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  • Genres : Romance -  Drama -  handsome male lead -  Beautiful Female Lead -  Female Protagonist -  entertainment -  Strong From the Start -  Hackers
  • Status : Completed
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Almighty Your Persona Has Collapsed summary:

[Entertainment circle + Xueba + micro fantasy + no logic]When Meng Fu was sixteen years old, the Jiang family came to the door and said that she had been hugged by someone since she was a child. Before she could react, her body was occupied by the soul of a different-generation female reporter for two years.Finally regained the body-Rich mother: Tong Shao is an international student, you dropped out of high school, although you are a baby, don’t force it.Father: Xinran is also my daughter. I hope you get along well with her and learn more from her.Brother: I only have one sister, Jiang Xinran.**Before regaining his body, Meng Fu was ranked fourth in the “Global Idol” girl group program who would not be hacked by the entire network. He was the eldest lady who the Jiang family refused to recognize; after regaining his body-IMHO , All of you are grandsons.At the beginning, the major online fans asked her to get out of the women’s group and out of the entertainment circle. A group of fans were angry with the black fans and comforted Meng Fu.Until later, a certain great god reposted a blog: [My new play is posted]Someone commented: [You got the wrong number. ]The fans who discovered the truth suddenly regained their senses-[Big brother, she doesn’t need to be comforted. ]Male protagonist Su Cheng: The genius heir of the ancient martial hermit family, the super-A mysterious male protagonist Su Cheng of the abstinence department.Female protagonist Meng Fu: Meng Fu is the number one student tyrant in the whole network who claims to be “a little bit” in everything.- Description from MTL

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Almighty Your Persona Has Collapsed Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 635:4 days ago
Chapter 634:5 days ago
Chapter 633:6 days ago
Chapter 632:7 days ago
Chapter 631:a week ago
Chapter 623:3 weeks ago
Chapter 620:3 weeks ago
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