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  • Transmigration Of Shams: The Legendary Cultivator

  • Author(s): madskie00017
  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Comedy -  Reincarnation -  Cultivation -  friendship -  War -  Eastern-Fantasy -  Transmigration and Rebirth
  • Status : Ongoing
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Transmigration Of Shams: The Legendary Cultivator summary:

Entry for WPC#148"I will not give in to defeat and misery! Surrender is unknown to me."~Shams"We do not give up on our family, we fight for them!"~Maya"Living in regret is the worst thing that can happen to a man. I refuse to live that life!"~Master Wu Shu------------------Shams was born into a tragic and wretched fate.But no matter how poor they may have been, he lived with his family happily and worked as hard as possible to earn for his parents. His life revolved in serving his parentsUntil one night, a tragedy occurred causing him and his family to die.In his parents fervent prayer for their son to live a prosperous life, Shams transmigrated into a cultivation world.Such world with different realms.When life became cruel and tragic towards Shams, A promise to reach the highest peak of power in the new world he lives in.Whatever it takes and sacrifices to be made, Shams vows to become the master of his own destiny through attaining immortality and taking over the role of deities.In order to reach the highest realm, a rightful claim must be made through defeating all the God Emperors that rule each realm.Once all God Emperors are defeated, an entrance to the highest realm can be made.Thus, he will gain the right in challenging the most powerful beings of this new world, from the strongest and most powerful realm The realm of deities! The realm where eternity exists!His new journey in becoming the most powerful and legendary cultivator beginsA journey that will pave way for the most ruthless and villainous cultivator of this new world.----Can he defeat all God Emperors?Will he be able to succeed in challenging the powerful beings in the realm of deities?What journey awaits for our male lead character?========If we achieve the following: (In weekly basis)600 powerstones = 2 daily updates1,200 powerstones =3 daily updates500 collections = Mass Release (6 Chapters)========*** Disclaimer: ***This novel's story, characters, and setting are all fictitious. All involved concept and terms which were used for names, institution, agencies, positions/titles, abilities, living and non-living things are all just Author's imagination. There is no association or reflection towards anybody or any organization or any entity in real life.Cover:P.S. Cover is not mine, please message me. Credits of the cover goes to the real owner, not me.

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Transmigration Of Shams: The Legendary Cultivator Chapters

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