Losing Money To Be A Tycoon Chapter 475

Chapter 475: Deposit Fitness

Pei Qian was even happier after Assistant Xin was done with her explanation.

As expected, the fitness industry was promising!

What was there to worry about since there were so many successful stories of failed gyms?

Pei Qian nodded. "Hm, let me give it some thoughts.

"By the way, are there any newly opened gyms nearby? Or any ready-made venues that can be used directly by setting up some equipment? Look for them, save time for renovation by using money."

Pei Qian wanted to open the first gym as soon as possible and see what would happen.

He would open a few more if everything went well so that he could lose more money in this cycle.

It could also stop loss quickly if he accidentally made money and think of other ways.

Assistant Xin considered it for a moment. "I do know a few high-end gyms nearby. However, they might not necessarily be willing to transfer ownership. I'll get someone to ask."

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