Loving A Heartless Lawyer Book 5 Chapter 449

Volume 5: A Second Chance Of Love Chapter 449 One Of The Best Things In Life

Liam chuckled as he recalled how Lana sat on his lap, hugged, and kissed him this morning just before they got separated. She did not go with him this time saying she would visit her friends during the day and might also meet some clients, so he called Andrew and asked him to drive him to work instead.

"Sir?" Andrew asked since he thought his Boss wanted to give some instructions.

"Nothing. Keep driving carefully," Liam commented with a smile.

'She's too adorable," he mused, grinning on his own inside the car. He excitedly picked out his mobile phone from his pocket and watched the video of Lana singing and dancing while working in the kitchen. He kept it on mute so Andrew would not hear anything and pass on the information to his family.

Liam started to miss her already and sighed, wondering what would Lana be doing at that hour.

On the other hand, Lana was in a very happy mood, excitedly putting her things in Liam's room and sharing his cupboard. She was satisfied that she would now at least share a room with him. Them having the same room as before as a couple, as husband and wife.

She was humming as she arranged everything perfectly in Liam's spare closet. She then put her cosmetics in his bathroom as well.

After some time, she looked around and burst, "Perfect!" All her things were now adjusted inside his room.

She unconsciously looked at her hand then heaved a deep sigh as she whispered, "The only missings things are my engagement and wedding rings."

She returned both of them to Liam together with the letter and the divorce papers the time she left him. She wondered what Liam would have done with the rings. She just prayed that he would have kept them safe waiting for her return, but had no confidence to ask Liam about it at all, since she was the one who removed it from her fingers and returned it to him.

"I can just hope that he has kept them safe and soon will return both the rings to me," Lana murmured as excitement filled her but she quickly shook her head to remove any such thoughts. It would be better not to bring her hopes high, that way she would stay firm on her goal without getting distracted.

She then took out a dress, got changed, and got ready with simple makeup as she would be meeting Keira to support uncle Troy, Keira's father, for the nearing election. How ironic that a transitional postponement of the general elections happened the same time she left.

Later she would meet a few clients at noon plus she also needed to go to her designer for ordering a gown to attend the charity event next week. She wondered if Liam was also invited there. Maybe she would ask him later. A lot of prominent personalities from high society were invited to that charity event.

Lana realized how hectic her day would be and yet here she was slacking and daydreaming about Liam. She immediately did her hair, got ready, and left the apartment in a hurry.

She arrived at the venue Keira messaged her where uncle Troy would be giving his final speech as a presidential candidate and would be facing his opponent as well, who would also give a speech in that open auditorium. There, she stayed with Keira, at the left side of the podium, where the supporters of Keira's father gathered.

On the right side of the podium were the opponent's supporters. Lana, who was mostly busy with Keira and her other friends, looked at the side and her eyes caught someone familiar, sitting in the same position as hers but on the opponent's side.

"Gracy?" she whispered with knitted brows. Keira looked in the same direction she was looking and asked, "You know her?"

"We are acquainted," Lana commented with a confused notion wondering what was Gracy doing there, was she too back in the country?

"Oh, she's the new woman of Bill Grey," Keira commented, seeing the questioning look on her face.

'Gracy? The new woman of that presidential candidate?' Lana stared in disbelief. At that moment Gracy turned her head and their eyes met. Gracy looked surprised as well, just like her.

Lana gave her a half-smile and the latter did the same. She wondered if all were good now with Gracy. But then she could not afford to bother.

But she could not help but get curious somehow. When did Gracy return and how long had she been connected with Bill Grey. She honestly did not trust the opponent of uncle Troy. That person, Bill Grey, had a reputation of cheating in the previous elections for the Senators but then no one dared to dig up that case since the candidate he stood against, himself did not bother to file any claim or filed for recounting.

She sighed, only hoping that the nearing election would end up smoothly without violence or cheating. Keira's father was an upright man who was being looked up to by the public as well as the honest strata of the political world, because he not only had proved himself as an excellent Field Marshal during his military tenure, but had always been known for his outstanding knowledge in defence and foreign affairs. He even had his election manifesto stating public friendly policies.

It was almost lunchtime by the time they got free from there and Keira pulled Lana for lunch with Drey and May.

"It feels like old days Hanging out together like this," Drey commented.

"Yeah, good thing Cielo is there to take care of the kids" Keira commented, pertaining to Drey's wife.

Lana suddenly felt left out. Among the four of them she was the only one who did not have a successful marriage and kids. And what hurt her the most was that she herself was responsible for the failed marriage. Had she been a bit stronger and tried to confide about her fears and trauma in Liam, things would have been different.

Keira noticed her sullen mood so she elbowed Lana and commented, "Don't worry, you will soon get there too. Just listen to all the encouraging advice you will get from people around you."

Lana nodded and gave her a smile.

"As usual, May was in charge of choosing this restaurant. She's really good at trying and checking out newly opened restaurants" Drey commented to change the topic.

May laughed and said, "I heard the meats that they serve here are really fresh and good, we should try this one since it's also near our residences."

Keira's face crumpled as she scolded, "I told you to try the tea that I gave you. Don't you dare let your weight go up any more May!"

Lana laughed because she too noticed how May had gained weight post delivery of her baby. May crumpled her face and mumbled, "I don't know why but when I was single then also I ate so much but I never gained weight. How come now I seem to easily gain weight now?"

"It's because we are all now mommies so there's a high tendency to gain more weight that's why you should watch your diet now. Do you want Riley to look for a s.e.xier partner leaving you behind?" Keira teased.

May's face soured as she handed the menu to Keira and fumed, "There You handle the orders instead. Hmp!"

Lana chuckled as she watched her friends bantering with each other. How she missed times like this. Being with true friends like them was one of the best things in life.

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