Losing Money To Be A Tycoon Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Boss Pei's Suggestion: Rejecting Sponsored Partnerships!

Pei Qian knew that they should start filming the next episode.

Three episodes had been prepared before the New Year; they have all been released.

If they wanted to release episode four within the next three days, they had to make good use of the next two days.

for visiting.

However, for something like Boss Pei's Daily Life, once the script was out; shooting, editing, dubbing, etc. could all be done within a few hours. It was very suitable for high-speed production!

Hence, time was not an issue; they even had ample of it.

Pei Qian also didn't have a choice. Having signed a contractsince he couldn't afford to pay the penalty, he had to obediently shoot as contracted.

Since there was no way out, he'd rather look at this proactively so that it would be less painful for him.

Soon, the fourth episode finished shooting successfully.

Zhu Xiaoce held onto his DSLR and took a look as he raised his hand and formed an 'okay' sign.

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