My 100 Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Shes The Woman From Five Years Ago How Could She Be So Stunningly Beautiful I

Ye Lanchen had already left for the office by the time Chu Wuyou woke up the next morning.

She was about to prepare some breakfast for herself when her cell phone rang unexpectedly.

The corners of her lips curled upward into a beam upon seeing the caller ID. She picked up the call immediately. "Senior."

"Wuyou, I need a favor." The man on the other end of the phone possessed a magnetic voice that sounded lovely to the ears.

"Senior, whats the matter?" Chu Wuyou smiled as she questioned. Her seniors had treated her like family all these years.

"Im asking for a friend. Theres a case in Jin City and Im hoping you can check it out for me since youre already there? It should be a piece of cake for you."

"Sure." Chu Wuyou agreed after moments of contemplation.

Her hesitation was caused by the fact that Fifth Young Master Shen, who was also Jin Citys chief of police, had an unusual relationship with Ye Lanchen. She would encounter Fifth Young Master Shen inevitably when dealing with this case and she feared it would bring up unnecessary trouble.

Not to mention the incident that happened last night

However, she could not refuse her senior.

Chu Wuyou regarded punctuality with great importance. She arrived at the police station right on time.

"You Youre Mrs. Tang?" Fifth Young Master Shen was dumbfounded when he encountered the woman that showed up at the agreed location right on time. Was this the person that Big Brother assigned to assist him?

She seemed a little young, but the key point was that she was stunningly beautiful.

A woman like her was an expert criminal psychologist!!! He also heard that she was the best one among the rest!!!

"Yup." Chu Wuyou that appeared in front of him right now had changed out of her usual disguise. There was no freckle on her face and she was not wearing glasses. Instead, she wore colored contact lenses, put her hair up in a bun, and changed into a professional outfit. Her hair now looked blondish after a special treatment. This was how she presented herself when she worked in Country M.

Fifth Young Master Shen could not recognize Chu Wuyou even from a close proximity.

Of course, Fifth Young Master Shen would probably not believe it if Chu Wuyou disclosed her true identity right now.

"Bring him in for questioning like usual." Chu Wuyou broke the silence before Fifth Young Master Shen. She disguised her voice on purpose to avoid attracting unnecessary attention.

Her clear and succinct remark was given out in a voice not too high-pitched yet possessing a domineering quality.

"Huh? Ah, yes." Fifth Young Master Shen was in daze upon hearing her voice. He regained his composure quickly and made all the arrangements accordingly without any delay.

Fifth Young Master Shen noticed Liu Dalu was asking all the questions in the interrogation room as usual. The woman, on the other hand, just sat there quietly without saying a word.

He would be doubtful of her capability if she was not here on Big Brothers request.

Nonetheless, this woman was incredibly attractive. He considered himself lucky to have encountered numerous beautiful women yet none of them was her match.

Fifth Young Master Shen retrieved his phone to capture the view of her back and sent it to the group chat that included all seven of them.

"The most beautiful woman Ive ever seen." He also provided a caption a few seconds later.

"Tsk, whore you trying to fool with the view of her back?"

"I want a photo of her face."

"Thats right, a photo speaks a thousand words."

The group chat was soon bombarded with text messages.

Ye Lanchen went for his phone after being alerted by the continuous notifications.

He narrowed his eyes at the familiar figure. Could it be her? This photo resembled the receding figure of that woman from five years ago. To be more precise, he did not remember the view of her back, but he remembered the pride and self-confidence that the woman exuded.

Back then, he caught a quick glimpse of her back through the gap of the door. He could not make out her figure exactly but he would never forget that arrogant impression she left on him.

The photo shared by Lil Five earlier reminded him of the woman from five years ago. That kind of personal grace could not be imitated.

Ye Lanchen rose to his feet instantly and walked toward the door.

"Dont let her leave no matter what method you use." Ye Lanchens impatient voice blasted through the phone as soon as Fifth Young Master Shen answered the call.

Ye Lanchen was extremely confident that this woman was the same person from five years ago. There was absolutely no doubt about it. This time around, he swore to not let her run away again.

Otherwise, he would not call himself Ye Lanchen anymore




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