My 100 Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 548

Chapter 548 He Personally Came To Pick Her Up Ix

Chapter 548: Chapter 548 He Personally Came To Pick Her Up (IX)

"Okay, dont worry about the two babies. Ill take care of them." Yue Hongling did not say anything more because she did not know what was going on.

Chu Wuyou could not leave without saying anything. Although the two babies were sleeping soundly, she still shook them. Tang Zhixi was in a deep sleep, so she did not wake up.

Tang Zhimo was woken up by her shaking. He opened his eyes and looked at Chu Wuyou, still a little confused. "Mommy, whats wrong?"

"Mommy wants to return to Jin City. Shes leaving now. I just wanted to tell you that." Chu Wuyou looked at her son who was woken up by her shaking. She felt a little apologetic coupled with heartache.

"Return to Jin City? To find daddy?" Tang Zhimo had just woken up and was still a little confused. He subconsciously blurted out these words.

"Daddy?" Chu Wuyou was stunned for a moment. Then, she remembered that she had promised the two darlings that she would let them see their daddy.

She did not expect this little guy to be thinking about this matter all the time. It was obvious how much he wanted to see his daddy before he even fully woke up.

"Mommy has other things to do this time. However, Ill remember that matter. I wont forget it." Chu Wuyou suddenly felt a little sour and jealous.

"Yes, okay. Just go home if you have something to attend to. Dont worry about Zhixi and I. Ill explain everything to her." Tang Zhimo was sensible since he was young.

"Wuyou, Boss asked me to send you to the airport." At that moment, Nangong Mu suddenly appeared at the door.

"Okay, I understand." Chu Wuyou really could not bear to part with her children. However, she knew that it would not take long for her to return after shes done in Jin City.

She hugged Zhimo and kissed Zhixi before she stood up and left reluctantly.

Nangong Mu was usually very talkative. However, he was exceptionally quiet today. He did not say a single word after Chu Wuyou got into the car.

Chu Wuyou looked at him strangely and asked, "What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing." Nangong Mu looked ahead and drove seriously. It was obvious that he had no intention of chatting with Chu Wuyou.

This was because Tang Boqian had specifically instructed him not to speak too much in front of Chu Wuyou when he asked Nangong Mu to pick her up.

Tang Boqian was well aware of how powerful Chu Wuyou was. If he spoke too much, she would notice something strange.

Chu Wuyou did not ask any further when she saw how Nangong Mu was acting. She was not the type of person who spoke too much, to begin with.

Therefore, the two of them remained silent throughout the journey.

Tang Boqian had already made all the arrangements, and Nangong Mus timing was just right. Chu Wuyou got on the plane not long after arriving at the airport.

It was a little far from Country O to Jin City. Chu Wuyou calculated the time and found that it was about six oclock when they arrived at Jin City. After Chu Wuyou got on the plane, she sent a short message with that special number. Send me the location, Ill be there tomorrow morning.

Alright, Ill inform our leader immediately. The other party replied very quickly and sent her a specific address.

Chu Wuyou memorized the address and did not say anything else. She immediately turned off the phone.

When Ye Lanchen arrived in Country O, Chu Wuyou had already left. However, the others were still there, including the twins.

Ye Lanchen got off the plane. There were already people waiting for him. He quickly got into the car and headed straight into the city.

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