. Im just interested in Su Jianan. It just so happens that youre interested in Lu Boyan. Why dont we work together?"

Perhaps the mans voice was too attractive, or maybe she was stunned at that time, so she blurted out, "How should we cooperate?"

The man said, "Tonight, you will appear on the same occasion as Lu Boyan; it will be a great opportunity. You should find a way to get yourself half-drunk, let Lu Boyan send you back to the hotel, and then find a way to make Lu Boyan stay in the room for at least two hours. This is not difficult for you, is it?"

"Its not difficult indeed." Xia Mili asked, "But is it useful for me to do so?"

The man said with certainty, "Of course. What Im going to do will make everything you do meaningful. You will know everything by tomorrow. If it goes well, Lu Boyan and Su Jianan will have an emotional crisis, and you can take advantage of it. What do you think? Do you want to cooperate with me?"

Su Jianan was pregnant, while Xia Mili and Lu Boyan went to the hotel and stayed there for two or three hours

Xia Mili was very smart. These keywords were enough to make her comprehend the mans plan, so she agreed.

The next day, Su Jianan received photos of Xia Mili and Lu Boyan entering the hotel together. The ambiguous time in the lower right corner was enough for peoples imagination to go wild.

Xia Mili thought that things were going well, but after Su Jianan received the photos, there came no response.

Su Jianan did not come to negotiate with her, nor did she have any emotional crisis with Lu Boyan. The man didnt come to Xia Mili again either.

"Why did he suddenly contact me today?"

Xia Mili picked up the phone, and a familiar voice came into her ear again. "Miss Xia, may I ask you to come out?"

Xia Mili asked with great resistance, "Why should I see you?"

"Arent you angry after reading todays news? I can help you." After a pause, the man continued, "I forgot to tell you my name. My name is Kang Ruicheng."

Kang Ruicheng.

If anyone had known Lu Boyans situation in the past one or two years, they would have heard of this name.

There was a time when Lu Boyan suddenly wanted to purchase Su Enterprises, forcing Su Hongyuan to retreat one step after another. However, at the critical moment, Kang Ruicheng injected funds that not only saved the life of the Su Group but also earned him the position of the CEO of Su Group.

The strange thing was that after Kang Ruicheng, who came aggressively, became the CEO of Su Enterprises, the whole Su Enterprises suddenly calmed down. It didnt move forward or retreat. It kept its usual appearance and was gradually forgotten.

Xia Mili had an intuition that Kang Ruichengs background was not simple.

She asked, "How can you help me?"

Kang Ruicheng said, "If I take Su Jianan away, wont Lu Boyan be yours?"

"With all due respect" Xia Mili sneered in a cold voice. "Do you have that kind of power?"

"We are all clear about Lu Boyans power." Kang Ruicheng smiled, and at the end of his laughter, his voice was full of murderous intent. "If I dont have the strength to compete with him, do you think I will easily grab someone from him?"

"Lets meet first." Xia Mili recalled the news she saw after opening her eyes, as well as the ridicule in the comments, and said with hatred, "I want to see how strong you are, and if you can really do something to Su Jianan!"

Xia Mili went back to her room and changed her clothes. Then she took the car key and went straight out.

At this time, Xia Mili didnt know whether the one who was waiting for her was the God of Luck or a trap that could ruin her reputation

In Dingya Villas.

Looking at the same news, Su Jianans reactions were completely different from those of Xia Mili. Maybe it was because she had expected this result.

She didnt care at all about the comments about Xia Mili on the Internet. She didnt care whether Xia Mili was laughed at or whether they treated her as a goddess of encouragement.

If Xia Mili didnt take the initiative to provoke her, she could even ignore Xia Milis existence.

However, Xia Mili insisted on causing her trouble. In Xia Milis words, Su Jianan was too lucky to meet Lu Boyan so early. Xia Mili was very confident and said that no one could match Lu Boyan except for her.

Su Jianan had always held the motto that "If others dont offend me, I wont offend them. If others offend me, he or she will be thrown into the air by my slap."

Now the Internet was full of negative comments about Xia Mili. She admitted that she had added fuel to the fire, but in the end, it was Xia Mili who asked for it.

Xia Milis pride was no less than Han Ruoxis in the past. She would definitely not tolerate the humiliation of today. As long as there was a chance, Xia Mili would definitely take revenge on her.

Su Jianan thought wearily, "The peaceful days are really over."

She could not help but let out a long sigh.

After Lu Boyan finished his work, he came down from the study and happened to hear Su Jianans last words. He walked to her side and sat down. "Whats the matter?"

Su Jianan tilted her head and looked at Lu Boyan. "Can you ask the people in the hotel to clarify what happened between you and Xia Mili in the hotel?"

"Huh?" Lu Boyan asked with interest, "Why do you suddenly think of this?"

"Have you seen todays news?" Su Jianan said, "Now there are not many good comments about Xia Mili on the Internet. If you clarify what happened to you in the hotel, she will suffer another blow. I feel very happy when thinking about it."

Lu Boyans hand was clenched into a fist and pressed against his lips. He looked at Su Jiananhe was very familiar with her innocent but evil look.

It was only then that he realized that even though Su Jianan did not say anything, deep down in her heart, she still cared about Xia Milis existence.

Lu Boyan looked at the time, roughly calculated, and said, "Two hours later, you can read the news by yourself."

Su Jianan blinked her eyes in confusion. "Ive seen all the news today. What else will there be in two hours?"

Lu Boyan rubbed Su Jianans hair. "Youll know when you see it."

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