Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself Chapter 629

Chapter 629 What Of Mu Xichen If She Became His Girlfriend?

Yang Dawu was nervous on her behalf. He glanced at Mu Xichen, who had been silent the entire time. He walked over and whispered, "Feng Yiran has put up an exceptional performance. He doesnt usually score this well."

Of course, the same applied for Li Beinian.

Both of them were competing and neither wanted to lose.

The consequence was dire for whoever would lose.

Could it be that Mu Xichen would shoot himself in the foot this time?

As soon as Yang Dawu finished speaking, Mu Xichen calmly looked up and shot him a glance.

His eyes were still misty, but it wasnt as though Yang Dawu understood him.

Having received this glance, Yang Dawu turned away and silently looked down.

Mu Xichen was calm. He looked at Li Beinians stiff back view and said unhurriedly, "Lets see if she dares to lose."

Yang Dawu didnt know what to say.

This guy was curiously calm and steady.

Was he so confident that Li Beinian would win?

What if she lost?

Was he really going to let the other guy have her as his girlfriend?

If so, what about Mu Xichen?

Numerous thoughts flashed through Yang Dawus mind. In the end, he sighed and said, "Its just Sister-in-laws bad fortune to be with you."

Ma Lin nodded profusely.

Mu Xichen did not reply to the remark.

As for Li Beinian, of course she did not dare to lose.

She couldnt afford to lose at all!

Li Beinian swore at Mu Xichen silently. She stared at the target in front of her until her eyes were blurry.

As time slipped away, Li Beinian became increasingly nervous.

Observing Li Beinian, Li Xueqing couldnt help but glance at Mu Xichen.

She saw everything clearly just now.

Li Beinian only agreed because Mu Xichen instigated it.

She probably wanted to take a gamble, but judging from how the situation was going, it seemed Li Beinian was definitely going to lose.

At the thought of this, Li Xueqings hopes were raised.

Feng Yiran was the best shooter in this team.

Although Li Beinian was close behind, Feng Yirans position was unshakable.

Mu Xichen had to have known this.

However, he still made Li Beinian go through with this. Could it be that Mu Xichen wanted to dump Li Beinian?

This idea grew in her head.

Li Xueqing was overwhelmed by her emotions.

"Ten seconds remaining."

Seeing that Li Beinian was not moving, Feng Yiran prompted her.

Almost at the same time, the countdown started.

"Ten, nine"

Feng Yiran suddenly stopped panicking. He looked at Li Beinian, who had a panicky expression on her face, and felt extremely good.

Although he had lost points on the first target, it was fine as long as he total score was high enough.

Currently, Li Beinians best score was 9.8 points. Even if she managed to score another 9.8 points this time, shed still be short of 0.3 points.

She had already lost anyway.

The same thought was prancing around in Li Beinians mind.

She was choked full of anger and drenched in cold sweat. She couldnt help but curse. "Mu Xichen, youve really done me in!"

Mu Xichen said slowly, "Youre running out of time."

From his voice, she could tell that he was extremely calm.

"F*ck!" Li Beinian cursed and stared straight ahead.

"Six, five, four"

"I dont care anymore. If I lose, its your fault!" Li Beinian gritted her teeth and pulled the trigger.


Everyone turned to look.

At the same time, Li Beinian shut her eyes, not daring to look at the electronic scoreboard.

So be it if she had lost, it was Mu Xichens fault!

At most shed go with another man and then later dump Feng Yiran.

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